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Home Improvement

What to do if you have lost the key to your house door?

Losing your apartment or house keys is a common thing that can happen to anyone. The only concern is that you can no longer go home. And this kind of inconvenience can cost you dearly. So don’t panic. Keep your cool. It is the bursa escort way to find your key fob. Here is a practical guide to the steps to follow in such a situation.

The first steps to take

When you lose a valuable item, the first thing to do is stay calm and not panic. So you can think properly. To get started, first try to remember the entire precise route to determine where your keys may have fallen or been forgotten.

Look for them in your house if you haven’t been out yet. If you are about to enter your home, retrace your steps by going back to find them. If you cannot see them despite this, continue to remain calm. Indeed, the risks are minimal in case they have not been lost with an important document such as an identity document, for example.

Otherwise, you will have to report the loss of your keys to a police station then contact your insurer to tell them about the situation. And finally, change your lock urgently by calling a locksmith in Tampa. To change your locksmith in Paris or elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact a qualified locksmith.

How to get home without having your keys?

We recommend that you leave a copy of your keys with someone close to you for your safety. This precaution will solve this problem and especially avoid spending high costs to bring in a locksmith. If you are a tenant, go to the landlord, who must have a spare key.

The methods below are only for opening your own door, as it will ankara escort a burglary if you don’t. You risk a sentence for aggravated theft which can go up to 20 years in prison and a heavy fine. While waiting for the locksmith, you can always try these techniques:

Open the door using a hairpin and a hook

This trick works on ordinary locks and padlocks. You have to be agile with your hands to reach the hook inside with your thumb and, at the same time, turn the pin to release the lock. Then, you can ask your neighbor for help. Whatever happens, what you see in fiction films far exceeds reality. However, locks of the A2P type are very resistant to break-ins. In this case, you will never be able to open your front door with a simple hairpin and a hook.

Unlock the door with a loyalty or credit card

You may be able to open your door without a key by inserting a loyalty card between the door and the doorframe. But for this technique to work, you have to shake the door by giving light kicks while waving your loyalty card stuck at the level of the lock’s bolt.

The credit card technique is also effective in unlocking the front door. Slide it into the gap between the door and the frame, then push it in as far as you can to reach the handle. Turn the credit card vertically, and voila!

Use a drill

A drill is essential for entrance doors that have a 5-pin barrel. The objective here is to permanently dismantle the springs that are used to hold the locks. Be careful, though, because this method is reserved for experienced DIYers.

How to get a home insurance policy?

Before calling your locksmith, contact the insurer’s emergency repair service instead. In this case, the multi-risk home insurance must cover the theft and loss of sets of keys. Be aware that some insurers have contracts with locksmiths who work 24/7 for this type of intervention.

It is the insurer who will call the craftsman closest to your home. After a brief diagnosis, the locksmith proceeds to open your door. He will then send the invoice for his intervention to the insurer. In the case of key theft, the procedure is identical. But, you must also report the theft of keys to a police station and give this document to your insurer.

Precautions to take in the event of loss of keys

Your home insurance may cover the money you have to shell out for the locksmith. It all depends on your contract. Some of them insure against theft and loss of keys. However, you will only have one deductible to spend. Specific bank card insurances such as Visa Premier or Gold MasterCard support reimbursing part of the costs.

If this is the first time you’ve lost your key ring, here are some practical precautions to avoid problems:

  • Opt for a “protected for life” key. Thus, you will gain an additional guarantee in the event of theft or loss. In addition, the risks of reproduction or intrusion are reduced.
  • Never display your address and name on your keys or keyring
  • Put a key box in your house to avoid misplacing them.

The easiest way is also to have a first aid kit. In this way, you are not penalized for the absence of your keys for a particular time. In addition, this keyring will be used to make several copies. Give your spare keys to someone you trust or a friend. Avoid putting it in your apartment because you may find yourself at the door and having to call a locksmith Tampa. In the event of an accident, all it takes is a phone call to have your problem resolved.

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