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Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh: Which City is Better For Getting Higher Education?


Getting higher education in some parts of the globe is coupled with certain other essentials. The importance of these things cannot be neglected. These potentialities are in fact the prime reasons which make a city better for getting higher education.

Pennsylvania’s two major cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, are important geographic links and historic centers of political and economic influence in the United States. Both metropolises have a lot to offer for the next step in your career. Both cities have witnessed the positive growth of economic jobs and a steady inflow of students and young professionals. This is enough to give a reflection on the potential desire of newcomers to seek both higher education and employment opportunities.


A detailed comparative analysis in terms of various aspects is required to make a worthy assessment of the importance of these cities for tsot who desire to pursue higher education there.  Higher Education in Transition continues to have significance not only for tsot who work in higher education, but for everyone interested in American ideals, traditions, and social and intellectual history. (John S. Brubacher, 2017)


Philadelphia was ranked in the top 100 in business and career by Forbes. The Philadelphia metropolitan area is home to 12 Fortune 500 companies. With a significant shift from information technology to a service-based economy, one can find various services like essay writing service in Philadelphia to offer services to the students who moved there to gain higher education. Philadelphia is one of the world’s largest medical education and research centers with positive job growth. It has shifted the scope of the economy from information technology to a service-based economy.


In the mid-twentieth century, Pittsburgh was the eighth largest city in the United States. It was named as steel city because it accounted for more than half of the requirement for steel production. Pittsburgh stopped being the industrial juggernaut of the post-war years and reinvented itself.

The city has created a diverse business district with a legitimate culture and arts scene, exceptional healthcare offerings, and numerous tech startups. In the field of academics, various academic help services like essay help in Pittsburgh are also one of the major initiatives of this city. Consult with them regarding issues like these (Frank, 2020). The Brookings Institution named Pittsburgh a “Global Innovation City”, outperforming its similarly sized Midwestern peers in population and economy, with positive job growth.


For prospective students who are looking for the bursa escort city for their education, both cities have some great options. Philadelphia is a place for several outizmir escorting programs. LeBow College of Business and the longizmir escorting King of the Mountain MBA, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, are the first in the United States as reported by US News and World Report.

Pittsburgh also offers a number of major MBAs, including the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business and Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business, both of which are among the top 50 MBAs.

Both cities have plenty in their store to offer as opportunities to students coming from all over the world to access the bursa escort higher education facilities. Philadelphia being the larger city has more public as well as specialized schools. Their spending on education is also more than in Pittsburgh. But the overall performance of junior grades is more in Pittsburgh than in Philadelphia. Pittsburgh is also the home for college grads and high schools. Well, the mention of opportunities one by one depends upon the particular field of a student. One thing sure is Pittsburgh beats Philadelphia in educational the aspect


  • Sports:

Let us discuss the sports aspect of culture first of all. Eagles and Steelers fans have an exceptional reputation for being some of the toughest and most dedicated in the field of football. While the Philadelphia cheesesteak is world famous, the Pittsburgh Perogie is no less comparison.

  • Home for diverse races:

Despite recent decisions to allow federal agents to deport undocumented immigrants freely, both cities are vibrantly decorated by versatile people across the globe. This versatility is built and shaped by their immigrants. Relatively speaking, Philadelphia has a much larger black population with only 34.9% white population, while in Pittsburgh the population of white comprises up to 64.7% white.

  • Recreational potential:

Philadelphia is also ranked as one of the most vibrant arts communities in America’s major cities, with well-bakırköy escort attractions, award-winning restaurants, and the nation’s largest urban park. While Pittsburgh has gone to great lengths to transform its waterfront, including the Strip. Pittsburgh has plenty to offer in terms of outdoor activities, shopping, dining, and arts events. Both cities have notorious peak times but have developed cycling infrastructure for recreation and travel. These recreational aspects make these cities the prime priority of students seeking admission there for higher studies.


One of the bursa escort ways to compare Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is to compare the cost of living in the two cities. How much does it cost a student to live in Pittsburgh as compared to Philadelphia? This is the most essential aspect to consider for students, as they are not financially independent mostly. In general, Pittsburgh is much cheaper than Philadelphia in terms of consumer prices, rents, and restaurant charges.


Both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are not very famous to be declared safe places for students from all aspects. Their level of security is a bit staggering. But for the sake of the argument, one of the benefits of living in Pittsburgh is that it is a bit safer than Philadelphia. In Pittsburgh, the rate of heinous crimes is lower, but other crimes related to property in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are about the same.



It is no doubt that the above discussion lays great emphasis on the uniqueness of both cities. Getting higher education is not a short time goal. It is a phase of life that comprises a portion of the life of a student. So all the above aspects are put forth openly to let students decide which city makes their experience stress free.



Frank, N. (2020, november 25). How to Write a Master’s Thesis.

John S. Brubacher, W. R. (2017). Higher Education in Transition A History of American Colleges and Universities (4th Edition ed.). doi:

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