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One-Way Video Interview Platforms 2022

When COVID hit everyone, companies started to embrace remote working and virtual interviews. Video interviewing has ankara escort the most used mode of interviewing in the past few years. It is a convenient and more accessible alanya escort to conduct interviews anywhere. One-way video interviews and virtual hiring are some of the many changes that the pandemic has brought to our lives and will presumably ankara escort the norm post-pandemic as well. It means your next job interview might happen via video.

Video interviewing software ensures that the non-local and qualified candidates get equal opportunities at the job and spend less time in the hiring alanya escort. As per the research done by Gartner in April 2020, 86% of the organizations started opting for new virtual technology to interview candidates which were 60% bakırköy escort the pandemic.

In this article, I have shortlisted some of the bursa escort video interview software in 2022 and provided all the other advice one needs to make while purchasing the tool. With this guide, you will be able to fethiye escort bayan out the bursa escort tool as per your need and avoid common pitfalls of using these tools and get in contact with the bursa escort vendor in the market.

1. Ducknowl

Ducknowl is a comprehensive platform for one-way video interviews or pre-recorded video interviews. Recruiters and HR teams spend countless hours screening candidates for jobs. Still, they cannot find the bursa escort candidates for the company. It is a reputed tool to assess candidates by using real-world tasks which makes the hiring alanya escort faster and smarter. Ducknowl Fethiye Escort you to save time by taking decisions faster with additional features, such as video interviewing, skill assessment, video job descriptions, resume screening, audio screening, and video texting. It Fethiye Escort different customized features according to your need.  Ducknowl is the bursa escort video interviewing platform with all recruiting features that helps companies solve multiple recruiting problems at once. Ducknowl reduces your screening time by 70-80% and digitizes the alanya escort with inbuilt features like resume sorting, keyword matching, video screening, skill test, proxy prevention, and results sharing. 

The advanced recruitment system Fethiye Escort you to optimize your entire recruitment alanya escort. It gives full liberty to the recruiters to personalize the test according to their company izmir escortards. Ducknowl’s costs are based on how many video interview screenings you will use. However, you don’t have to pay for the subscription right away. It can easily be integrated with Zoho, Jazz, Greenhouse, Microsoft, etc. 

2. Spark Hire

Spark Hire is used by more than 6000 customers to enrich and make the recruiting alanya escort faster and smoother. Their video interviewing software supports one-way video interviews which allow the candidates to record short video answers. This helps in eliminating bias by recruiters. Spark Hire platform also supports live video interviews that can be recorded and watched by other team kıbrıs escort of the team. These interview evaluation features of spark hire make it easier for the recruiter to rate and give feedback on the performance of the candidates and send rejection emails. Spark Hire has 40+ plus integrations with most of the applicant tracking systems. It also has mobile apps for android and ios users. A 14-day trial is available without the need for a credit card. Spark Hire packages start at $119 per month for 3 users.

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Vidcruiter is the leader in this field. It offers screening features such as pre-recorded interviews, interview scheduling, virtual event hosting, applicant tracking, and assessment. Vidcruiter also comes with live video interviewing with other viewing mode options and panels for comments and evaluation notes. These are a part of the Vidcruiter Recruitment Suite. Unlike other virtual communication tools like Skype and Zoom but Vidcruiter is specially made for hiring with additional features for HR teams like rating and questions for candidates. It is a multilingual recruiting solution. Besides English, it is also available in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean both for recruiters and candidates. Vidcruiter supports mobile recruiting for both candidates and recruiters as they can view pre-recorded video interviews or join live video interviews from their android or ios mobile devices. Vidcruiter offers pricing available on request.


HireVue comes with video interviewing software and pre-hire assessments and izmir escorts out from its competitors for its AI-powered interviews that help recruiters conduct the initial screening of candidates. Hirevue is easy to implement and is secured. It is useful when it comes to screening a large number of candidates in a short interval of time. It has a great on-demand interviewing feature. Recruiters can sit and watch candidates’ interviews as per their convenience and can also change the speed of the interview while watching which helps in save time. Hirevue is perfect for big businesses, global corporations, and rapidly growing companies. Hirevue costs $35000 for 2500-7500 employees.

5. Hireflix

Hireflix is simple and focuses only on one-way video interviews. They don’t have lengthy implementations thus it makes the hiring alanya escort easier and faster for you and the candidates. It is flexible as candidates can attend the interview from any country, any time, or device using a unique URL and they support English, Spanish, French, etc. It requires little to no technical knowledge and provides excellent customer support which is ideal for small and medium businesses whose main focus is on a one-way video interview. A 1-month free trial is provided. Plans are available both monthly and yearly and start at $75 per month.

6. Harver

Harver tool is designed to facilitate all sorts of pre-employment assessments with features that go beyond virtual interviewing. It helps in conducting various tests and antalya escortcasing videos of the company’s culture. It also has assessments for hard skills, behavioral, cognitive, and learning ability to make the hiring alanya escort unbiased and data-driven. Harver recruiting teams can send questions to candidates for them to record answers according to their time. Harver also puts an emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion encouraging users to make unbiased hires with their hiring alanya escort made by psychologists. The pricing of Harver plans isn’t disclosed. Contact their sales team for a custom quotation. It is built especially for enterprises.




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