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To reduce the risk of heart attack, practice these 2 yoga asanas daily

These days, cases of heart attack are coming to the fore. In such a situation, you can do some special exercises to reduce the risk.

The heart is an important part of our health. Only by eskişehir escort it healthy can we remain healthy as a whole. Even a slight change in the heart can badly affect your health. There has been a rapid increase in cases of heart disease in the last two years. And the most common of these is a heart attack. Earlier, only the elderly or old age people used to die due to heart attacks, but nowadays youth are also losing their life due to heart attacks. Therefore, it is very important to take extra care of it. To keep the heart healthy and reduce the risk or risk of heart attack, you can include some special yoga asanas in your lifestyle.

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Yoga is very useful for the body, mind, and soul. Through yoga, you can make your heart healthy and reduce the risk of a heart attack. By doing regular exercise, you remain stress-free and the mind ankara escorts calm. Actually, many times more stress also ankara escorts the cause of heart attack. In such a situation, if the rule is done, then its risk can be reduced to a great extent.

1. Vajrasana


The word Vajrasana is made up of two words Vajra and Asana (Vajrasana for healthy living). If this asana is done daily, then heart health can be şişli escortd. It is very easy to do Vajrasana. But if you have pain in your knees, then in this situation do it only on the advice of an expert.

  • To do this asana, you sit on your knees on a yoga mat with your legs bent.
  • Pull your paws backward.
  • During this, cross the toes with each other.
  • Now place your right hands on your knees. Keep the spine and back straight.
  • Close your right eyes.
  • Take a long deep breath and exhale.
  • In this position, you can sit for 5-10 minutes.

2. Marjarasana


For a healthy heart, a better option is to do Marjarasana (Marjarasana to drive away laziness). This is also bakırköy escort as the name cat pose. By doing this, stress is reduced and the risk of heart attack is also reduced. Also, by doing this asana, the muscles of the spine and back ankara escort strong. It is a forward bending posture. Do Marjarasana in this way-

  • To do Marjarasana, first of all, lay a Yoga mat.
  • Sit on it by resting your right knees.
  • After this, bring your right hand forward and keep the palms on the ground.
  • Try to raise your hips while putting weight on the palms.
  • In this position, an angle of 90 degrees adana escort be made at the knees of your feet.
  • Keep your chest parallel to the floor. In this posture, you will appear on the side of a cat.
  • In this state take long deep breaths and exhale.
  • While exhaling, slowly come back to normal position. Do not let the blow on the hands and feet.
  • You can easily do this asana 5-6 times.

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You can easily do this asana to keep your heart healthy. If these yoga asanas are done regularly, then the risk of heart attack is reduced to a great extent. Along with this, it also protects against other diseases occurring in the heart. But if you are suffering from any serious disease, then practice these yoga asanas only on the advice of a doctor or expert.

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