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How to start a natural juice bar business?

How to start a natural juice business? The sale of fruit smoothies, i.e., the deal of juices, is a business with a high likelihood of success due to the ease with which it can be established and the fact that it can be done every day. In addition, people strive to incorporate these healthy alternatives into their diet.

Do you like the word toy? In your country, that word refers to this type of business. I like the juice business so I will name it in this article.

Exists a clientele for a natural juice enterprise?

Go out into the street or to a shopping center, feel the heat, watch the sweat running down young athletes’ bodies, and watch executives look for a drink to quench their thirst. She notes how today, women want something healthy. People in cars roll down their windows, begging someone to sell them something to drink.

They don’t want sodas, and they don’t wish for artificially flavored drinks. Your doctor, instructor, mom, and the media clearly say that sodas are bad for your health and that you adana escort eat fruits and drink natural juices.

The answer must be affirmative based on the evidence presented. If you will have clientele when putting your natural juice business. In the following paragraphs, it will ankara escort clear that the company is profitable. For better profit you can also get help with juice bar business plan.

What do you need to set up a natural juice business?

I’ve seen individuals make a lot of money with a table and a juicer: a few plastic jugs, disposable cups and a bundle of oranges. I don’t think these supplies will exceed $200.

How do they do that?

They are enterprising individuals who were compelled to search for money on the street because they lacked the capital to make substantial investments.

They had taken the plastic juicer and the jug they had in their kitchen, a table, and bought a pack of disposable cups and a few kilos of oranges; they stood on the corner of an avenue in the midst of a radiant sun.

And they rolled up their sleeves to squeeze oranges individually. But instead, the juice filled the jugs, and inevitably their pockets filled.

His clients were the hurried taxi drivers and thirsty pedestrians who could not resist what their eyes saw:

Image from

A refreshing freshly made orange juice amid the hot maelstrom of the city. The animal of thirst climbed all over their bodies, reached their throats, and bought orange juice until they were satiated.

When electric ones replaced plastic juicers, the business was no longer in a corner; The entrepreneur hired other relatives and friends to sell him orange juice in the different corners.

The above may sound like a story I’ve made up. But it is real, my dear reader. I am talking about a business set up with little money and left considerable profits.

Do the math: how much does a bundle of oranges cost? And if you sell each orange juice, let’s say, at a price of more or less half a dollar, you realize that they are profits that exceed 100%.

This frequently occurs in Latin American nations where informal commerce is permitted. Informal, I refer to the ability to open a storefront on the street.

However, let’s examine how to establish the natural juice business formally and locally.

Start a natural juice business in a local

For the premises for your natural juice business, you must take into account the following aspects:

  1. Location is crucial. Try to be on or as close to a street as possible. In addition, there is a place with some sports activity nearby: a gym, a field where people go jogging, a hill or a mountain.
  2. The space of the premises. In addition to the area for preparing juices, it must have a space to locate tables and seats, which may have a parasol.
  3. Give a very pleasant atmosphere to your place, which looks like a nice juice bar. Think what the right color for this type of business is. Decorate it with posters of fruit and, most importantly, images of fit people, healthy people.
  4. Attention must be exceptional. Customer service must be a vocation for you or your employees. It is not sufficient that the juices are tasty. The customer must leave with the feeling that he was in a

paradise; in this way, he will return to your business.

Supplies needed by a natural juice business

What’s required to launch a natural juice business are

  1. A fridge to store fruit and ice.
  2. Various blenders. Your blenders must be powerful and resistant to blending fruit with ice. That supports a workload of several uses per day.
  3. Glasses and straws. It would help if you had glass cups for people who drink juice on the premises and disposable cups for tsot customers who want to take their juice on the road. In addition, individually packaged straws give your product a good image of hygiene.
  4. Tables and seats. The tables adana escort not be large, which is better for tsot with less space. However, depending on the approach you take to your juice shop, you may be able to skip the tables and handle only seating.
  5. Of course, the fruits must be of the bursa escort quality. Buy by packages is cheaper.

For more information you adana escort visit business plan consultants.

Natural juice recipes for business

Image courtesy of

Recipes to prepare natural juices are not as obvious as they may seem at first glance. Therefore, we must be careful with our fruit mixtures when designing the juice.

Did you know that certain fruits adana escort never be mixed?

To create a good juice recipe, a good combination is required. For this reason, we can divide fruits into four major categories: Acid fruits: For example, orange, pineapple, lemon, passion fruit, grapes, grapefruit etc.

Semi-acid fruits: Examples of these fruits are strawberries, peaches, peaches, etc.

Sweet fruits: Among these, we find papaya, banana, soursop, etc.

Neutral fruits: For example, coconut, peanut, avocado etc.

When preparing your recipe, you must avoid combining ingredients from different groups.

Now that you know the right combination of fruits, you can make the recipes that come to your imagination.

Suggestions for natural juice drinks:

Refreshing juices: Juices made with acidic fruits are the bursa escort for quenching thirst. Make combinations between orange and tangerine. Lulo juices are effective for refreshing. Granitas with acid fruits are usually very popular.

Pineapple juice aids in weight loss because it is a natural diuretic. Pineapple juice is ideal for tsot who have a weight loss plan. At no time do you think of making pineapple juice with milk? The result is a very toxic drink.

Smoothie-type juices: Is there anything more delicious than a banana smoothie? Athletes prefer banana smoothies because they provide great energy. However, generally speaking, milk smoothies prepared with sweet fruits are optimal.

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