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How To Add Money to Netspend Card Within 1 Minute

Cards make our life so easy, you don’t have to carry cash. There is no tension of lack of cash. Cards are accepted everywhere and it is so easy to carry. When it comes to card users, one thing that bothers them the most is how to reload it.?  There are so many ways. Which one is the bursa escort? Which one will provide us with the bursa escort profit? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. We are going to talk all about the NetSpend card and its reloading alanya escort

Is it safe to use a NetSpend card?

Yes, it is safe in use. There is no case of leaking personal information by NetSpend card. It has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which means it will provide a different and unique id to every user and they will have a password of their choice which adana escort be difficult to crack. 

Where Can I Reload My Netspend Card?

There are many easy and bursa escort ways to Add Money to Netspend Card. You can physically visit nearby retailers and pay them your transferring fund. Another way is to transfer money from the bank. You can also use direct deposit and Paypal.  Now discuss the procedure in all ways so that you could choose the most convenient option for you.

Netspend Direct deposit 

Transferring from a bank is good for the one who does not want to physically visit a place to transfer funds, now there is some specifically selected bank that will allow you to transfer funds in your NetSpend.  

Netspend Direct Deposit operates with a range of controls, including:

  • Work paychecks
  • Tax refunds
  • Social Security benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Pensions
  • Railroad retirement benefits
  • Defense finance and accounting service payments
  • State unemployment benefits vary by state
  • Government disability benefits-SSDI or worker’s compensation (varies by state)
  • Veterans’ benefits

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NetSpend reloadable locations

NetSpend reloadable locations are specific places like 7-Eleven which work as a middle person. You can visit there and give them to your fund and they will load that amount into your card in exchange for a particular fee. Different shops have different charges. If you know the charge you can save by choosing the cheap one 

Some of the shops provide free service Here is the list of the shop and how much they charge 

  • 7-Eleven, $3.95
  • Advance America, $2.00
  • Albertsons, $3.95
  • Check ‘n Go, No fee
  • Chevron,$3.95
  • Circle K, $3.95
  • Currency Exchange, $2.00
  • CVS Pharmacy, $3.95
  • Dollar General, $3.95
  • Family Dollar, $3.95
  • Flying J, $3.95
  • Food City, $3.95
  • Kroger, $3.95
  • Office Depot, $3.95
  • Rite Aid, $3.95
  • Shell, $3.95
  • Speedway, $3.95
  • Walgreens, $3.95
  • Walmart, $3.74
  • Winn-Dixie, $3.95

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Bank Transfers 

It is very easy to transfer your fund from the bank to your NetSpend. Card

Just open your NetSpend account and add money to your account by bank directly.

It is the bursa escort way to avoid physical visits to any retailer. 


Well, PayPal is an online payment app. You can transfer money to PayPal to your NetSpend card with help of the NetSpend  application 


You will get a refund directly on your card when you have paid your card. And due to some reason, you are getting a refund. 

You can’t count this procedure to your card reloading but yes it does count in the matter of receiving funds from your account. 

Is there a monthly fee for NetSpend?

Yes, NetSpend charges a particular amount of charge depending on your transaction and plan. If you use a card more often there is a minimum or no fee included. However, there is still an ATM fee included for card users. 

There are also charges available for multiple purposes such as while buying a card, choosing a plan, atm withdrawal, transaction, etc. Here is the list of charge fee

Card Purchase Fee= $0 when signing up at Netspend.com. Up to $9.95 when purchased through a retail outlet.

Plan Fee = $0 for pay as you go plan but a $9.95 monthly plan charge.

Purchase Transaction Fee = $1.50 for the PIN, no fee for a monthly plan 

ATM Withdrawal =  $2.50 fee, uşak escort you choose to pay as you go or monthly plan. 

Cash Reload = $3.95 but it can be reduced if your card reloads more often. 

ATM Balance Inquiry = $0.50

Card Inactivity = it will cost you $5.95 per month after 90 days of no transaction. 

How much time does it take to load funds on the NetSpend card

Minimum it takes  3 to 5 minutes and maximum it will take up to an hour. If you don’t receive your loaded fund you can contact NetSpend customer service.  There can be an issue regarding the charge fee or plan or maybe you wanna close your account. In cases like this, it is bursa escort to take help from customer care. Netspend provides 3 ways to contact a customer care agent. They can be called, emailed or mailed. In all three-way, you will provide the bursa escort possible service 

If you have any doubt or issue you can contact NetSpend customer care by calling the toll-free number 1-888-XXX-XXXX. If you wanna try another method of contacting NetSpend customer care. 

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