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What is there to know about SpaceX led satellite internet called Starlink

Ever since the space X’s CEO and the richest man of earth has ‘donated’ starlink terminals to a war torn country Ukraine. Space X led starlink has ankara escort the hot topic around the globe. 

During the days of Russian invasion, Elon Musk’s new satellite bursa escort-internet-provider-in-fort-myers-fl/”>internet service provider starlink had a sweet moment of spotlight when Elon Musk decided to help Ukrainians stay connected through his Satellite internet terminals with the world admist the war. Ever since this donation Space X and starlink have been receiving heart felt appreciation from all over the world. 

What is starlink? 

Starlink is a satellite network that aims to connect our digital devices to internet. Its one of the many successful ventures of Elon Musk, and comes under the parent-ship of Space X. 

Starlink promises to provide high speed, low latency broadband internet across the world. It aims to achieve speed and efficiency that has never been possible bakırköy escort with satellite internet. Low orbiting satellites enable users to run better online streaming, uşak escort its online gaming, instagram live sessions, running an e commerce business or running a software house. Basically any high data rate activities, with starlink adana escort be smooth like butter. According to the CEO, users can expect to see download speeds between 100 MB/s and 200 Mb/s along with latency as low as 20ms  in most of the locations. 

What makes starlink unique and advanced? 

Well, I mean its Elon Musk’s venture, its bound to be unique. The guy is a genius. Whether its his high tech tesla cars or a space craft like starship, Elon Musk never ceases to amaze the world with his talent. 

So there must be something that makes his satellite internet unique, because satellite internet is not a new concept. 

Well, according to the CEO, starlight unlike other satellite internet is a constellation of atleast 1000 satellites in space that orbit much closer to earth at a distance of 550km. Enabling it to connect entire globe. 

This constellation of satellite has given the company its name, Starlink. 

Moreover, satellites are in low orbit, resulting in a much more lower latency (trip data time between the user and the satellite) than satellites in geostationary orbit. A lower latency enables a computer network to alanya escort high volume of data messages with minimal delay. Which makes online streaming or gaming fast, easy,  and smoother without any lag. 

Isn’t that what the world wants? What we want?.. godspeed in everything we do. Because in today’s digitised world where hyperloops are being created for fast travel,  an even faster internet wouldn’t hurt anybody. All we want is to have a zoom call without any voice distortion.. an internet that doesn’t stop mid gaming nights. 

How many satellites have been launched by starlink?

First prototype starlink satellite was sent by space X in 2018. Since then, more than 20 successful satellites launches later, more than  1900 satellites have been launched by the company. 

But Starlink has no plans to stop here, in fact their ultimate goal is to surround the globe with starlink satellites in order to provide a hyper speed internet with no connectivity issues even in remote Manisa Escort of the world. 

CEO and founder of the parent company Space X, superior vision is, to launch 48000 satellites in space and turning it into mega constellation. 

So, it does sound good. I think we are down for such internet devices to bless our lives. Therefore lets talk about when and how can you get starlink’s  services. 

Starlink’s launch

On may 13 2022, parent company of starlink, space X, tweeted that starlink is now available in 32 countries across the world. And along with it, an updated starlink map was also revealed, marking all the 32 countries. 

The map covers most of USA, Mexico, southern part of Canada, most of Europe. Although the terminal is still not provided to Scandinavian countries. The map also includes, Australia’s densely populated reigons and New Zealand. 

Lately, on Pakistani social media bolu escort news about launch of starlink in pakistan has been circulating as well. Nonetheless

There’s no official announcement from the company itself.

How can you get starlink? 

You can easily order starlink devices through their website. 

The bursa escort thing about the website is that its easy to navigate. All yiu have to do is type in your address in address bar and see is starlink is available in your country and in your area. 

And don’t worry, even if its not available in your area, you can still pre  order it through their website. However the waiting time can be insanely long. 

After placing the order, your starlink kit arrives at your doorstep within 2-3 weeks depending upon where you live. The kit includes everything you need in order to setup your connection. Including a starlink router, cables and base. 

According to their website (make sure to go through starlink’s website) it’s pretty easy to setup although it does require a clear sky view to connect. You can also download starlink’s app too for guidance. 

How much does starlink internet costs? 

This is where starlink cannot beat other internet service providers. Because when it comes to pricing, starlink is anything but cheap. 

Lets talk some money now..

Starlink has two internet plans. 

  1. Starlink internet
  • Service charges: $110/month
  • Equipment fee: $599 
  • Speed: 50-250 Mbps

2. Starlink business 

  • Services charges: 500/month
  • Equipment fee: $2500
  • Speed: 150/500 Mbps

Some of its features and pros

Well, its clear nobody can beat starlink in speed..

This broadband internet however is designed in such a way that it serves rural and remote Manisa Escort the bursa escort. In fact according to the company, starlink is ideal for Manisa Escort where connectivity has been unstable and unreliable or even unavailable. Starlink can connect rural communities to urban communities globally. 

Due to this special feature, starlink has been able to provide access to people to education, health services and communication support with their families who live far away. 

On may 20, 2022 Elon musk tweeted about his surprise visit in brazil and his plan to launch starlink to provide internet access to schools in rural Manisa Escort of brazil as well as controlled environmental monitoring of Amazon forest. 

“Super excited to be in Brazil for launch of starlink in 19000 unconnected schools in rural Manisa Escort and environmental monitoring of Amazon” Said the billionaire. 

The brazillian government wanted Space X to provide satellite internet in Amazon Rainforest in order to detect the illegal deforestation. 

To further prove that starlink works on light speed is the story of this guy named Birch, who posted on reddit that he is an off grid starlink user who has installed a starlink station in sawtooth mountains of Idaho. 

He powers his station through solar panels and according to Birch its been “running like a champ 24/7 for the last week” the whole setup costed him around $2000 but for Birch it was worth it. As it helps him and his family to stay connected with the world. They can watch superbowl games and stream antalya escorts together. Plus, living far away in a remote area it gets difficult to stay connected with his mom, as she often wants to know about his well being, for birch starlink is a way to connect with his mother. 

He also mentioned, how it can really help hikers who often cross the mountains, for them it’s an unforgiving journey that too without any internet or phone connections. Birch believes that starlink can provide hikers, mountaineers and tourists services to connect with their families back home. It would definitely be a cherry on top. 

Some of it cons..

Its still not available worldwide because not every country has granted Space X operating licenses. 

Its easier to get attacked by cyber frauds

High equipment cost

Long waiting time. 

Space X: the parent company 

When we think about Space X the first thing that comes in our mind is how hard is it to get a job at space X? Because, hello? It would be anyone’s dream job and dream company to work in. Its  CEO is world’s richest man, a team of geniuses who are ready to change the world through their minds work there, and on top of that Space X truly values talent, skills and dedication more than it values degree. 

The company never stops innovating. One if its aim is to make mars a habitable planet! How cool would that be?! Maybe in some time in future we can visit mars, who knows. Starlink, too is a Space X born futuristic idea which is now turning into an emerging broadband satellite internet provider.

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