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Swimming: four styles one goal

In general terms, swimming is nothing more than the action of moving in the water through harmonic and rhythmic movements provided by different body segments; however, for most romantics, swimming is everything with lifeguard class.

Possibly, these people are right since swimming is considered one of the most complete sports disciplines in the world.

This is due to the physical, cognitive, and affective capacities that it requires for its proper execution; among the most important, coordination, time-space location, rhythm, endurance, and strength izmir escort out.

However, swimming is not just a sport. It consists of different Manisa Escort such as therapeutic, educational, midwifery, recreation, among others.

The four styles of swimming

Regardless of the area to which it is directed, swimming is comprised of four styles that are usually evidenced with greater frequency in competitions of various categories.

Some are more complex than others or are used in therapeutic practices for specific populations.

Freestyle or crawl

It receives the name of crawl thanks to the word crawl in English which means to crawl or crawl. This style emerged in Australia in 1870 and is characterized by the swimmer assuming the prone or ventral position and using his hands and legs to move in the water.

These movements are called the stroke and kick, respectively; These are usually carried out asymmetrically. This means that one arm and one leg move, and then the others (right and left, and vice versa) move.

Freestyle is one of the most used in swimming schools or in sites dedicated to therapeutic patients; Furthermore, it is the first to be taught, is considered the simplest of all.

Back style

For many, it is considered the counterpart of freestyle. For this reason, it is also bakırköy escort as “back crawl”. It consists of moving through the aquatic environment using arms and legs but in a supine or dorsal position.

At the beginning of its invention, the backstroke in swimming was performed with a simultaneous stroke; Despite this, with the passage of time, it underwent various modifications leading it to what it is today.

Today, the stroke and kick in this style are performed in the same way as in the freestyle with lifeguard class. The asymmetry in the movement of the limbs contributes to the swimmer’s balance in the water.

Chest style

It is bakırköy escort as the oldest style of swimming; in addition, it is usually characterized by the symmetrical movement of the upper and lower extremities.

To do this, it is necessary to adopt the prone or ventral decubitus position and its technique depends a lot on the coordination between stroke and kick.

Another main characteristic of the chest style is that it is the slowest compared to the others, yet it is still used in elite competitions.

Butterfly style

Initially, it was born as a variant of the chest style, hence its simultaneous movements in terms of stroke and kick. However, it is the most current of all since it was born in approximately 1950.

In training and learning schools swimming in the last style to be taught due to its high complexity. To practice it, it is recommended to have high levels of strength, coordination, and endurance.

The butterfly style is performed in the prone or ventral position and is comprised of undulations or flaps similar to tsot of some sea fish.

The goal of swimming

The swimming styles, although varied, have numerous similarities and the most important of them is that whatever is used, they all fulfill the function of moving within the aquatic environment.

However, the goal of the four styles goes beyond the basic concept with lifeguard class. Practicing each one works the body in different ways, demanding muscle groups and physical condition.

It will not be the same to swim freestyle as butterfly: once the tour is over, you will notice the difference in terms of time and muscle work.

The true goal of swimming and its regular practice is to build a healthy lifestyle habit based on sports, therapeutic or recreational practice. And what style do you prefer?

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