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How To Get Rid Of Green Mold On A Deck

You work so hard to maintain your new deck free of debris and filth, and you follow all of the prescribed deck care practices, but now you’ve discovered spots of green mold on your wood deck. After all your hard effort, this might be disappointing, but the problem is simply resolved. Using a few basic ways, we’ll teach you how to remove green mold from a trädäck. Green mold, which is similar to green algae, is a typical deck concern. It’s a sort of fungus that grows on wood after being exposed to moisture, and it’s most frequent in the shadow. Green mold can be harmful to humans and animals, thus it should be removed as soon as possible using the right cleaning procedure.

How to clean a wood deck of green mold

How to clean a wood deck of green mold

Before you replace your hardwood deck with a mold-resistant komposittrall try a couple of our easy ways for eradicating green mold from your deck. Only a few substances, the correct equipment, and some elbow grease are required to remove mold, mildew, and filth from wood decks. It’s critical to clean a deck thoroughly before sealing it for the first time. Before staining or sealing, remove any stains, dirt, and debris.

Make you own deck mold remover

Make your own deck mold remover

You may clean the entire deck or only the areas affected by green mold with a DIY deck mold remover. This simple method for removing mold from wood, such as decks and railings, is one of the simplest to prepare and apply, as well as economical.

To remove dirt and debris from the deck, start by sweeping it. Any furniture in the cleaning areas should be moved. In a bucket, combine the water and detergent, then scrub the green mold-affected portions of the deck using the scrub brush. After the mold has been removed, clean the deck surface with a garden hose.

Mildew removal from a wooden deck

Mildew removal from a wooden deck

Many cleaning solutions contain oxygen bleach, which is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and natural soda crystals. It works well for eradicating mildew from wooden decks and is a gentle alternative to chlorine bleach. Mix just enough water and oxygen bleach to produce a paste in a bucket or plastic container to make this easy DIY mold and mildew cleaning. Apply the mixture directly to the green mold stain with a scrub brush and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Scrub the loose mold away using the brush. Rinse the area well with a garden hose. If any of the discolorations persists, consider a different mold removal approach or repeat the treatment.

Using vinegar to remove green mold from a deck

White vinegar is an effective mold and mildew remover for decks. It is an acidic liquid that breaks down oily residue and filth, and it can readily enter porous materials to destroy mold at its cheval. Before you start cleaning, make sure you’ve swept the deck surface to eliminate any dirt. In a spray bottle, combine equal parts white vinegar and water. You can spray the entire deck surface or only the green mold-affected spots. Brush the green mold away using a scrub brush or a stiff-bristled broom. Finally, use a garden hose to rinse the deck. Use this easy recipe to remove mold from walls using vinegar or any other fungus-affected location, both inside and out. Vinegar is an excellent way to kill mold spores and eliminate this harmful intruder.

How to remove green mold from a deck using baking soda

Baking soda is a natural cleaning alternative to harsh chemical-based cleaning products. It’s a soluble powder that loosens and removes green mold by acting as a moderate scouring agent. Clean the decking by brushing away any dirt and debris. In a bucket, combine the warm water and baking soda, then scrub moldy spots with the mixture using a scrub brush. Spray the deck surface with clean water from a garden hose to finish.

Using a pressure washer to remove green mold from a deck

Using a pressure washer to remove green mold from a deck

Cleaning the wood on your deck with a power or pressure washer is a great idea. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while cleaning the wood’s surface to avoid harming it. 

If you don’t have a power washer, many home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, rent them out for the day. Remove all of the furniture off the deck and clean any rubbish away. As directed by the manufacturer, add the deck cleanser to the pressure washer.

Begin by starting the washer at the farthest corner of the deck. Make sure you’re using the soap dispensing nozzle, then sweep the cleaner across the deck boards in a sweeping motion. Unless your deck is tiny, many people find that washing it without a power washer is rather labor-intensive. Scrub the cleaning solution into moldy areas and corners using a scrub brush. This is also the most efficient approach for removing black mold from the outdoors. When it comes to removing black mold inside, a power washer is typically ineffective. Switch to the washer’s largest sprayer nozzle. Hold the nozzle two feet away from the surface and sweep the nozzle along the deck in the direction of the wood grain.


Finally, give the deck a good cleaning with clean water. If you haven’t previously done so, use a deck sealant after power cleaning the whole wood deck.  Regularly washing your wood deck with one of our cleaning solutions can also keep the mold away. You might want to consider removing mold off vinyl siding now that you know how to remove mold from a wood deck.

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