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QuickBooks Error 101: Causes and Solutions

QuickBooks Desktop application is the bliss to small and medium-sized business owners. With this platform, one can automate most of the accounting work, thus, increasing productivity and saving the company time and cost. However, most of the time, the system faces errors that are not easy to tackle without sufficient tech-knowledge. And today, we will talk about one such error- QuickBooks Error 101.

Handling technical difficulties like Intuit QB error 101 on your own is difficult, and you risk making things worse by destroying system settings. As a result, having some outside assistance with expert advise is preferable.. To get free support, call our toll-free number 1.855.738.2784

What is QuickBooks Bank Error 101?

QuickBooks Bank Error 101 is a scripting error that pops-up, when the command to run web-based applications fails from the Windows side. Error 101 in the QB is a bank error that might occur when a user tries to import a bank transaction into the application. When the bank’s server is down for maintenance, the error can occur. The error interrupts the linking of one’s bank account with QuickBooks Online or Desktop. It can also occur when:

  • The bank account that you are trying to connect has no transaction from the last 12 months.
  • The account isn’t accepting the terms and agreements from the online banking website.

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Causes of QuickBooks Banking Error 101

There are several reasons why the QuickBooks Banking Error 101 occurs. Here are them:

  • Poor Internet Explorer configurations which interrupt the internet connection for QuickBooks.
  • Obsolete versions of Windows components like .NET Framework, which hinders the display function for QuickBooks.
  • Windows are failing to run the .NET Framework and other components.
  • Disabled script debugging feature also induces QuickBooks Error 101.

Solutions for Error: 101

There are various solutions for Error: 101. The bursa escort action would be to log into your bank account and check if it’s active or not. If there is no problem from your bank’s end, then follow any of these solutions:

Solution 1

  • Reset your Internet Explorer’s Pop-up settings through check-marking the Override Automatic Cookie Handling option by selecting Advanced under the Privacy tab.
  • First-party and third-party cookies must be accepted in your browser settings.
  • Before saving the changes, check-mark the Always Allow Session Cookies option.

Solution 2

  • Update or Enable Active X controls by selecting the Internet option under the Security tab.
  • Hit the Custom Level, and the Internet Zone window will pop-out. Look for ActiveX Controls and Plugins by scrolling down.
  • Authorize the Download Signed ActiveX controls, Binary and Script Behaviors, Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting, and Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins options.
  • Exit the Internet Explorer by clicking OK and try to connect your bank account with QuickBooks again.

These were the causes and solutions for QuickBooks Error 101. It is a complex error and if you face any difficulty in these steps or if the problem doesn’t solve even after applying the solutions, then feel free to call us on 1.855.738.2784

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