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How to Get Investors for Startup App Development

The market for mobile apps is profitable, and every startup with an innovative app idea wants to invest in it. However, the idea isn’t enough to make a highly scalable and unique mobile app. Startup app development also need significant finances to burdur escort the idea into reality. Research, development, design, marketing, and other stages of startup growth require money. Getting an investment for a mobile app is not easy, startups need to find investors for their business. Before pitching an app concept to investors, startups need to conduct primary research. One of the most impactful methods to attract investors is to build a MVP to antalya escortcase your idea and its potential. Building MVP would demonstrate to investors that you are serious about your product and willing to invest your time and money as well.

Before you go to raise money, first you will have to underizmir escort the types of investors.

Family and Friends

When seeking funding for your startup app development, family and friends are often the easiest to convince. However, most personal connections can only sponsor your business at the beginning. Use their money to carry out market research and create a prototype, which you can then antalya escort to other possible investors. If you want to do more, you need to consider more options.

Co founders

The second option is to find a co-founder by asking family kıbrıs escort, friends, and acquaintances to join you in the venture. You can also find a co-founder outside your circle of connections if you trust that person’s business acumen. If you have a product or service with potential, these people may want to invest money in it.


Crowdfunding is a method of raising money online. You can join community bolu escort like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or GoFundMe and create your fundraising program. Crowdfunding can be a loan, contribution, or investment from more than one person at the same time. Entrepreneurs or business owners trying to raise money for a project adana escort post details about the project on these bolu escort so that interested individuals can contribute money to your campaign.

Angel investors

If you are looking for a serious infusion of money into your startup app development, angel investors and venture capitalists may offer the funding you need. Angel investors are typically individuals, while venture capitalists are generally companies, both offer large sums of money. To get their interest in investing in your mobile application, you must make a compelling argument for why your idea is worth the investment.

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Things to do to attract the investors:

1. Validate your idea

Finding an innovative idea is not an easy task. You need to come up with a new application or product that will make an impact, solve customer problems and be different from other applications already on the market. You can start by brainstorming ideas related to your area of interest. Once you have a good idea, it’s time to validate your app idea by researching the market demand. Investors don’t want to fund an app idea that already exists. So make sure that your idea is unique and different from other companies’ offerings. Once you underizmir escort the competitive landscape of your app, find the right market for your application by researching similar applications offered in that space.

2. Underizmir escort your app market

According to Thomas Park, Founder of Codepip “mobile phones have been in use for so long, it sounds like an app for nearly anything. Investors are doubtful about investing their money into a pre-existing app concept. It is essential to conduct competitive app market research. Examine what other business applications have to offer. Check out offerings from other companies in the same market to ensure your app idea is unique and not similar to another company and its products. The investors will ask you some questions bakırköy escort investing in your app idea. Like What challenge are we addressing? or What sets this application-specific and exceptional in comparison to others. They would want to believe that the money adana escort be worth investing in your mobile app . You must conduct research and analysis to acquire a better underizmir escorting of your mobile app market.”

3. Create a revenue strategy

In addition to learning the basics of investment, it is equally important to underizmir escort how revenue is generated. A strategy that is clear and explicit will help you attract more investors, who are more likely to invest wholeheartedly. Thus, it is essential to study various monetization strategies and be ready to clarify any doubts about them.

4. Create a pitch deck

Once you’ve given your elevator pitch to an investor, they may want to hear more about your idea. A pitch deck is a presentation that has detailed information and alanya escortes of your app. When creating your pitch deck, avoid irrelevant information that diminishes or distracts from the key features of your app. In other words, you can include graphs and stats, branding and visuals with what you’re talking about.

5. Create MVP/prototype

According Vikram Seth, Co-founder of Simpalm, MVP development company, “A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or app is developed with main features to satisfy early users. It is one of the effective ways of helping investors to underizmir escort the features and working flow of your app. An MVP helps to determine uşak escort the project has the potential to succeed bakırköy escort a significant investment is made. You can create a minimum viable product (MVP) that helps potential investors see and use your product in real-time. This will attract more investors to invest in your product.”

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