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Smart Hacks to Eliminate QuickBooks Code 12031 Easily

QuickBooks is an accounting application that requires a reliable internet connection for downloading various updates. Several issues are caused if the QB’s internet connection is improper. One of these faults from the 12XXX series is the QuickBooks Error Code 12031. This error mainly arises while downloading payroll and QB desktop updates. The most frequent cause of this problem, among the many others, is an erroneous internet connection setup. If you are also struggling with the same error, your search ends here. This detailed post contains why the QuickBooks Error 12031 occurs and the easiest ways to fix it.

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What do you mean by QuickBooks Code 12031?

QuickBooks Code 12031 is a 12000 series of errors that usually pops up due to misconfiguration in the Internet connection settings. The users may also confront this error due to issues with the proxy server settings. Other factors that might lead to this error include improper QuickBooks installation, Internet Explorer not being set as the default browser, or an outdated QB application. Whenever the error bumps, it throws the following error message displaying:

“Error 12031: A network timeout that is preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server.”

Why does QuickBooks Code 12031 emerge in QuickBooks?

Once you underizmir escort the factors responsible for QuickBooks Code 12031, you can yozgat escortly resolve the error. Therefore, to update you regarding all such reasons, we have listed all of them below. Let’s explore all the reasons that may lead to this error.

  • QuickBooks cannot access the server due to a network timeout.
  • It may be caused when Windows Firewall and program configurations block the QuickBooks update.
  • Either Internet Explorer’s settings are incorrect, or it is not set as the default browser.
  • Maybe you are accessing an old version of QuickBooks Desktop.

Things you must consider bakırköy escort applying the solutions to fix QuickBooks Code 12031

Before proceeding further with the troubleshooting solutions, you must keep the following points in mind.

  • Satisfy your software and hardware needs.
  • You require a strong internet connection.
  • Make sure your Windows OS is up to date and compatible with your hardware.
  • Check to ensure that you are using the updated version of QuickBooks Desktop application. Your QB’s company file must be backed up.

Effective methods to troubleshoot Error 12031 Updating QuickBooks

Below are some reliable fixes so you can easily handle QuickBooks Code 12031. Let’s check out the solutions listed below.

 1: Ensure that Internet Explorer is set as the default browser

  • You first need to open Internet Explorer on your computer and click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • After that, hit the “Internet Options” tab and select “Programs.” Find and select the “Default Web Browser” option under the “Programs” button.
  • In order to apply the settings changes, select the “Make Default” tab and click the “OK” button.

2: Assemble the settings in the Internet Explorer browser 

  • In the first place, open Internet Explorer on your system. Further, click on the Internet Options.
  • Following this, tap the ‘Security’ button and tap on the ‘Globe icon’ tab to choose ‘Medium-High’ as the security level.
  • At this point, choose the Connections tab and select the “Never Dial a Connection checkbox if you don’t utilize the dial up node service. Otherwise, mark the ‘ISP’ checkbox and click on the ‘OK’ button.
  • Make sure the “automatically detect settings” item is selected on the “LAN settings” tab and that the “Use a proxy server” checkbox is selected if a port other than port 80 is being used. If not, uncheck the “Use a proxy server” box.
  • To restore the advanced settings, click the Restore Advanced settings > Ok > Advanced” option. Continue by tapping the “Settings” tab and selecting the “Use TLS 1.2” checkbox.
  • In order to restart your computer, you can finally tap the “OK” button and leave the Internet Explorer browser.

3: Exclude QuickBooks Desktop from firewall blocking 

You need to make changes to Firewall permissions for QuickBooks if the Firewall is blocking QuickBooks ports required to communicate with the server. You must remove QuickBooks from the list of programs that the Firewall has blocklisted. The actions listed below can help:

  • In the first step, tap on the Window menu, then input “Firewall” within the empty search field.
  • After this, you must opt for the Windows Firewall option.
  • At this point, you must select the option Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall (or, Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall for Windows 10).
  • You are required to choose the Change Settings option from the following popup.
  • Next, check the option to allow it to get past the Windows Firewall.

Solution 4: Try to Get Updates in Windows Safe Mode 

There may be times when the third party starts interfering with the update alanya escort, in that case, you must download QB in safe mode. For that, refer to the following points carefully.

  • To begin the alanya escort, open your computer in Safe mode.
  • After this, try to download the QuickBooks update.
  • If you can download the update, relaunch your computer within the Normal mode and download the QB update again to check if the issue still exists.

Still Away from fixing the error?

We guarantee that the above-listed resolution methods will help you fix the QuickBooks Code 12031. To avoid this error in the future, ensure that Internet Explorer is set as the default browser and that your internet connection is stable. Even after applying the troubleshooting methods, you must talk to our QB professionals if the error still exists. Our experts will listen to you patiently and guide you in the bursa escort possible manner.


What can I do to eliminate QuickBooks Code 12031 from the root?

I have been working on the QuickBooks Payroll for the past few days, and suddenly, I bumped into QuickBooks Code 12031. Someone said that it is caused due to the interruption in the internet network connection. So, I tried fixing the network connectivity issue, but nothing helped. I have read several blogs on the internet but failed to find anything relevant. It seems like there is no proper solution to this error as there is no answer for this issue with the experts. Appreciations in advance for helping me with some valuable suggestions to fix the error instantly.

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