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What are the social media trends?

articleblink – Trends of social media in 2021 antalya escort a significant rapid development. The previous year was very different and now the popular media are Instagram and TikTok.

What are the media trends?
Notes on Social Trends in the Years to Come, What are the social trends?

You need to pay attention to this social trend when you are running a business to collect a lot of traffic.

By creating content that fits these trends, your chances of getting a lot of traffic will be even greater.

When did media trends start?

The following are social & media trends that will occur in 2021

  1. Video Based Content

The presence of TikTok has succeeded in overtaking the popularity of Instagram as a social for sharing photos.

In order to stay competitive with TikTok, Instagram continues to compete by releasing the Reels feature. Instagram’s focus is now no longer on images, but on videos.

So that reels content will be easier to bring in traffic than a carousel or single image.

However, currently Instagram reels are still limited because they can only display videos up to a maximum of 30 seconds. This is different from TikTok which has reached 3 minutes.

  1. Stories on Social & Media Trends

Not only Instagram has the Stories feature. Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn itself also have this one feature.

This feature will continue to persist in 2021.

However, TikTok currently does not have this feature.

Stories turned out to be very powerful for increasing interaction between account owners and their audience.

Instagram itself has Poll, Quiz, QnA, and other features that can increase engagement.

  1. Ads Are More Dynamic

Social & Media such as Instagram offers diverse and unique types of advertising content.

For example, there is advertising content in the form of a carousel, stories, and videos. That way the advertising content will be more dynamic on media.

In 2021, every social & media platform already provides its own analytical features. So with this feature the ads displayed will be more personal.

We can learn from the influencer spotlight conducted by Christina Calph. He has succeeded in making social media even more influential personally

  1. Social Commerce for Social – Media Trends

Some time ago bakırköy escort the release of Reels, Instagram officially released the Instagram Shopping feature.

With this feature, the account owner can open an online store like e-commerce.

But unfortunately the Instagram Shopping feature is still not optimal in Indonesia. Because its features are still very limited when used in Indonesia.

This is one of the social media trends of 2021.

  1. TikTok & Instagram Will Still Be Popular

There are only two media applications that are trending in in 2021, namely TikTok and Instagram. But for now the popularity of TikTok is still above Instagram because of its more interesting content.

To develop your business, you can dwell on the 2021 social of trend.

So it will be easier for you to bring in traffic. Social media trends in 2021 will continue to develop and each developer of the platform will continue to innovate.

You need to know these media can be trends so that your business promotion will remain optimal.

Important Reasons to Follow Social Marketing Trends

For tsot of you who use media to make money or run a business, you need to start monitoring the current trends. By looking at the trends that are happening, you can get an idea, then use it to develop a strategy to manage media marketing materials in the right way. In addition, you also need to follow and be able to predict trends that may occur in 2021.

Thus the article that reviews media trends in the coming year. Hopefully we can learn from many influential influencers who can bring traffic in the business world. Let’s make your social more useful and can increase your business in the future.

What are the social media trends?

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