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How to Remove VBA Password from Access – Step By Step Guide

Summary: This informative article describes how to remove VBA password from Access. This is one of the main problems today. Read this blog to learn about solutions that can easily complete this process.

As you know, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a major component of Microsoft Office Suite products such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Access. VBA or Visual Basic for Programs is a Microsoft programming language for Office applications.

In this case, VBA is primarily used to create automated processes, user-defined functions, Windows APIs, and so on. It is also used to manage host application functions.

Let’s Understand from the User’s Perspective

Hello! I’m David. I’ve got an access VBA project from one of my clients, but I can’t communicate anymore. This file is password protected. You must remove the Access VBA project password to work with this file. I searched the web for some software but couldn’t find the right software. Does anyone know the best solution to remove VBA password? If yes, please help me out of this situation as soon as possible. Thank you in advance! , 

Method 2: Remove VBA Password from Access – Manual Approach

  • First, open the access database file with the correct database password
  • Then select the File << Open << Open Database Decrypt option
  • click the Agree button when requesting exclusive use
  • select the Access database file (.accdb) that needs to be decrypted
  • Next, select Open Exclusive from the drop-down options
  • This will remove the VBA password from the Microsoft Access database
  • Click the file again and select the Decrypt Database option
  • Finally, to bypass the password setting, enter the password in the dialog box and press OK.

Why is the Above Manual Solution Not Recommended – Limitations?

There are several limitations to using a manual solution. Check out some of them:

  • This is a time-consuming task. The user must be very patient while using this activity.
  • It is not suitable for all users, especially non-technical users.
  • This is a technical process for cracking VBA passwords.

Above all, there is the fear of losing important data. User might lose his important data while using this approach to complete the VBA password removal process from Access.

One-Stop Solution to Remove VBA Password from Access

SysTools VBA Password Recovery Tool is perfect for users to do this task. Users can rely on this reliable third-party tool. It is designed in such a way that bulk delete can access .mdb files without data loss. The best part is that the tool has an intuitive interface. Even a novice user can understand its work without technical support. It also has the ability to crack passwords for multilingual projects. The tool has powerful features and an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to understand how the tool works.

Try the Evaluation Tool Features for Free

The feature of this useful application is that it displays only the first letter of the new password for free. The free version can be used without any payment details. Simply install the software on your computer system and remove VBA access password. Once you are satisfied with the performance of the device, you can simply purchase the license key.

Steps to Remove VBA Password from Access

  • Download and Launch the application on your Windows operating system

Download VBA Password Recovery

  • Click on Add File option to insert the desired file in the software panel

Select Add files

Navigate to the location where you saved the VBA file and select the file. Click the [Open] button

Click on Open

  • Press the reset button to complete the password removal task

Click on Reset Button


As mentioned, the first two ways to remove VBA password from access. You can use any of the techniques mentioned, but if you are using the manual method, please copy the MS Access VBA project first. After that, you can use the manual method. If you are a professional, you don’t have to take any risk and use expert recommended software to remove VBA passwords from MDB files.

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