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Why Should You Convert Your HTML Website Into WordPress Theme

It’s much easier to get started with a website since everything is automated by software. Do you know uşak escort it’s always been like this? No. In the past, being able to code was a must for working in the web development industry. If you didn’t, you’d be in a situation where you couldn’t go forward. Choosing the WordPress Development Company is essential in such works.

Thanks to the software developers who developed website templates, programs, and, most crucially, content management systems like WordPress that made website creation and development substantially easier than it had been in the past. With the advent of content management systems, manually producing markup has been eliminated. For the Custom WordPress Development company, these are essential works.

  • But what if the site’s design has been around for a long time? Instead, you may see it as a simple HTML page (which still exists).
  • The HTML code of your website needs to be updated.
  • However, this technique is very time-consuming and tedious.

In your opinion, adana escort the website be totally rebuilt from scratch?

You may rely on us to do the thinking for you if these ideas keep popping up in your head. You may quickly burdur escort an out-of-date HTML website into a WordPress website in any of the above scenarios. If you already have a static website, you may migrate it to WordPress. The WordPress Development services India is essential there.

The question now is, how can we do this?

Here, we’ll go through some of the more advanced code methods and plugins that may help us achieve our goal in detail.

What’s the point of burdur escorting a plain HTML file into a WordPress theme?

WordPress is the CMS of choice for 64.1% of all websites, even if you exclude non-CMS sites. It doesn’t matter uşak escort you know how to code; everyone can utilize WordPress. You won’t have to pay for the services of WordPress developers since the creation and modifications to WordPress are so simple.

You’ll have greater control over your website’s management if you go from a static HTML site to a WordPress one.

If you don’t have much expertise with website coding, hiring a WordPress developer and using WordPress development services is a realistic option for a website overhaul. Your website will need to be constantly updated to rank better in Google and other search engines’ search results.

However, what does burdur escorting an HTML website into a WordPress site mean?

A static HTML site has to be transformed into a WordPress theme when we suggest it must be turned from an HTML site into a WordPress website.

Listed below are many methods for burdur escorting HTML to WordPress, along with detailed instructions.

There are three main techniques to switch from static HTML to WordPress.

1. Convert Manually from HTML to WordPress

Many individuals feel that manual conversion is the most technologically sophisticated way of conversion. If you’re considering this route, make sure you’re familiar with coding since it is not recommended for everyone. You’ll need to know a few of the internet-specific programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

When you make the conversion by hand, you may use the HTML code from your current website as a starting point.

An in-depth explanation of the manual HTML-to-WordPress conversion method follows:

Create a Subfolder Called “Theme” in the Documents folder.

Create a new folder on your desktop, similar to the directory folder on your computer, to store your theme’s files. So let’s get this party started, shall we? Doing so results in the same outcome.

The CSS Code is available for download.

Paste all CSS code from the website’s style sheet into a WordPress theme’s stylesheet. You must first prepare the WordPress style sheet, which is just the style.css file you created in the preceding stage. Copy and paste the CSS code from the current website’s source into the stylesheet. Fill out all the Manisa Escort of your new WordPress theme’s stylesheet header. Close it bakırköy escort copying and pasting the existing CSS from your static HTML page into the new theme folder.

The Header.php and Index.php files will need to be updated in WordPress.

For your site to be compatible with WordPress, you must make the appropriate changes to your header.php and index.php.

The next step is to save and then close the header.php file. A blank line must separate the first and second lines of code. That’s where you’ll put the code for the Loop.

Upload a screenshot after taking one.

If you have an 880 by the 660-pixel image of your theme, please upload it. The WP-admin dashboard is seen in this screenshot. A preview of your website will be provided. The screenshot adana escort be added to the folder containing your theme once it has been saved as screenshot.png.

The next step is to upload the theme to WordPress.com the following steps adana escort be followed:

  • Zip the files together.
  • WordPress’s Appearance > Themes page has an Add New button at the top that you can use to install a new theme.
  • Select “Upload Theme” from the drop-down menu, and then browse to your computer’s hard drive and extract the zip file.
  • Go ahead and click “Install Now.”
  • Activate the topic we covered bakırköy escort.

2. A WordPress child theme is used to burdur escort HTML.

Using this method is more convenient and saves a significant amount of money in the long run. While maintaining the integrity of your design, it Fethiye Escort you to use any one of a large number of current WordPress themes.

To achieve this, the usage of a juvenile theme is helpful. On top of the parent theme, they alter the parent theme to fit better your individual needs rather than acting as a izmir escort-alone.

Decide on a Focused Area of Study

Select a theme from the WordPress theme directory. Any theme from their inventory may be chosen, but it must be suitable to the design you currently have in mind. Installing the theme on your WordPress website is the next step, but don’t activate it yet.

Create a Subfolder Called “Theme” in the Documents folder.

It is essential to remember that a new folder was created on your computer when you used the previous method in this procedure. The steps are the same here as they were in the last location. An additional “-child” suffix adana escort be added to the end of the parent theme’s folder name. Make sure there aren’t any extra spaces in the name.

Organize It Using a Style Guide.

A style sheet was created similarly when establishing a style sheet using an older method. Add a “template” tag to the document now. Include the parent theme’s name in your code if you’re using it. Since the child theme’s functionality relies on it.

A file titled Functions.php adana escort be created.

To use the parent theme’s styles in the child theme, you’ll need to create a functions.php file.

The first step is to create a new file and name it functions.php. Now, paste in the code that follows, as seen below:

A child theme may use parent theme styles by entering this code into the child theme’s functions.php file.

Discuss the Child Theme with Others

The child theme can only be used once the parent theme has been enabled. Before that, you’ll want to take a picture antalya escortn on the WordPress dashboard. Submit a zip file containing all of the essentials to WordPress as we did in the previous stage, precisely as we did. Finally, you may tweak the page’s design to resemble your original HTML nearly. ‘

3. You may move your HTML content over to WordPress with the use of a plugin.

Do not utilize this strategy if you are not prepared for a complete overhaul of your website’s design. Consider using WordPress plugins if you’re searching for a more yozgat escort way to work with a new design. The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to import HTML content into WordPress utilizing plugins.

Also Read:  https://www.cmarix.com/blog/net-d-30-the-worlds-most-trusted-woocommerce-customization-plugin/

Create a New Website from Scratch

Install the WordPress theme that bursa escort fits your requirements after launching your new website. It’s essential to choose a template that you like working with and one that is simple to customize for your needs. You’ll have to tweak the design to match your company’s image.

Please include the Plugin in the next update.

The next step is to install the plugin that will allow you to do these tasks. The next step is establishing the HTML import 2 WordPress Plugin on your website. After that, pick the “Install Now” option in the menu to activate it.

Set Up a Website

Once the plugin is installed, upload your pages to the same server as your WordPress installation.

To begin, click on the “Files” tab and fill out the following fields:

  • The Import Directory is the place where you put your old HTML code.
  • The site’s former URL may be entered here. As a diversion or alternate route, it is its principal function.
  • Enter your index.html file as the default location.
  • Importing files will need the inclusion of the file extensions of tsot files.
  • Everything from the old website that isn’t required for the new one adana escort be deleted from the directories.
  • The plugin will utilize the filename as the new URL by default, preserving the original file names.
  • Afterwards, navigate to the content tab and choose the HTML element to hold your website’s content.
  • To make full use of the website, you’ll need to get familiar with the following tabs:
  • You’ll have to tell the plugin how to format your HTML template’s title tags.
  • Data that has to be imported into custom fields adana escort be entered into the “custom fields” tab.
  • You may now assign categories to the imported content on the Categories and Tags tab.
  • Detailed information on the extension’s pre-installed tools may be found in the Tools section.
  • To ensure that all of your changes are saved, click the Import Files option after completing each page.


Depending on your requirements and the current state of your HTML website, you may choose from various conversion methods.

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