Vegas Dave: The Controversial Rise of a Sports Gambler and Entrepreneur


Vegas Dave aka David Oancea is a well-known sports gambler and entrepreneur. He was born in Saline, Michigan and raised in Ann Arbor. From an early age, Dave had a passion for collecting and selling baseball cards, and that love for the game later evolved into a passion for sports betting. Today, he is one of the most well-known sports handicapper in the world.

Over the years, Vegas Dave has made headlines for his incredible sports betting wins, most notably his 2015 bet against Ronda Rousey at UFC 193. Dave bet $10,000 on Holly Holm to beat Rousey, who was considered unbeatable at the time. Holm won the fight and Dave won his bet and won $240,000. That bet cemented Dave’s reputation as a gambler who was willing to take risks that others would not.

One of Vegas Dave’s most impressive career achievements came in 2020 when he sold a baseball card for $3.9 million, the most expensive baseball card in history. The card was a rare 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card that Dave had bought a few years earlier for $400,000. The sale of the card confirmed Dave’s position as one of the most successful sports experts and entrepreneurs in the world. But Vegas Dave is also controversial.

Polemics around Vegas Dave

Vegas Dave started to have some polemics in 2017. He was banned from betting at many sportsbooks in Las Vegas for using other people’s identities to place bets. He also ran into legal trouble when he was charged with aggravated identity theft in 2016, although the charges were later dropped.

Dave Oancea’s controversial figure in the world of sports betting and sports card investing has some critics. Some people have characterized him as a “bookie” and “wildly crude”, while others consider him a “legend” and a “highly regarded sports handicapper”.

One of the main criticisms of Vegas Dave is its relentless marketing tactics. He can make big claims about the success of his picks, with some packs having an 85% winning chance. He was also accused of defrauding his clients, with one former player claiming he was nice until he got paid, after which he was hard to get hold of. Another point of contention for Vegas Dave is his legal troubles. He was also charged with tax evasion and money laundering.

Vegas Dave (David Oancea) doesn’t hits as much as he pretends to say. He has no record or bankroll that shows you he’s legit. Be very careful, he shows a good lifestyle, luxury cars, money… but always keep in mind, it’s your money he’s using. In 2019 during NCAAB National Championship, he sent both teams (Texas Tech and Virginia) in order to be sure to win. In 2021, he sent Buffalo Bills -3.5 1st Half and lost it but he told his audience he won!

How to find a good Sports Handicapper?

Make sure you can find a 1 year record at least in order to analyze well the results and to have a better vision on the expertise of the Handicapper. Also, the Handicapper needs to advise you a good money management between 3-8% of your Bankroll. If he has a money-back guarantee it’s great, it will prevents you from scams. The Sports expert has also to deliver you picks with a minimum odds of -200, if not you will struggle to profit. If you have other doubt, this article about best sports handicappers warn you about the instagram cappers that you can see.

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