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men don’t be careless when wearing shirts

Almost everyone has a shirt in their wardrobe, and it has always been a classic fashion item. Men choose shirts to match, and the overall shape will be more attractive.

But not all shirts can be used to display the image. Only by choosing the right style and version is the real breakthrough, and then the styling can be more advanced. Wearing a shirt this summer is even more error-prone by following these steps. Dont miss boohoo discount code nhs

1. Wear a shirt to clarify these “two points”

①The version is not too slim

Shirts have always been formal and outizmir escorting in style, and are generally used in the workplace. But in fact, its role is much more than that. In summer, shirts can also be used for daily wear, with varied and rich shapes.

If you want to get rid of the rigidity and seriousness of the shirt, you must first avoid the overly self-cultivation version, which is not conducive to the performance of the shape, and even affects the image.

If the shirt is used for outside wear, if the version is too slim, on the one hand, it will suppress your image and the comfort of the upper body will be low. Fat, so choosing is also a very important step towards fashion.

②The style adana escort be chosen well

When you wear it, you must match it according to your occasion and style. Although the “chaotic” style is comfortable, it is difficult to look good, and it will even reduce the advantages of the clothing itself. So no matter what item you wear, you must arrange its attendance and define the style in advance to avoid errors in styling.

If it is used for formal events, you adana escort try your bursa escort to plan the overall line of the clothing, and the width adana escort not be too exaggerated, so as not to give people a casual feeling.

The matching bottoms adana escort also suit your occasion. Choose some jeans or trousers. This style can better antalya escort the charm of men. Compared with some casual clothes, the style is much more serious and the overall spirit is decent.

2. When matching shirts, underizmir escort the “three ways to wear”

①The inside is long and the outside is short

College-style men must not be too restrictive when wearing them, and they must know how to use different ways of dressing to bring out your vitality. Long inside and short outside is a common matching pattern for loose coats. It is just right for short-sleeved shirts, so as to create a fake two-piece suit, which has a very design sense.

② Rich collocation

If you only use shirts as daily wear, then when matching bottoms, don’t just focus on trousers, but use different trousers reasonably. You can choose some cool overalls or wide pants. Leg jeans are ok.

Pair the same loose shirt with overalls, this double oversize will not look bloated, but will use the fan to the extreme. Wearing this way out of the street is full of heads, and the upper body is very comfortable in summer, which is tsottsot“>tsot killing two birds with one stone.

③Two-piece stacking

If it’s boring to wear a shirt alone, you might as well change the way of matching, such as adding an inner layer to it. Many men are not used to wearing full-button shirts and feel that the shape is very depressing, so at this time, two-piece stacking brings you more possibilities.

Choose a pure white T-shirt as the base, so that the shirt can be matched with an open style, and the collar part is lower. Layered and avant-garde. Save with Pretty Little Thing Discount Code NHS 

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This article was originally created by Men’s Clothing and Matching Magazine. The article only represents personal opinions. The pictures are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete

Luxury Appraisal: “To the Brave You” Guan Hong’s same Burberry knitted cardigan clothes true and false skills 

The urban fairy tale love inspirational drama “To the Brave You” starred in friendship by Yi Shan and Li Xinliang is undoubtedly a major part of this summer’s drama market. Surprisingly, this drama breaks the conventional thinking of inspirational dramas and presents the problems faced by women in the workplace, love, marriage, family and other aspects in their lives. The entry point, providing multiple values, is very positive, especially at the moment when positive energy is needed, “To the Brave You” has ankara escort a very scarce type in the market, and it is also a must-see in the alanya escort of watching the antalya escort.

1. Observe the collar

The real burberry T-shirt will have a groove on the collar above the collar mark, while the fake one will not. Even if the fake has a collar groove, it will be thinner and softer than the real one. Secondly, after the collar label of the real burberry T-shirt is turned over, different letters will be printed on both ends, and the fake ones are generally not.

2. Observe the wash label

The wash label of a real burberry T-shirt cannot be imitated by a fake. Because the real burberry washing label is made by burberry company using the extremely confidential target slurry content chemical ratio and chemical composition, fake products cannot imitate the exact same washing label. A real burberry tee.

3. Observe the embroidered logo

The embroidery logo of the real burberry T-shirt is very delicate, the sewing has a high degree of tightness, and the shape is obvious, which is very three-dimensional. The fake ones have rough embroidery techniques, thicker embroidery threads, poor sewing fit, blurred shapes, and no three-dimensional sense. Shop now using H&M discount code NHS, H&M Discount Code, H&M Voucher Code  and & H&M coupon code 10 Off and H&M NHS Discount Code , H&M promo code nhs  , H&M discount code nhs

4. Observe the material

The upper and lower sides of the main mark are different. There is a groove on the side of the road above, which is also imitated now, but compared with the real one, it is bakırköy escort that the fake main label is thinner and softer. The main label is turned over, and the two ends of the main label are printed with different letters, as well as the back of the code label. 

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