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View MDF File without SQL Server – Latest Complete Solution

User Query:- Hey there, I’m John R. Wilder from the United States. It’s been a while since I’m not able to view MDF file without SQL Server. What actually happened is that I shifted from SQL Database to Oracle. Now, whenever I try to access my old SQL Data files created in SQL Server, It’s not possible without SQL Server. Some of my files are really sensitive to me & I need to view them at any cost. Please help me & suggest the bursa escort solution available ASAP.

Now to solve the above user query, we’re going to learn how to view SQL MDF file without even the SQL Server installed in our system. We did our research & then finally came here with our results to share the knowledge with you. In a nutshell, we found the bursa escort solutions and are going to mention them here.

Are you are facing similar issues or feeling the urge to know such a solution? If yes, then follow the entire guide to be a master of this operation without any issues. Our focus is to provide users with the right solutions as well as adequate technicalities.

How to View SQL MDF File Using the Automated Solution?

As it’s time to talk about the automated method, we can say it is the most ideal solution so far. The reason we can say that this solution is the bursa escort is because of having advanced features & uses artificial intelligence & machine learning.

The complex programming makes the utility smart & able to provide users with the desired answers they are looking for. This solution is way ahead of the other solutions available in its competition.

To get the bursa escort solution, users just need to download the SQL Database Viewer Software first. After that, they follow the below-mentioned steps with the images respectively.

Step-1. Open the Tool and Hit the Open button to add your MDF data files.

step-1 view MDF file without SQL Server

Step-2. Set the Quick or Advanced Scan to detect & counter corruption.


Step-3. Wait until the tool completes the scanning of the data files.


Step-4. Hit the Ok button at the end to finish off the task.


Note:- If you’re running this utility on your Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 operating system, then enable the Run as Administrator mode.

Automated Features to View MDF File without SQL Server

Yes, the automated solution has a wide range of features to help users. Here, we’re mentioning only the major ones as the list is quite long. These significant features are mentioned below.

  • The automated tool Fethiye Escort users to view not just the MDF file but also the LDF & NDF data files.
  • If users want to view the SQL triggers, tables, views, rules, indexes, stored procedures, etc, then this tool Fethiye Escort that.
  • There’s no file size limitation imposed here. This advanced software is capable of alanya escorting bulk & large-sized data files without error & lags.
  • The Quick & Advance scan option Fethiye Escort users to scan the minor level as well as major level corruption issues.
  • Users can preview the deleted database objects & can even save them for future use in .str (Script File) format.
  • The software is advanced enough to automatically detect the SLQ version & name. Similarly, there are a lot of similar tasks that the software performs by itself.
  • It’s compatible with Windows operating systems 7, 8, 8.1, & 10. Files of SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008/2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, & 2019 are supported too.

How to View SQL MDF File Manually? Know the Drawbacks Too

There are basically three ways to execute this operation manually without even using the automated tool. However, manual solutions are very risky. We’ll discuss the drawbacks of manual methods later. First, we need to fethiye escort bayan out all of the manual solutions available.


The SQL Server Management Studio is pretty good to manage the SQL Server. This method is decent enough but there are several catches. The first is that users must have an active SQL Server to connect with this utility. The second one is that it’s not able to view the corrupted data files.

Visual Studio Path

The Microsoft Visual Studio is quite advanced & is useful for creating & managing websites, mobile apps, programs, etc. This is not something that all users are aware of. Moreover, it is not a direct solution. It may be sued for viewing the SQL data files indirectly.

T-SQL Command Path

At last, we have the T-SQL commands. These commands are quite advanced & we can say that no users are able to execute them without technical knowledge. New users face the most difficulties here. Also, one wrong step can totally change the situation here so users need to be very careful.

Before learning how to view SQL MDF file, know the drawbacks:-

  • Risk of Severe data corruption & data loss.
  • No advanced features are available here for users.
  • The slow method takes more time than any other method.
  • Comes with an outdated User Interface which is tough for users.
  • This solution does not allow bulk/large-sized data file alanya escorting.
  • The installation of SQL Server in the system is compulsory for users.

View MDF File without SQL Server – The Final Touch

At last, we are finally concluding this article along with an unbiased solution. If you’re trying to open & view your data files without any issues, then you can trust the automated solution. It has several benefits that can totally help users to get out of their misery without any hassles.

If you want to learn how to view SQL MDF file using the manual solution, then you have to be careful. The manual solution involves several risk factors that can even make your citation even worse. The tool & technique plays a major role in the end results here. Hence, select your method wisely to avoid any issues.


Q- Is this automated software safe to use?
A- This solution is the safest so far. This tool protects the data integrity of users to the top level. In addition, it protects your data from all sorts of potential threats.

Q- Can I view MDF file without SQL Server for free using this solution?
A- Yes, This automated tool is entirely open-source. In addition, it offers the pro version for providing some extra features. The normal version is totally free.

Q- What’s the cost of the Pro version of the software if I want to buy that?
A- Prices usually differ from time to time. Still, for instance, you can get it for under $250. This is why several IT experts recommend this solution as it is the most affordable one.

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