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Use Best GPS Dog Collar for your Pet

Pet owners cannot always anticipate indoor cats fleeing outside or dogs fleeing from the dog walker. Attaching a GPS tracker to your pet’s collar can help you find them if they escape into the unknown. The Whistle Go Explore is the only GPS Dog Collar we would recommend. Because it is the most accurate pet tracker we evaluated, the app is simple to use. And the gadget is small enough to attach to any collar.

However, a good GPS tracker can cost more than $100 and requires a $100-per-year subscription. Which may entice you to try other affordable Bluetooth trackers. Sch as Tile and Apple tags. These devices cost between $25 and $30. And if they can locate a missing wallet, why not a lost pet? However, their limited range, reduced precision, and confined ecosystems limit their utility to extremely narrow circumstances.

Whistle Go Explore gives you the best chance of locating your lost cat or dog. Although a GPS pet tracker cannot guarantee success. It is user-friendly, as accurate as any GPS tracker can be. And compact and lightweight enough that most pets. including toy dogs, will not be bogged down by it. The Whistle Go is also sturdy enough to withstand your dog’s dog park antics. However, like the majority of collars we examined, this device’s GPS accuracy can be inconsistent when coverage is intermittent, resulting in less-than-precise position updates. Additionally, it costs approximately $100 per year, and the battery life in “lost pet mode” is only three days, so you would need to find your fugitive pet soon.

Whom this pertains

Like most emergency equipment, a GPS pet tracker is something you hope you never have to use. The device communicates your pet’s whereabouts to you via cellular data transmissions and an inbuilt GPS transponder. If your pet escapes, you will receive an app alert, be able to track their location in real-time, and hopefully be reunited safely. You may also find a pet tracker useful if you have an outdoor pet (usually a cat) and would like to monitor their daily activities.

These GPS trackers are significantly more accurate than Bluetooth trackers. The latter will only transmit their whereabouts if they are within Bluetooth range of your phone or someone else using the same app.

Some of these trackers also monitor your pet’s activities, similar to a human fitness tracker. This is a nice tool to have, and you may find it useful, but our testing focused primarily on position monitoring.

Nothing is more important than the position accuracy and network reliability of a GPS tracker and collar. On these measures, the Whistle Go Explore surpassed all other pet GPS trackers, making it the only gadget we’d feel comfortable using with our cats and dogs. Additionally, it has a long battery life for daily usage, a simple app layout, and robust, lightweight hardware.

How to Locate Your Dog with this GPS

During our experiments, we were able to find the Whistle within a few seconds. This position was always close enough to the tracker that we could readily locate our pet. However, the accuracy can fluctuate due to cell phone service, huge buildings blocking the signal, and other external variables. We also like that the Whistle’s smartphone app displays both the tracker’s location and your own, which is useful when trying to locate your pet in an unfamiliar place.

AT&T provides the cellular service for Whistle, which is ranked first in cellular service by Global Wireless Solutions. The majority of GPS trackers and collars do not mention which cellular network they utilize to locate a lost pet. AT&T was the most prevalent provider among those that did. We appreciated Whistle’s openness. And because it utilizes AT&T’s 4G LTE network, Whistle is more dependable and transmits updates faster than fifty percent of GPS and Bluetooth trackers on the market, including the problematic Pawscout Tag we tried.

We wished to determine how the Whistle would operate when worn by canines who do not reside exclusively within a fence. The Whistle’s battery lasted a week as we utilized it for errands, dog walks, and city strolls. And there is no need to charge for an entire night. With the provided USB charging cord, it will charge from 0% to 100% in around three hours. This guarantees that your dog will have a tracker when it is time for their evening stroll. The software and push notifications or email alerts allow users to track battery life.

Information About GPS Dog Collar

We regularly dropped it from a height of approximately 2 feet or the height of a large dog, and it never scratched, dented, or broke. Due to its IPX8 classification, it can even withstand an escaped dog’s frolic in a mud puddle or swim in a river (it is waterproof and can be submerged in water up to one meter deep). More than half of the trackers we discovered cannot make the same claim. For instance, the Tile Mate (2020) has an IP55 rating and can only tolerate a brief splash of water, not a continuous mud puddle.

You may be able to purchase a collar from a Fi-approved vendor, but you cannot attach the Fi to a collar purchased from a local pet store. While we were writing this article, Whistle changed its product description to indicate that the Whistle Go Explore is suitable for pets weighing 20 pounds or more; earlier, the business had rated the Whistle as being suitable for pets weighing 8 pounds or more. This information is still accessible in older web listings. This occurred just as Whistle unveiled the Whistle Switch Smart Dog  Collar, a new tracker suited for pets weighing up to 5 pounds. It is sleeker and includes an additional battery pack. We want to test this updated version as part of our upcoming upgrade. However, our testing revealed that the Whistle Go Explore is suitable for cats and small dogs.


Which made it simple to sync the tracker, determine its location, and designate different safe zones. The Whistle Go Explore also has an activity tracker, a fitness goal tracker, and a task list. These additional features are unnecessary, so we did not test them for this guide. But if you’ve been tracking your pet’s at-home movements for weeks. And observe a significant decline in their activity level. It could be a sign that something is wrong and they need to see a veterinarian. This is wonderful information to have, but it’s not necessary for tracking.

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