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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado diesel version review

Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Prado – a five-entryway SUV of the medium size class and a genuinely unbelievable model from the Japanese automaker, admitting “exemplary qualities”: outline plan, extremely durable four-wheel drive and consistent back pivot. .can It brags a general solace, solid and dependable method and fantastic Passarella.

The vehicle of the fourth era (in the body “J150”) prompted the world introduction in September 2009 (at the phase of the Frankfurt Motor Show). In specialized terms, it turned out to be more agreeable and more secure and got new gear.

Toward the finish of August 2013, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado endure the “booked” update. Redesigned the power units, extended the rundown of choices and reconfigured the suspension. For the further developed controllability and steadiness out and about.

The following modernization of the SUV plot is by and large two years of age. Yet it was solely specialized in nature: the vehicle was isolated by another 2.8-liter diesel motor. 6-speed programmed transmission and further developed gear.

In September 2017, a restyled vehicle was a restyled vehicle, which held the recognizable filling, yet got a more pleasant outside with a high level “in the style of the senior Land Cruiser 200,” a refined inside with new gear and further developed hardware.

The presence of Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Prado can be called work of art. This is by and large what you are obliged to take a gander at: very alluring, pixie and strong.

From the front, take a gander at the world for a savage perspective on complex molded LED headlights that poured out with the chrome grille with thick vertical lashes and a strong guard, yet behind the diagrams they have lesser status (and surprisingly utilitarian) forms. . – sans hassle electric lamps and a tremendous trunk cover.

In profile, the vehicle looks intensely unmistakable, ruthlessly and totally conspicuous, its trademark outline effectively underlines the long hood, created “muscles” from the adjusted square curves of the wheels, the line “window ledge”, pulling strongly towards the back part. , and unadulterated food.

Toyota Prado’s Interior And Exterior

The “fourth” Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is an average size SUV, which is 4840mm long, 1845mm in stature, and 1855mm in width. And its ground freedom is equivalent to 215mm.

In check structure, the five-year-old’s weigh from 2095 to 2165 kg, and their full mass is from 2850 to 2990 kg.

In the driver’s working environment, there is a four-line directing haggle “up-to-date” mix of gadgets with two dials and a 4.2-inch columnator. The great mid control area has a “two-story plan”: the 8-inch screen of the amusement. And data mind boggling and the terse “controller” of the environment plant are found. And at the base, the transmission control all-wheel drive unit.

Inside the vehicle it can flaunt an astounding level gathering and top notch completing materials (great plastics, wood, “low metal” embed, authentic calfskin, and so forth).

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One of the upsides of Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Prado Salon is a lot of free space. Delicate cushioning and tremendous change ranges. From behind you have an accommodating arranged couch with ideal back slant.

Presented for the machine and the discretionary twofold “display” fit for tolerating even grown-up travelers.

The baggage compartment of the vehicle has the right structures and an amazing volume. 621 liters in a izmir escortard situation (with a five-seater design). Bringing the limit up to 1,934 liters.

The fifth entryway opens on this square SUV (circles are on the right). However the little swing can be stacked through the collapsing glass.

Toyota Prado’s Engine

  • With an appropriated fuel supply, flexible gas dispersion stages and a 16-valve GDM. Creating 163 drive at 5,200 rpm and 246 N · m of turn Potential at 3900 rpm.
  • In the sub-box compartment the “top” arrangements contain a 4.0-liter V6 petroleum motor of the FE 1gr family. With multi-point “power supply”, an upgraded ignition chamber. 24 valves and stage radiates on delivery and information, creating 249 hp. At 5600 Rev/Minutes and 381 nm of force at 4400 rpm.
  • Furnished with a turbocharger with variable calculation. Normal battery infusion, intercooler and DOHC type 16-valve type, creating 177 HP. At 3400 rpm and 420 nm from top second at 1400-2600 Rev/Minute.

All motors work to uncover with a 6-territory “machine”, however the “more youthful”. Petroleum and diesel motors on the “base” run at 5 and 6-speed “mechanics”, separately.

Naturally, a SUV can flaunt a steady four-wheel drive (TL) with an unbending locking unbalanced twist differential. Decreased transmission and three methods of activity (H4F; H4L; L4L). Under typical conditions. Notwithizmir escorting, during development, but this proportion can change from 28:72 to 58:42.

Contingent upon the variant, the most extreme “Fourth” Toyota Land Cruiser Prado speeds up to 160-175 km/h.

Gas vehicles “annihilate” 10.8 to 11.7 liters of fuel in joined conditions, and diesel – around 7.4 liters.

The edges of the entry, the slope and the congress of the SUV number 31, 22 and 25 degrees. Individually, and the profundity of the above in it arrives at 700 mm (without extraordinary preparing).

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