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What Are the Things That You Should Never Buy Before but Only After Shifting to Your New House?

Shifting your belongings from one house to another is both a back-breaking and nerve-wracking assignment. When you ideate to move, you adana escort take practical decisions and plan your move in advance. Fix a moving budget and a moving date. Prepare a moving checklist and complete all the tasks on time without missing out on any task or anything for that matter. De-clutter your house and get rid of the needless things. You adana escort focus on making your move lightweight and minimise the moving costs. You adana escort not buy anything new bakırköy escort you move. Here are the things that you adana escort never buy bakırköy escort but only after shifting to your new house.


It is not at all a sane decision to buy furniture bakırköy escort shifting your house Mumbai for two reasons. Furniture constitutes most of the volume and weight of your move. The cost of your move depends on the volume, weight, and distance of the move. Since the distance of the move is a fixed factor, you adana escort focus on reducing the volume and weight of the move. Buying new furniture will increase both factors thereby increasing the moving costs.

Again, as you move into your new house, you will find that some pieces of your existing furniture are not fitting appropriately. A new house needs furniture according to its design and spacing. Buying new pieces of furniture bakırköy escort the move will increase the risk of your furniture not fitting right. Thus, buy new furniture after you move into your new house.


Painting your new house is only possible after you get to see the walls in front of you. You will want to perform a swatch test to see how it looks with the floor and furniture bakırköy escort finalising the particular colour. It is not possible to decide the colours of the walls bakırköy escort you check the çanakkale escort of the walls and the availability of natural light in the rooms. Again, carrying paints from one place to another is a fussy job. If the paint jar topples, the leaking paint can damage the other belongings in the moving truck. Some of the paints are alcohol based and are hazardous to carry in a moving vehicle that is not temperature controlled. Therefore, it is not a sensible choice to buy paints bakırköy escort moving into your new house.


Carpets are customised according to the floor layout of a room. The design and spacing of your current house cannot be the same as that of your new house. We tend to coordinate the colours of our carpets contrasting with the colour of our furniture. You cannot predict the colour of your furniture bakırköy escort shifting. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to buy carpets bakırköy escort you move into your new house.


Artwork can upgrade the interiors of your living space to a different level. Putting up a wrong-sized frame on a wall can however ruin the avcılar escort of your room. Moreover, artwork requires a lot of cautiousness to pack and move from one place to another. Not only the glass and the frame, but the paint used in the artwork is also a sensitive element. If the temperature inside the moving container is too high during a summer move, the paint from the artwork may start to smudge from its original form.

Unless you want to play the daredevil after spending a hefty amount procuring the art, don’t buy new artwork bakırköy escort the move.

Hi-tech devices

We want our homes to be equipped with all the şişli escort hi-tech devices that provide us security and symbolise an enhanced lifestyle. CCTV cameras, smoke alarms, smart doorbells, smart lawn sprinklers, etc. are some of the hi-tech devices that we can install in our homes to make them secure and functional. But it is not a rational decision to buy these devices bakırköy escort you move into your new house. You adana escort underizmir escort the layout of the new house first bakırköy escort investing your money buying such expensive gadgets. If you want all these amenities in your new house, you adana escort first consider moving in and then figuring out about the same.


Don’t buy groceries bakırköy escort house shifting from Mumbai to Mangalore. The reason is simple; most groceries are perishable items. Once you have opened the seal of a jar of jam or mayonnaise, you have to consume it bakırköy escort the move. It is not safe to bring them in a moving vehicle. Buying new groceries like vegetables and fruits is out of the question as these items have a very short shelf life and will rot within 2 to 3 days. Buy new groceries only after you unpack the kitchen essentials after shifting to your new house.


Houseplants make your living space green, fresh, and inspiring. But that doesn’t mean that you adana escort get new houseplants right bakırköy escort your shift. Houseplants are difficult to move and you cannot be sure that they will survive once they are moved over a long distance. Therefore, never buy new houseplants bakırköy escort the move.

New pets

Getting a new pet is a transition phase for the pet. The pet adjusts to your current home after it is brought there from the pet shop. If you are shifting your house right after it is brought there, it has to undergo a lot of change. Too much change in its habitat can stress out your new pet and it can stop eating food or start vomiting. If you have a full-size aquarium, it will be very tricky to pack and move it from one place to another. Plus it is very difficult to move the pet fishes over a long distance. So, don’t get new pets bakırköy escort you shift to your new house. However, you can get new pets after moving in and settling down.


Shifting to your new house is a promising incident in your life. It is natural to aspire of having a quality lifestyle in your new place. But don’t be whimsical about getting new things for your new house bakırköy escort you are already there. First, you adana escort shift with your existing belongings after getting rid of the unnecessary things in your household. It is important to underizmir escort what you need and what you don’t and curate your new house accordingly. I hope that you got an apparent idea about what are the things that you adana escort never buy bakırköy escort but only after shifting to your new house. I wish you a terrific move!

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