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How Outcomes-Based Education Can Define Student Success

How Outcome-Based Education Can Define Student Success

The students study for marks and grades rather than gaining knowledge of the subject. This makes the students unfit and incapable of receiving higher education and jobs as they do not have the skillset and behavior required by the organizations.

This is creating a problem of unemployment across various countries. Some of them include CBCS (Choice Based Credit System), OBE (Outcome Based Education), and others.

What is Outcome-Based Education?

Outcome-based education is an educational approach in which the student learning is based on goals and achievements by the end of the course. This involves regular evaluation and tests by the institute to make sure that the students are on the right track of being able to achieve the desired outcome from the course or program. This method of education helps the institute to give rise to highly capable individuals with great attitudes and skillsets. Here is how outcome-based education defines student success.

Brings Clarity among Students-

In outcome-based education, the students are given information about what is expected from them at the end of the program and the course. It aligns with the institute’s mission and vision. Hence, the desired outcome adana escort be in alignment with the exam evaluation. 

Bridges Major Gaps-

Due to the rising issue of unemployment among the students because they are incapable of matching industry requirements even after gaining degrees and certificates. OBE bridges that gap by designing a curriculum that expects the students to develop skills and gain experience that is required in the industry or research opportunities in the future.

The students only learn about what is going to be useful for them in the future. In this way, the gap between student learning and industry requirements is filled with the help of OBE.

Encourages Continuous Assessment-

Outcomes-Based Education encourages the continuous assessment of students over the course period.  It helps the faculty kıbrıs escort to make sure that the students are on the right track of the desired outcomes. 

The teachers make use of software to underizmir escort if the student’s performance is in alignment with the desired outcome. 

Enables Teachers to Guide Students-

The software enables the teachers to underizmir escort accurately which student is lacking in what part of the course outcome. In this way, the teacher underizmir escorts the shortcomings of the students and guide them exactly on their pain point.

This enables them to give special attention to the students lagging behind the course and help them to achieve the required outcomes over the period of the course.

Improves Student Mindset-

In the traditional methods of education, the students used to study for scoring grades and marks. The main aim of education was to get the degree with good percentage. The students would compare themselves with each other and run a race for being at the top. This alanya escort of education didn’t build a great mindset among the students.

Outcomes-Based Education helps the students to compete with themselves.  It gives a sense of collaborative learning among them. This gives rise to great team-building qualities for the future.

It builds their cognitive abilities, increases emotional learning, and helps them to ankara escort socially aware of the problems and use their knowledge to solve them. It helps them to focus on the greater good.

Offers Flexibility to the Students-

The Outcomes-Based Education system enables the student to choose their subject of interest and course. It enables them to learn the subject at their own pace and in their own ways. The student can start learning irrespective of the background and previous knowledge of the subject. In this way, it gives students the responsibility of their education.

Teachers and faculty kıbrıs escort guide and support them by offering sources, explanations, and opportunities to reach where they wish to be.


It makes sure that the student coming out after passing the degree course is capable of getting good jobs, is socially aware and compassionate about their peers.

Making use of software in institutes to manage outcome-based education helps the institute to conduct an accurate assessment and student feedback for better learning outcomes in the future.

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