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The Metaverse Embracing the First NFT Cricket Game – How Could It Turn Out?

The answer to the title’s question could not be given in a single paragraph as the stakes involved in terms of emotions around the game are massive. The craze surrounding the game is such that some NFT gaming experts claim that the drop event for the game might break some of the existing records in the blockchain gaming space. In this blog, we will see more about what the title is actually about and some rumors that might possibly come true.

Wait, Are We Talking About the World’s First NFT Cricket Game?

Yes, we are talking about Meta Cricket League, the world’s first NFT cricket game that will be released soon. Before that, the play-to-earn (P2E) NFT cricket game’s developers have announced that the game would be hosting its first drop called Super Loot during mid-April 2022. The drops would be released on the game’s official marketplace platform. The platform is called, which is expected to lead the in-game economy. The NFT-based cricket game is also planning to build its own metaverse ecosystem, which could change cricket’s perspective on Web3 technology.

Super Loot NFT Drop – An Explainer

According to some unofficial reports, the Super Loot NFT drop might feature NFT assets that shape the game’s nature. The drop could also prove important in giving buyers some idea of the game that plans to evolve into a metaverse. The reports add that the drop could feature player cards and physical NFT objects, among others. Although the former would not be surprising to a normal cricket fan who had heard the news, the latter probably could drastically increase the amusement around the Meta Cricket League NFT game, which already has touched peaks on the internet trends. 

How Does This Make Sense to Various Target Audiences?

As per the company’s official press statement, the Super Loot drop has it all for people who are cricket fans, gamers, or NFT collectible enthusiasts. Such a line only reinstates the need for the crypto space to adapt to newer users as the word is reaching around the globe. Now is the turn for the cricket-nerdy countries, that includes South Asia, among some other parts of the globe. These regions have a great following for cricket as the sport is viewed as an emotion. Fans are so devoted to such an extent that they would not miss out on cricket-related updates. In such a scenario, an NFT-based cricket game would not go unnoticed as the information reaches wide across the world. 

For professional blockchain gamers,

the gaming experience could offer a new challenge as most of the existing blockchain gamers have little to no idea about cricket. For your information, most of the players of the game Axie Infinity are from three countries – Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The general notion is that people in these nations might not have enough knowledge about cricket as a sport. Even though the question of how the game would answer the problem if it looks to attract gamers from these countries, it has been estimated that a fair amount of gamers spread worldwide have been eagerly waiting for the game. This is because there have been talks spreading that chances for earning are higher than in other sport-based NFT games.   

When talking about NFT collectors,

their general view is that whenever an application is first in a particular niche, then the chances are that it might ankara escort legendary are high. This has been true since the times of the CryptoPunks NFT collection. Collectors are keen to have their hands on good NFT games too, as having a collectible from a famous game is a huge feat and a reason to brag oneself highly. Also, even if they need to trade the collectible, opting for a collection from a game is a viable option. This is because there would be an active economy in the game world. And one can easily fetch big money selling an NFT collectible. In the current case, the NFT marketplace looks promising to host a busy highway of trading operations.  

More About the Masterminds Behind the GameFi Project

Guardian link develops the gaming NFT marketplace and the NFT-based metaverse game Meta Cricket League. The company is famous for its earlier NFT project BeyondLife, an NFT marketplace. The marketplace has separate portals for the Indian superstar Amitabh Bachchan. And the Chakra collection, an NFT collection based on a superhero character co-created by the comic writer Stan Lee. Through these ventures, the brand has established itself in the NFT space since it first started operations. The firm has also developed multiple protocols that help in identifying counterfeit NFTs. Now, the firm is racing towards creating the first-ever cricket metaverse, starting with a gaming NFT marketplace. 

What is the Level of Craziness Around the NFT Cricket Game Drop?

The NFT cricket game’s developers have picked the perfect time to release their Super Loot drop. Besides they are scheduling the event on one of the busiest months in the world cricket calendars (April). This is where many popular tournaments occur around the world. Because of this, the mania around the game has increased manifold in a matter of days since the press release came out. Various social media pages on major bolu escort have been letting their followers know about the rare opportunity through hilarious memes. The amount of craziness around the drop is intending to climb up as the drop date nears. 


As the countdown goes ticking, the excitement budding around the Super Loot NFT drop from the marketplace is leveling up in steps. The NFT collection drop is intended to ankara escort a big success. One would feel bad for missing out later; The reason is that the game aims to bring a metaverse experience. And an in-game economy like other famous blockchain-based NFT games that could give income to players/collectors.


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