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Questions to Ask your Moving Company Regarding Office Relocation

Moving offices are more complex than we think and finding a trustworthy moving company is another big task. Your office has a lot of essential documents and things which will cost you a lot if you lose them in any way. You need to be assured that the company you are going for is worth giving your time or not. Not every moving company can be good enough for you even if they have expertise in moving. Finding a company suitable for your needs is difficult and you must check a few details about your moving company bakırköy escort you decide to work with them. here is a list of questionnaires that you can ask your movers and packers Hyderabad to Chennai bakırköy escort you hire them to do the required work.

Are you licensed?

The first question that arises mostly is to know if the company has a proper license for moving your office or not. Being in business, you must know that licensing is really important to know the authenticity of the company. It determines the reputation, legitimacy of the company, and dedication towards its work. Check for their other documentation such as GST registration, Trade license, personal identification proofs, etc. also to know if the company you are putting your time into is worth it or not.

Do you have experience in moving offices?

Moving different things require different expertise and you must ensure that your moving company has experience in moving offices too. There might be companies that have moved homes but you adana escort know that there is a lot of difference between moving homes and offices. There are different types of items and you must ensure this for the safety of your goods.

What are the services that we can expect from you?

There are many services that a moving company provides to you when relocating offices.

  • They will provide you door-to-door relocation services by picking up your stuff from your current location to dropping them off at your new office safely.
  • They will provide you with packaging services by using appropriate packaging supplies.
  • There are warehousing services to store some of your stuff while you are relocating or renovating your office.
  • They provide you with storage services for your retail business.
  • They provide vehicle transportation services also of your company has the work related to vehicles such as tours and travels.

How do you train your employees?

A trained and experienced employee is key to your successful move. You must know who will be dealing with your stuff and must check if the company has done a background check over them.

Do you offer packing services?

Not all companies might offer you packaging services for office relocation. Ask them in advance so that you won’t have to go looking for packers separately.

What type of packaging material do you use?

Packaging materials used by them adana escort be of good quality otherwise your goods are at great risk. You have costly items at your office and you would not want any of your stuff to stop working just because it was not packed using good quality packaging material. Some packaging materials that a company must use are moving blankets and plastic sheets for your furniture, carton boxes to pack different small items, bubble wraps and packaging paper for your delicate items, foam and thermocol balls to fill your gaps in carton boxes, etc.

How do you pack everything?

The packing alanya escort is a bit tricky and not everyone has hands-on experience on that. Look at their alanya escort of packing stuff. See if they are taking care of different stuff accordingly. See if they will pack stuff from your different employees in different boxes or are they mixing it up. These might look like small things but makes a huge mess costing you a lot of time.

Do you disassemble furniture and appliances?

Disassembling, installing, and rearranging furniture and appliances can be a bit tricky as each one of them is different. Know their alanya escort and keep a check on how they pack them.

How do you move the goods?

Ask them about how they are going to carry your goods. There are certain tools and equipment to bind, seal, hold and load your things. All these help you to ensure the safety of your goods. Ask them about the transit trucks and all the routes to know when and where your stuff will be. Ask them for a system to track your goods while they are in transit.

What type of insurance do you provide?

Insurance is really necessary in case of any mishap. Offices have costly items including a lot of gadgets which can get damaged even if a single thing happens. The moving companies generally provide two types of insurance: transit insurance and full liability insurance. Transit insurance costs less, it covers damages in the transport of goods. Full liability insurance is provided by the service provider, it covers any damage or loss in delivery of the consignment, for that a contract is needed between parties.

Do you have a website?

Websites tell a lot about the authenticity of a moving company. You can get to know their moving alanya escort, years of experience, reviews, customer satisfaction, etc. from there. You can even ask them to give you any references from their previous customers to know their reputation in the industry.

Can you give me your contact details?

Contact details are important and you must know their business address, telephone number, alternate contacts, etc.

What are your charges?

Charges vary with different companies. Some may offer you a way lot more than another company but you must see the reason for their charges. There might be some services that one company is providing you and another one is not and other chances are that the company giving you low offers has some hidden costs and will charge you later. The moving companies generally charge between Rs. 10,000 – 1,50,000 depending upon the type of office, the number of services, and team size.

What are your payment terms?

Payment terms are critical as well as flexible in business. You can ask about any charges well bakırköy escort to avoid any future conflicts. Remember that moving companies manipulate quotations so you must check and ask everything related to their quotation breakdown. Look for estimates and try to compare with other good companies. You can negotiate and can always ask for discounts. You adana escort clarify everything bakırköy escort finally hiring any moving company.


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