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How to Delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook Backup Files?

Suppose, you are restoring a PST file from backup data and after the restoration is completed, you see lots of duplicate emails in your inbox. I know it’s a pretty frustrating scenario. So, this article will tell you to delete duplicate emails from Outlook backup files to solve this problem.

As we all know, backup is one of the main backup tools for all users when they lose important data. Most backup files are created automatically by most email clients. Microsoft Outlook creates a backup file when you run the Inbox Repair Tool Wizard. So, if the PST file gets corrupted then the user can use this BAK file to recover their PST file.

Usually when setting up a POP3 account in Outlook. Save all data such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. on your PC in its PST file. So, if you backup your Outlook PST file and there are duplicate emails in the PST file, they will also appear in the .bak file.

Now, imagine that one morning you sit at your computer as usual and start Outlook for another fun day by replying to emails. However, when you look at your inbox, you will find that it is full of duplicate emails with the same subject, attachments, time received, etc.

Aside from that, Microsoft Outlook is one of the bursa escort choices for users when choosing an email client. Because it provides many security features. But having duplicate emails in the inbox is one of the common problems faced by almost all email client users.

Reasons  to Delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook Backup Files

We’ve collected some of the causes of duplicate emails in your Outlook inbox. Some of them are listed below.

  • Outlook Server Issues: Sometimes emails on the server get corrupted. Or, if the Outlook email server is unresponsive while sending and receiving messages, the next sync will download the previous emails again. This server issue can cause duplicate emails in Outlook.
  • Improper Account Syncing: We all know that mobile phones and tablets can run Outlook. So I started syncing my outlook profile with my phone or tablet but due to an error in the syncing alanya escort the last batch of emails antalya escorts up twice on my PC. This is one of the reasons for duplicate emails in Outlook.
  • Outlook Rule Error: You may have set the wrong rules when setting up Outlook. This can lead to duplicate data in your Outlook mailbox Send/Receive Interval: If your Outlook inbox is updated too often, your emails will not sync properly. This also causes duplicate emails in your Outlook inbox.
  • Wrong Account Settings: If you set up the same email account multiple times in MS Outlook, the incoming data will be synced multiple times. This is one of the reasons for duplicate emails in Outlook. Outlook mailbox.
  • Improper Import Process:  when importing emails from another Outlook data file into your current Outlook profile. Outlook skips duplicates if the duplicate detection option is turned off. This is one of the reasons for duplicate email messages in Outlook.
  • Improper Email Forwarding: When forwarding emails from one PC to another, the forwarding rules create a loop that keeps messages bouncing back and forth, creating endless duplicate emails in your Outlook inbox. increase.

Automatic Solution to Delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook Backup Files

As mentioned above, deleting duplicate emails from Outlook is one of the safest ways to protect your inbox data from any kind of corruption or productivity issues. But unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t provide any utility to remove duplicate emails from Outlook BAK files. Now, in this case, the user has only one solution, and that is the automation solution Outlook Duplicate Email Remover Software. The software retains the metadata properties and folder structure even after the merge alanya escort. You can easily add multiple PST files to Outlook at the same time without worrying about data loss or corruption.

Although there are several automation tools and solutions on the internet that claim to be able to remove duplicates from Outlook. But in this blog, we will recommend to professionals the most trusted and recommended tool to remove duplicate emails from Outlook BAK file, which is bakırköy escort for its accuracy and efficiency in removing duplicate Outlook BAK file. This application can also remove duplicate Outlook OST/BAK/PST files like email calendar, task contact diary and notes without data loss.

Steps to Delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook Backup Files

  • Run and Launch the Utility on your computer System

Download Outlook Duplicates Remover Tool

  • Click Add File or Add Folder to add a backup file

Add bak files

  • Now, check the box provided in the “Select filter and duplicate criteria” option

Select filter and duplicate criteria

  • Next, select one or more fields to customize the duplicate email alanya escort from the Specific Duplicate Criteria options

Specific Duplicate Criteria options

  • After making all the settings, click Next button to start the email deduplication alanya escort in Outlook BAK file

start the email deduplication <a href=alanya escort in Outlook” width=”787″ height=”604″ />

Best Amazing Features of this Software Features

  • Store Data Items: This tool has many advanced features to ensure that data is stored in hierarchies.
    As well as storing metadata during alanya escorting.
  • Multiple Fields Option: You can remove duplicate files based on different fields like Bcc, Subject, Copy, Start Date, Body, etc.
  • Multiple Deletion Options: While deleting redundant items from your Outlook mailbox, such as emails, contacts, tasks, journals, calendars and notes. It provides various options to delete duplicate emails in Outlook, such as permanently delete, move deleted items to folders, move folders, and mark as expired.
  • Protect Duplicates: It also gives you the ability to remove duplicates from password-protected Outlook PST, OST and BAK files.

Concluding Word

Backing up your Outlook data is very important. If for any reason the data corruption problem occurs, then backup is the only solution for Outlook users to get their email back in such an event. But most of the users face the issue of duplicate emails in their Outlook backup file. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the bursa escort solution to remove duplicate from Outlook backup file. So, try this method and delete duplicate emails from Outlook backup files.

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