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Top 8 Places to Find Paid Blogging Jobs – Head into Freelance Blog Writing Now!

Do you have a passion for writing? Have you been thinking for so long to head into the content writing industry? Do you want to become a content writer? Want to become a freelancer blog writer?

Many aspiring, devoted and emerging writers look for ways that can not only allow them to show their talent but can be a great source of passive income as well. There are many people who are working individually on freelance platforms and make a handsome amount of money. Various professional blog writing services have been working actively in the market generating huge returns.

Here is a list of a few top online places to find blogging and content writing jobs globally, where many people are giving their services.

1. Contena

Are you looking forward to landing on the best blogging websites? Look no further if you have landed Contena. This is one of the leading and absolute best blogging job sites on the internet. The site features almost every niche in writing. Let it be food, lifestyle, finance, beauty, health and fitness, business, technology, and more, you can share your thoughts on whatever you like. Through Contena many people are started their freelancing blog writing services.

As one of the leading blog writing job providers, the site constantly updates new jobs as soon as fresh opportunities arrive. You can visit this site anytime to get further details on how to write for the platform and earn money.

2. Solid Gigs

Partnering with top brands like Trello, WordPress, Fox, and more, the SolidGigs was built to provide freelancers with a top-notch freelance platform. In addition, the platform also offers various courses on ways to kick start your career as a freelance writer. The courses have been designed keeping in mind the industry’s best practices. Courses are based on scripts, templates, audio, and videos to help learners effectively. Hence, even if you don’t know how to start a freelance career as a writer, you can learn on this platform and emerge as a successful freelance writer.

3. Freelance Writing Gigs

Highly recommended by the world’s freelancers, Freelance Writing Gigs is the top blogging job site. The platform features a thoughtfully curated job opening forum for aspiring individuals. The most amazing thing about this platform is that it features jobs from all over the internet to help freelancers apply for their desired jobs in a single place. Freelance writing gigs are one of the leading networks of the freelance community

4. FlexJobs

Do you want to do freelancing as your part-time job? Or perhaps you simply are looking for ways to sustain a passive income source? Or do you just want to boost your income? FlexJobs got you cover. The site lists all types of freelance and remote jobs to help aspiring writers enter the freelance market and earn an adequate amount of money. Moreover, on this platform, you can customize your results so you will get to see only the jobs you are looking for. Flexjob also helps you to find jobs near you.

5. ProBlogger

The website ProBlogger is dedicated to providing ambitious freelance writers with an opportunity to start their freelance blogging careers. This website is established by one of the most famous personalities in the blogging world – Darren Rowse. He created this site for young individuals who have a passion for writing and want to turn it into a lucrative career. Pro blogger is known as the home of bloggers who wants to create and grow their blogs. Clients on this platform list their available blogging jobs where interested bloggers can apply for an opportunity that best meets them.

6. Blogging Pro

Another well-established blogging job site, with an aim to facilitate writers to get jobs of their choice. Individuals with writing skills can visit this site, go through available job openings and opportunities, apply for one that best meets them, and get paid ultimately. The site makes it easy for both job seekers and businesses to connect through a single platform. For aspiring writers access to the job board and applying for a post is completely free. This platform will also provide you step by step guide on how to learn to blog and how to choose the best platform for blogging. so what is the wait for?

7. Direct Response Jobs

AWAI managed Direct Response Jobs, as the name implies, feature jobs that you can’t access anywhere else. The site isn’t only a blogging platform but one of the most famous educational resources for individuals who want to learn writing. Hence, if you want to start your career as a freelance writer but know how to write, try this site. The encouraging thing is that you won’t only master the art of writing but would land your favorite job here. On this platform you are not only blog writers but also graphic designers are also giving their services or learning the new way of graphic design.

8. Morning Coffee Newsletter

Are you a morning person? Do you like to start your day by writing something creative? Do you want to begin an amazing day with a cup of coffee and a pen and notebook? The site isn’t technically a blogging site, however, the daily newsletter is an incredible source to jump-start your morning. In addition, you will start receiving top freelance jobs available once you sign up for this site.

9. Summing It Up

The freelance blogging industry is continuously growing at a steady rate. Freelancer site gives room to people who want to grow their career in blog writing or who love writing a blog. Aspiring individuals with a passion to enter the industry and show their skills can find countless job opportunities. There are numerous freelance job sites featuring all the latest and top job opportunities. Freelance gives opportunities to people to work remotely and can make more and more money through freelance platforms. A few other significant sites include Jooble, Publoft, Jobspresso, Workew, Contently, and more.


Visit the sites mentioned in the blog and skyrocket your career as a freelance writer.

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