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Turkish Cyprus: Nature And Infrastructure

Many people have started to buy property in North Cyprus. The country can offer luxury and economy class objects in compliance with your financial demands and preferences. There are villas and apartments under construction and already built. So, investors can find their dream house in North Cyprus.

8 Reasons To Buy Property In North Cyprus

If you want to buy real estate abroad but still thinking about where to do it, below you will find 8 reasons to choose North Cyprus.

  1. It is one of the countries with the lowest crime rate in the world. The population density is low. People know each other. It is almost impossible to leave the country unnoticed.
  2. The climate is mild. The heat is much easier to live in than on the islands in the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. The average temperature from March to June and from September to November is around 24-28 C.
  3. Property prices in Northern Cyprus are among the lowest in Europe. You can buy apartments under construction from $85,000.
  4. The education system is built according to British standards in Northern Cyprus. There are 19 universities. The diplomas of the universities of Northern Cyprus are recognized all over the world.
  5. Medical care in the country is also organized according to high standards. The cost of medical insurance for foreigners, compared with other countries in the Mediterranean region, is small.
  6. Low requirements for getting a residence permit. Up-to-date information about the requirements can be asked from the staff of the real estate agency.
  7. Local legislation is very loyal to foreigners starting their own businesses in the country.
  8. The country’s stable economy, political situation, and low level of corruption.

If you buy property here, you can rent it to get the additional income. Moreover, it will be easy to resell the object in the future. According to the data, the annual price increase is about 10%.

What To Buy

Investors usually buy apartments and villas in Northern Cyprus.

Most of the villas are located near the sea. They have a rather large yard, their own swimming pool, and parking. This type of property is suitable for people with families. If you do not plan to move to Northern Cyprus, then the villas can be rented to tourists.

The apartments are in demand among tourists and local citizens. The most popular are 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 apartments. Modern residential complexes include additional services for residents.

If you want to save money and get real estate in North Cyprus, you can contact Stay Property. That is a reliable developer that has several developing projects in Tukey in North Cyprus. It is possible to buy property under construction and already built. Moreover, investors can get еру interest-free installments till the end of construction. There is no need to visit North Cyprus to purchase an apartment or villa. Just issue a power of attorney to an employee of the company so that he does everything necessary to make you the real estate owner.

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