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How to improve natural referencing in medical SEO services?

Did you know that less than 1% (specifically 0.78%) of people who search on Google click on a result on the second page? (backlinks 2019). Hence the battle that companies are engaged in for their medical website to appear on the first page and ideally in the first position in search engine results. To achieve this, they use medical SEO services.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), optimization for search engines also called natural referencing or organic referencing, is a set of techniques to increase the quantity and quality of traffic on your website through organic results that are- that is, to say non-mersin escort, search engines (Google in particular).

The Internet occupies an increasingly important place in our and our patients’ lives. As a result, digital marketing and, more specifically, medical SEO services are becoming essential to reach your target audience.

Medical-friendly SEO can help your medical clinic or healthcare business rank higher in Google search results and acquire more patients. To achieve this, you need to go through a few steps.

On-site optimization of healthcare companies

On-site optimization, also called on-page optimization, refers to all the techniques used to optimize each page of your website. Several alanya escort ilan of your pages need to be optimized.

Read the title

This is the title that appears in search results. It is not visible to the user once on your site. This tag Fethiye Escort Google to underizmir escort what your page is about, hence the importance of inserting your main keyword. Your headline adana escort make patients want to click on it. It must also be unique for each page.

Meta description

It appears just below the title tag of the summary of your page. Treat it like a sales pitch. It must make people want to know more and highlight a certain benefit for the patient. Think about your own experience on the web. What kind of description makes you want to click right away? Like the title tag, the meta description is not visible once on your site. It must also be unique for each page and contain your main keyword.


It is the address of a web page. It includes your domain name, an optional folder (or directory), and your specific page name (or filename). The important part of medical SEO services is the page name. It adana escort be short, with the keyword at the beginning, and descriptive enough of the page’s content. You can use part or all of your page titles. But pay attention to its size. Indeed, if your URL is too long, it will be truncated when displayed in search engine results.

The speed of your website

Google also analyzes the speed of your pages to decide their position in search results. If a page takes a long time to load, it’s a bad experience for Internet users and a bad sign for Google.

The content of your website

Although the medical website design is also important, it is, above all, it is content that determines its positioning on Google. Your website must answer patient questions. In the field of health, reliable, credible information is essential. Always ask yourself how to bring real added value to patients. If you manage to impose yourself on them as a reference, it is your website that they will turn to when they seek information on their health. You will thus appear as an expert in the eyes of Google, and it will offer your website more often to Internet users.

The use of keywords

A keyword is any word or phrase people enter into search engines. There are tools to find out what keywords your target audience is using on the web. For good organic referencing, it is essential to know these keywords and to integrate them naturally into your pages. So beware of over-optimization, which consists of repeating your keyword to the point of distorting your content. Remember that you are writing for people first, not search engines.

Image optimization

This part is too often neglected, and yet Google also uses images to reference a page. Have you noticed the images that appear in the “images” section of Google search results? Well, they come from websites. For this, you must have entered the alt tag correctly. Don’t forget to complete the alt text as well.

Your medical website must be responsive.

A responsive website is a site that automatically adapts to all types of screens: computers, tablets, and cell phones.

Your site map

It facilitates the work of Google robots by allowing them to access your pages quickly.


On-page optimization is only one component of your organic SEO because Google also considers external signals.

Medical off-site optimization

Also called off-page optimization, it consists of having backlinks, that is to say, links from other websites to yours. These backlinks, commonly called backlinks, must be relevant. Indeed, for them to have a real impact on your natural referencing, the sites from which they come must have certain characteristics:

  • a theme close to yours
  • A great authority in the eyes of Google and Internet users. The higher the site’s authority, the greater the impact on your medical SEO services.


There are several ways to have backlinks, including:

  • list your site in reputable health-related directories;
  • be active on your social media;
  • Write and promote high-quality blog posts that people will want to share and other sites will want to reference in their content.

 Local SEO Optimization (Local SEO)

If you are a medical clinic, you are targeting local customers. Therefore, remember to indicate your city in your tags and register in local directories. However, you also need to know how to unlock the full potential of your Google My Business listing. Indeed, this tool represents the number 1 marketing tool for local businesses. To find out how to take advantage of this, read our article on how to optimize your Google My Business listing.


Competition is fierce on the web. Under these conditions, you must find ways to izmir escort out, to be visible to patients looking for information about their health on the web. Whether you are a medical clinic or a healthcare organization, medical SEO services can get you to the top of Google results.


By adopting good practices and being consistent in your strategy, you will not only be able to increase your website traffic but, above all, attract qualified customers in the long term. Both patients and Google will appreciate your website. Who said you couldn’t please everyone?


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