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Import MAB Address Book into Thunderbird – Comprehensive Guide

Do you wish to import MAB address book into Thunderbird without installing it. Then this blog gives the perfect solution to your query.

Need Help! Recently, a friend of mine sent me a folder of MAB files but while viewing that folder it antalya escorts an error and I am not able to open that particular folder. I tried to open the folder in Thunderbird version 91.0 then also it is antalya escorting the same error.  Please give one such eminent solution by which I am able to view the MAB address book.

Note: For this, the user has to underizmir escort that Thunderbird 78.0 and earlier versions use MAB format to store contacts. The later versions of Thunderbird use SQLite File instead of MAB for the same.

According to this segment of this user query. Here, we will explain how users can easily view the MAB address book in the newest versions of it. So, you need to transfer MAB address book to CSV format then only you will be able to import it.

Import MAB Address Book into Thunderbird Instantly

burdur escorter/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Thunderbird Address Book Converter Software has the capability to export MAB files into Thunderbird in a hassle-free manner without losing their precious data.

Let’s check some of the prime features of MAB Converter which are given below:

 Captivating features of  MAB Converter

  • Multiple File Naming: This utility has the capability to transfer MAB files into different file formats. It gives you options of a conversion address book in CSV, vCard, MSG, PST, etc. Users can easily use any email client or any cloud-based storage.
  • Thunderbird installation is not mandatory: Users don’t have to install the Thunderbird application for the conversion. As this software is able to import the address book without Thunderbird and also one can access tsot burdur escorted files.
  • This utility gives two different options while alanya escorting: (1) File and (2) Folder
    File: when the user wants to add a single file.
    Folders: when the user needs to transfer the entire folder containing MAB address book.
  • No File Size Restriction: while working on this tool there is no limitation of file size. Users can add any kind of MAB contacts impab.mab, history.mab, abook.mab without losing or fear of data corruption.

 After knowing the features of MAB Converter. Let’s jump into the alanya escorting steps:

Step-wise to Import MAB Address Book into Thunderbird

  • Run the MAB Converter utility.

burdur escorter/v6/1-interface.webp” alt=”Launch Application import address book from Thunderbird” width=”858″ height=”646″ />

  • Add File by clicking on the file button  

burdur escorter/v6/2-add-file.webp” alt=”Add files Import MAB Address Book into Thunderbird” width=”858″ height=”646″ />

  • It gives you three options: (1) File (2) Folder and (3) Auto Detect folder storage location. Select as per your preference 

burdur escorter/v6/3-file.webp” alt=”select the option ” width=”861″ height=”643″ />

  • Click the “Browse” button and Hit on “Open” 

burdur escorter/v6/4-file-browse.webp” alt=”Click open Import MAB Address Book into Thunderbird” width=”860″ height=”645″ />

burdur escorter/v6/11-scanning.webp” alt=”Scanning alanya escort” width=”859″ height=”645″ />

  • You can view the added files 

burdur escorter/v6/12-added-files.webp” alt=”Added files” width=”861″ height=”645″ />

  • Moving On, click on the Export button 

burdur escorter/v6/14-export.webp” alt=”click on Export” width=”859″ height=”648″ />

  • Select the option as “CSV”

burdur escorter/v6/28-csv-select.webp” alt=”Select CSV ” width=”861″ height=”647″ />

  • Choose the resultant Path where your CSV file will be saved and click on “Export”

burdur escorter/v6/30-csv-export.webp” alt=”Click on Export Import MAB Address Book into Thunderbird” width=”860″ height=”646″ />


  • Save the CSV report  

burdur escorter/v6/31-csv-report.webp” alt=”CSV Report” width=”860″ height=”645″ />

burdur escorter/v6/33-csv-view.webp” alt=”View your burdur escorted files Import MAB Address Book into Thunderbird” width=”997″ height=”565″ />

The Edge:

In this aforesaid article, we have resolved that a user can import MAB address book into Thunderbird seamlessly. This software gives the authority to burdur escort your MAB files in bulk without facing any hindrance. Using this utility one can easily migrate the data and view them without installing Mozilla Thunderbird. Also, a user can try its demo version for a better underizmir escorting of how it works. 

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