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Tips to the success of real estate operations in 2022

According to the Compracasa real estate network, among the determining factors for the purchase of a home in 2022 are the boom in demand, the interest in homes with more square meters or on the outskirts, the stability or slight increase in prices, cheap mortgages, and a greater interest in purchases with reforms.

The real estate network points out that for the success of sales operations, it will be key for real estate agencies to put the buyer at the center, be specialized, be transparent and digital and work as a guide that accompanies the client throughout the process.

The real estate sector has gradually recovered throughout 2021 to reach pre-pandemic levels, closing the year with more than 640,000 sales, a trend that will continue throughout 2022 if the health situation and the labor market continue to improve.

The market has shown its resilience and continues to show its strength as an asset of interest for investment. In this sense, the experts from the Compracasa real estate network have analyzed the keys to take into account to find the desired home in 2022 and also to close real estate operations throughout the year successfully.

5 determining factors for the purchase of a real estate in 2022:

1. Larger homes and on the outskirts: more and more, buyers demand properties with a greater number of square meters and with outdoor areas. In fact, according to a study carried out by Compracasa, they would even be willing to face 20% more in cost for having more extensions and three or four bedrooms. Similarly, since the outbreak of the pandemic and the expansion of telecommuting, peripheral areas, and even some rural areas, are more attractive to buyers, to the detriment of the urban center.

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A trend that could continue in 2022. If there are no major changes in the health situation and if teleworking and hybrid work are consolidated.

2. Wide demand. An attraction that remains, especially in periods of certain uncertainty, such as the one brought by the pandemic.

According to the behavior of real estate in London sales operations in recent months, with levels even higher than those registered in 2018 or 2019. 

Which could make it difficult for the possibilities of finding the desired property, both new and second-hand.

Therefore, for buyers, it will be a priority to be very clear about the basic aspects when looking for a home to avoid missing out on opportunities, from the budget that they can allocate monthly to the areas of interest or the configuration of their ideal home.

3. Price containment:

After a period in 2021 of some tension due to the drop in prices in sales, the truth is that these have remained relatively stable, with moderate growth or decline. This containment will also mark the sales this 2022, depending on each area. Those with a tendency to be more stressed will continue at these levels, while the peripheral areas of large urban centers could also present a certain upward level due to greater demand.

4. Affordable mortgages: if inflation does not become a major problem and the European Central Bank maintains stimuli such as the Euribor and interest rates at low levels, financial institutions will continue to offer attractive mortgages for buyers, with conditions very advantageous that will boost hiring.

Given this situation, fixed-rate mortgages will again be the queens this year, as has already happened in 2021, with more than 60% of contracts with this type.

5. Purchase and refurbishment: the scarcity of new construction and the increase in the cost of construction materials is causing an even greater demand for second-hand homes, which will account for 80% of the total.

This trend will cause a proliferation of reforms to improve the comfort and efficiency of new homeownership since owners’ interest in efficiency, sustainability, and long-term savings in their homes is also increasing.

As a direct consequence, applications for green mortgages will increase, which are not only intended for new construction with energy certifications of type A or B, but also for those homes that, after a reform, improve their efficiency by at least 30%.


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