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WordPress Website Maintenance: Checklist of Crucial Tasks

Despite you being an experienced webmaster or a beginner, WordPress Website Maintenance is essential for its optimal performance. Regular maintenance of sites can take some time, however, it assures that your site is safe, secure and updated. Here, you require a checklist of the important tasks that require consideration for the bursa escort shape of your WordPress site. Read on our guide to find the same

Why is WordPress Maintenance important?


WordPress website management demands a lot of effort and time. Contrary to popular belief, you just need to set it up and sit down. If something breaks, changes or crashes unexpectedly, you need to maintain them. There is a need for backup, website updation and regular inflow of business.


If you are sustaining only on your website, then, eskişehir escort it on point is highly essential. That is why you need a WordPress website maintenance checklist.  Do not let the hackers use your site for wrong, or lose it because of the non-appealing design. Work on it and get fruitful results. 


WordPress Maintenance Checklist

Backup your WordPress site 


Backups are necessary but, following the right strategy to backup needs more consideration. WordPress has several backup plugins in its pocket. BackupBuddy and UpdraftPlus are a few of them. The aim of these plugins is to automate the WordPress backup procedure. 

Though most of the time, the backup solution can stop unexpectedly and you fail to notice it even. Occasionally, you can run the backup plugin manually to keep the complete site backup. Once the backup alanya escort is completed, look if all the backups are transferred and stored at your choice of location. 

Update Every WordPress File


WordPress CMS has a built-in system that manages the WordPress themes, plugins and core updates. It is advisable to update WordPress to its recent version. Also, keep the themes and plugins to the point.

Saying that you need to be cautious while updating. There are some situations that can be missed by you. Like, when the premium theme or plugin expires, it fails to update it. 

Then, redirect to the WordPress update web page to check for the updates manually. Check every installed theme and plugin to assure that they are running at the latest version. In any case, there are no updates, to record a reason for the same.

Review and delete the spam comments


There are many WordPress site owners who use Akismet to remove spam comments. It works in such a way that spam is eliminated automatically from the comment moderation queue.

Yet, there are times when Akismet marks a positive comment as spam.  Hence, occasionally, check out all the spam comments to assure if any real comment is marked spam or not. When you complete the task, delete every spam comment from the WordPress site. In case, there are more than thousands of spam comments, then it is recommended to batch every comment on this Content Management System.

Page Load Speed Optimization


No one waits to get your website to load. It frustrates them and they prefer to move to another one. Hence, to assure a high-speed site, examine the site regularly with tools, like, Google Pagespeed Insights, Pingdom and GTmetrix tools.

Usually, the mentioned web tools give you suggestions on fixing the issues of slow website loading. Though, there are some solutions that can be implemented by the pro-techs. The others can reduce the image size with WP Smush.it or prefer choosing reliable hosting, CDN etc. 

Monitor the WordPress Forms


The WordPress form builder plugins make it seamless to create compelling forms on site. Also, because of the WordPres hosting server misconfiguration on the email service provider or bakırköy escort-choosing-any-cloud/”>hosting server, the forms stop sending emails unexpectedly. 

You have to examine every form on the WordPress site to assure that they are properly functioning. It is recommended to use the WP Mail SMTP plugin as it includes email logging. Also, it notifies when the mail fails to transmit.

Find the Broken Links


You may have not checked your WordPress site for broken links for a century. If there are some, then, you need not worry. Regardless, broken links are a powerless and real problem. Broken links indicate link rot, and link rot indicates losing UX and SEO points. 

For the uninformed, UX represents the user experience. Manually scanning for broken links will burn your brain. That is why you require tools like W3C Link Checker and Broken Link Checker.

Conduct performance tests


With time, you create new content, change the theme or install unique plugins, etc. Every item influences the WordPress website performance. Quick sites are not responsible for giving better UX, however, it also boosts the SEO ranking. 

Hence, you have to carry out the overall performance website review.  While examining WordPress development services for the website’s performance, do not enhance the home page only. Additionally, monitor the important content and the other critical pages. 

Modify or Create 404 Page


Broken links hold 404 error pages. These are the web pages that notify readers that their searches are unavailable. However, it is not viable to let the visitor go.  

If you are running the default 404 page with the WordPress theme. Then you may be using a terrible page that discourages readers. Combining options like links to different sitemaps, pages or search boxes can inspire visitors to move further.  

The 404 error web page does not have to be placed where the conversions are dying.  This is a great way to catch visitors who are having trouble browsing your WordPress site. 

Conduct a complete SEO and Content Audit


The other thing you have to possess in WordPress website maintenance is comprehensive in-depth content review. Here, the data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console comes. 

Google Analytics will guide you to the source of visitors and their behaviour on your website. The data enables you to discover the website content with excessive traffic. However, it has a less conversion rate.

Google Search Console’s Search Performance page aims to search the keywords that appear in the results for your website. You can arrange them to display keywords, and by updating the articles, your website can easily get a higher ranking. 

When you are using all-in-one search engine optimization, then you can specify particular keywords as your main key phrase. Having an outizmir escorting SEO score, you can enhance the content quality.  You can include the information, add links and images to it from other website pages.

Responsive Web Design


Test for website responsiveness; it is a must for the future of web design. Nowadays, responsive web design is generally a web design. You require a mobile-friendly and fully-responsive theme that can work on different devices, like Tablet or Mobile. 

Additionally, the Chrome DevTools Device Mode can be used to monitor device compatibility. Nonetheless, the Chrome DevTools Device Mode can be used to ensure device compatibility. 

Validate Your WordPress site


After creating the WordPress site, it is important to assure it works as you desire.  It involves the resource validation that creates the site. It implies monitoring CSS, HTML code and different scripts that run the WordPress site. 

The site can be easily validated with tools, like,  W3C Markup Validation Service. The purpose of this markup validation tool is to antalya escort all the site errors. Those errors that can damage the site’s functionality and design can be highlighted.

Form a Sitemap


The sitemaps are basically the roadmap to the content of the search engines.  The sitemap is invaluable because it summarizes the pages. Building and submitting the sitemap implies the content is searched and indexed quickly. Google XML Sitemaps plugin or Yoast SEO plugin can be leveraged.

Move further and make a video content sitemap. It ensures that the search engines can decode the video content on the WordPress site as text content. It means great things for your video SEO work. Once you have built the sitemap, do not forget to submit it to search engines. You can submit the sitemap for:

  • Bing Sitemap Submission
  • Google Sitemap Submission
  • Yahoo! Sitemap Submission


Concluding Remarks


You have a compelling WordPress site, do take care of it. WordPress Website Maintenance is essential, however, it is rather easy. As of now, you know what and how to do it. Maintain your site, make it run securely and yozgat escortly. Else, WordPress development Company could be a helping hand!

Following a proactive approach is essential- here, WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist comes in! Let us know if you have any suggestions, queries or ideas. Share with us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!






Emma Watson is a dedicated WordPress developer & technical writer. Currently, she is associated with WordSuccor Ltd. She loves to share her knowledge with others.

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