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Starting a Tech venture in USA

Jumping the bandwagon of starting an online business or a full-flash tech venture? We called it a bandwagon because you aren’t alone.

Thousands of Americans have already started tech ventures, and so many plan to launch one every day. Here is our quick guide on generating online tech business ideas, to executing the development part to marketing it and making it successful. 

Tech Business Ideas 

Here are top 5 tech business ideas for everyone – with low budgets to high cashflow availability:

  • Run an online magazine

This option is the quickest and most financially viable tech venture. You only need a blog, some industry-relevant keywords and an ability and willingness to create and publish content.

In fact, if you are not interested in writing yourself, hiring a content writer part-time can boost your business. 

Investment is quite low in this business. you only need to pay for a domain and a hosting plan, plus to your writer. Verify your website with Google analytics and you’ll even get access to a free keyword research tool.

Domain and hosting together are up to $100 per year. Though, a writer will charge you $400 to $600 monthly for approx. 8 articles. 

This business does take 3 to 4 months to generate decent traffic and make money, but with consistent efforts and marketing, it’s easier to monetize a blog. You can choose to earn from traffic (Google Adsense).

Or, you can earn from a mix of these three. Generate traffic, also a partner in affiliate programs and keep launching your ebooks too! 

  • Launch an online course 

Second, up is an online course. This is ideal if you have a professional skill that you can teach. This skill, however, adana escort be able to help your students make money.

Some great ideas for online courses include digital marketing, sales calls, email copywriting, graphic design, app development, website design, etc. 

Now there are two considerations here. You can either sell prerecorded courses – great if you are not camera shy. Or, you can teach live classes online on Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. 

It is quite easy to monetize these courses. You can either create a landing page or sell your courses through these. Prerecorded courses sell for an average of $40, depending on the niche of the course and the competition in your field.

Or, you can sign up for a platform like Udemy or Air school, where you teach live classes. Their charges work similarly, they can be a little higher, though. 

On your own landing page, you get to keep all the money, but you have to pay for the landing page, online payment API and marketing. On Udemy, you get to keep everything after commission deductions and don’t have to worry about marketing. 

  • Create a consultancy platform

Consultancy is a great idea if you have a professional skill that requires talking, communication, support and constant training and monitoring. Examples include İstanbul Escort training, diabetes management, yoga and meditation, mental health and healing, trauma management, etc.

Other short-term consultancy business ideas include interior decoration for a home or office property project, gardening, book writing, research, etc. 

Consultancy charges usually work on per-hour rates. However, you can choose to decide a fixed price for a contract, then optimize your working hours to manage your income and profits. 

Again, consultancy setup isn’t expensive. You need either a landing page or a social media handle, build some following, then start getting clients. But again, like an online course, you have to market this yourself! 

  • Make an ecommerce marketplace 

Ecommerce marketplaces are simple. You get buyers and sellers on one platform, and allow them a medium to antalya escortcase their products and communicate. Then you earn either through external ads, featured seller ads, commissions or seller sign-up fees or a mix of these three. 

While it is ideal for creating an ecommerce app for user experience, you can begin from a website or a social media group on Facebook for this. 

  • Develop a mobile app 

Mobile apps sound simple. If you can already do something, there must be an app for it. If you can imagine something, you can launch an app for it. But they have strong technical architecture and a complicated development procedure. They require huge investments, especially if you only trust top app developers for your project.  

Smart home automation apps, fintech apps, food delivery apps and on-demand apps are the most popular for development and making money. 

Finding a Team 

There are two main considerations technopreneurs have when they hire development teams. The first is quality of work, second is price. We recommend you strike the right balance between these, and also think about launching times, design quality, portfolio and maintenance services.

If budget is the main consideration for you, consider hiring app developers in Chicago. There is a huge talent pool, will work in your business hours, have technical expertise, experience and strong portfolios. And most importantly, charge decent development rates based on number of development hours. 

Launching your tech business

Soft launch

Soft launching is ideal for websites, online magazines, community support groups, online shopping bolu escort and consultancy businesses. In fact, if you are selling an online course or a masterclass, the bursa escort way is to soft launch it on social and professional media like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

For any of these businesses, it is ideal you create a landing page (if you don’t already have a website), talk about freebies and early bird discounts for first 5 or 10 customers etc. 

This will not require a huge marketing budget, but you’ll be able to penetrate the market even with the MVP of your business venture.  

Hard launch 

Hard launching is when you conduct seminars and high-grade events to announce the commencement of your online business. While it is more suitable for SaaS bolu escort and corporate applications, these do require a great budget. 


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