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Top 8 Xender Alternatives That You Can Use In 2022

Recent events have seen a major conflict between India and China. Due to this conflict, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps.

The Chinese government has connections with companies that make these apps, so they took over all the data.

In an effort to protect Indian citizens’ privacy, the government has banned 59 Chinese apps. Chinese apps like TikTok, ShareIt, and Xender were banned in India along with 59 other Chinese apps.

When I was a kid, I used to send files through Bluetooth from one device to another. It takes several minutes just to send one 50 MB file. Several years later, ShareIt and Xender hit the market.

I really liked these apps and they saved me a lot of time. We all know how important apps like Xender are to transferring files fast. Many companies releastime,versions of the data transfer app in the play store or the apple store.

We need to look into alternatives to ShareIt and Xender to protect our data and privacy. We also need to make sure none of these apps are linked to China.

In 2005, you couldn’t move files. You had a couple of options. During this time, if you wanted to transfer files from one device to another, you had to connect the devices via cables.

As far as I know, you can transfer data with countless applications and software. Even if one or two apps are banned, it does not mean that there will be a vacancy for tsot

There are many apps that can replace the likes of ShareIt and Xender. Nowadays, advanced technologies such as Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, and Bluetooth make it easier and faster to share music, photos, or other documents from one phone to another.

WhatsApp, for example, can share files and images with anyone, even if they are hundreds of kilometers away.

What are the most effective Xender alternatives? đź‘Ś

We live our lives on our phones. The ability to transfer files is crucial for any Android smartphone. Apps like this allow us to send pictures, music, and videos.

We can save a lot of time and effort with an excellent file transfer app. Following the recent ban of Xender and ShareIt, many people are now looking for some useful alternative apps.

If you’re one of tsot looking for an alternative app, then most popular’s a list of the bursa escort alternatives to Xender.

1. Files by Google

Xender alternative Files by Google is far and away the bursa escort. Google developed the app, so our data is always safe. Google Files helps us transfer files, but it also helps us keep track of everything in our system.

Deletes junk files and caches, so it cleans up the memory. There’s no need to connect to the internet with the Files app. It works over Bluetooth. Sadly, the app is only for Android phones.

IOS and Windows can’t use it. Here are a few things I like about File by Google. By identifying and deleting junk files, the app helps free up space on our phones.

2. ShareAll

You can use ShareAll instead of Xender and ShareIt. The app was developed by Quantum4u lab, which is based in Delhi, India. You can download the app for free, but there are some ads and in-app purchases.

The app doesn’t require any external devices like a USB cable, flash drive, or external hard drive. It’s Android-only, just like Files by Google. Below is a list of what ShareAll can do.

3. JioSwitch

JioSwitch is another Indian app that competes with ShareIt and Xender. You can download it for free and use it without ads. It lets you transfer files between different bolu escort.

In the Google Play Store, JioSwitch has received positive reviews. This app is awesome because you can select multiple files simultaneously. The how long it will take to transfer them.

JioSwitch is a great file-sharing app, but it doesn’t have any free cloud storage. Reliance Retail Limited makes JioSwitch. Here’s what the JioSwitch app has to offer.

4. AirDroid

AirDroid lets you transfer files across bolu escort without using cell data or USB cables. The most convenient thing about this app is you can manage all your phone data on your computer.

It’s free to use, but you’ll see ads and some in-app purchases. AirDroid was made by a company called Sand Studio in California. It’s an awesome Xender substitute. Check out some of the cool features.

The main function of the app is to transfer files between devices. You can also transfer files between bolu escort with AirDroid. Now you can transfer files from an Android phone to a Windows PC.

Remote access and control: – Yeah, you heard me correctly. Apple and Windows users can use AirDroid to control their Android phones. You won’t have to root your phone to get remote access. There’s also screen-sharing.


  • Transferring files does not require mobile data.
  • This app Fethiye Escort you to view all your notifications on the PC.
  • You can make and answer incoming calls from your computer instead of using your phone with AirDroid.

5. SuperBeam

SuperBeam is one of my favorite apps for transferring files. I have always preferred SuperBeam over other file transfer applications. With SuperBeam you can transfer files from one device to another very quickly using Wi-Fi Direct.

The app does not require an internet connection to run. It’s tsottsot“>tsot a matter of creating a Wi-Fi hotspot and letting the other device connect to it. Ottawa is the place where SuperBeam is headquartered.

You can download SuperBeam for free, but it does contain advertisements. The pro version is also available for just 130 rupees. Check out a few of SuperBeam’s amazing features below.

The free version of the program is as follows:

  • With Wi-Fi direct, you can transfer files quickly.
  • Pairing devices is as simple as scanning a QR code or using NFC technology.
  • Multiple files in any format can be sent.
  • All transactions and history are kept.
  • Theme options include AMOLED, light, or dark.
  • Using their web interface, you can also send files to devices without SuperBeam installed.

The paid or pro version of this software is as follows:-

  • There are no annoying ads in between.
  • Files can be antalya escort between computers.
  • You can change the default location for saving all files when using the paid version.
  • The folder can be sent directly, instead of individual files.

6. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an essential app when you have to work on your computer and phone at the same time. You can use it as an alternative to Xender. You can share files, texts, images, screenshots with your friends and colleagues using Pushbullet.

In contrast to SuperBeam, the two devices don’t need to be in the same place. It is possible to transfer files to someone on the other side of the world. This application works smoothly on both iOS and Android.

An organization called Pushbullet invented Pushbullet. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. In-app purchases are available with Pushbullet, which is free to download. Take a look at the amazing features of Pushbullet below.


  • Using the pushbutton extension, you can simultaneously send files to multiple devices.
  • SMS and text messages help you stay in touch with friends and coworkers.
  • You will never miss a notification again if you use the app.
  • When sharing files between two devices, Pushbutton can help you to save a lot of time.
  • There is no need to use mobile data to transfer files.
  • Devices do not have to be in the same location.
  • Links to multiple websites can be instantly antalya escort.

7. Portal – WiFi File Transfers

Portal uses Wi-Fi direct to transfer files from one device to another, similar to SuperBeam. It was developed by the same people who developed Pushbullet. By using Portal, you can move large files from your computer to your phone quickly.

Connecting your phone and computer over Wi-Fi direct is all you need to do. After selecting the file, you need to drag and drop it to the final destination. This is how you transfer files between two devices when you use Portal.

It is also possible to transfer files from your phone to your computer within seconds. The following are some of the great features of the app Portal.


  • Send large files within seconds.
  • It has an intuitive interface.
  • You can move several files simultaneously.
  • There is no need to use mobile data for file transfers.
  • Transferring Images is saved into gallery folder.
  • Using a removable SD card makes it easy to transfer files.

8. Zapya

You can use Zapya to transfer files without using your mobile data or internet connection if you are looking for an alternative to Xender. Through Zapya, you can move files between two or more computers quickly.

The coolest part about Zapya is that you can connect four different devices at the same time and share files between them at the same time. Zapya a free app developed by Dewmobile Inc.

The company has its headquarters in California, USA. The app contains advertisements and in-app purchases to enhance the user experience. There are 20 languages available on Zapya. The following are some of the features that Zapya offers exclusively.

You can transfer files between multiple devices  in number of different ways. The app lets you create groups and invite others to join them. From here, you can transfer multiple files.

Another option is to create a personalized QR code and share it with others so that they can scan it. Directly distributing files to nearby mobile devices is another option. As a last resort, you can shake the tools that are close to each other and they will connect instantly.

9: Snapdrop

It’s essential to transfer files today, both personally and professionally. In addition, you need to find the right solutions for file transfer.

One of the most effective and popular tools on the market today is bolu escort/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Snapdrop File Share. With Snapdrop, you can transfer almost anything, including media files. Furthermore, it is compatible with all kinds of operating systems, including iOS, Android macOS, Windows, and even Linux.

In this way, Snapdrop is a good choice for transferring all types of files. Despite its popularity, this wonderful and useful tool also has its share of flaws. Thus, you would be wise to consider some more options, just in case.

By compiling some of the bursa escort Snapdrop alternatives in this list, we made your job easier.

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