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Rent first, buy later – choosing housing in another country wisely

If you rent for long time villa or apartment, you will know all the advantages and disadvantages of living in another country. If you like living abroad, you could think about purchasing a property. There are many options in Turkey. You can find villas and apartments of the economy and premium class. Working with a developer will let you get the real estate and save money.

Why To Start With Rent

Renting a property abroad has a number of advantages:

  • the cost of renting is lower than the cost of buying a home;
  • you can find out the peculiarities of life in the country;
  • the opportunity to assess the real estate market and understand what options are available;
  • a chance to find friends in a new place before buying a property;
  • feature to know the difference of living in different cities.

When an investor understands that the country and city are suitable, he can proceed to the search for real estate for purchase.

How To Buy Property In Turkey

The process of buying Turkish property is the following:

  1. Determine your budget and requirements for real estate.
  2. Study the real estate market in Turkey. It is recommended to contact a real estate agency for help.
  3. Choosing the appropriate region and type of real estate (apartment, villa, land, etc.). Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Istanbul, Mersin, and other tourist cities are the most popular among foreign investors.
  4. Discussing the terms of the transaction with the seller, negotiating the price and terms of purchase.
  5. The signing of a preliminary purchase and sale agreement.
  6. Preparation of the necessary documents for the conclusion of the transaction.
  7. Registration of a mortgage loan (if necessary).
  8. The signing of the main contract of sale and registration of ownership in the name of the buyer in the State Register of Real Estate of Turkey (TAPU).
  9. Payment according to the terms of the contract, transfer of the TAPU.

If you are going to buy property from the developer, you can work with specialists of the company directly. In this case, you won’t need to contact a real estate agency. Stay Property developer is a reliable organization that offers properties in different tourist cities in Turkey. Specialists are ready to help you find out apartment or villa in compliance with your demands and financial features. Moreover, they will help you to make a deal without breaking Turkish law.

Most investors are focused on villas and apartments near the sea and mountains. If there is no plan to move to Turkey, it will be easier to resell the property in the future and rent it to get the additional income. According to the data, the annual price increase reaches 50% and there is no European country that can offer such investment income.

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