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How Facial Hair Transplant Helpful for Grow a Beard?

Having a desire to keep a fuller and thicker beard can sometimes ankara escort unfulfilled. Genetics plays a pivotal role in the uneven and partial growth of facial hairs. These days, more and more younger and adult men are suffering from this cosmetic flaw. It affects the natural growth of hairs on the face which are bakırköy escort as beards. However, there are also surgical and medicinal reasons that can affect beard growth. Well, a facial hair transplant is a successful approach in this regard. It is performed by the experts to restore facial hairs by targeting several Manisa Escort. The procedure works to restore hairs on mustaches, goatees, chin, and cheeks. You can get desired growth of hair even if there is no growth of hairs bakırköy escort the treatment. So, it is an interesting subject to research more than you can find with the help of this post.

What is facial hair restoration all about?

As you see, the loss of facial hair can occur due to several reasons. They may include surgeries, genetics, burns, male pattern baldness, etc. However, the restoration of facial hairs is referred to as facial hair implantation. This is an important procedure that benefits tsot who have no little to the growth of a beard. But this treatment brings hope for such individuals to get desired growth of beard. It works by implanting the natural hair follicles into bald facial skin. The surgeon extracts tsot follicles from the back of the head of the patient. The implanted hairs then grow with natural size on the face and cover the facial baldness yozgat escortly.

Working methodology of beard restoration

This procedure is similar to hair restoration for the scalp. The hair surgeon mainly prefers the FUE technique to make the alanya escort accurate and effective. FUE makes the removal of hair follicles precise so that the follicles can survive for successful implantation. The hairs would be removed from the back and sides of the scalp. However, if you have less hair density at these spots, then chest hairs will be considered. Nevertheless, the surgeon will make full efforts to provide you with natural-looking beard growth results. The extracted hairs will then be inserted carefully into the small incisions made on the face. After successful implantation, the surgeon will cover the treated area with bandages. The procedure of facial hair transplant carries out implantation of 2k to 3k hair follicles.

After completion of the procedure, you can return to your home as it is an outpatient procedure. You do not have to stay longer inside the clinic as you will not be given any incisions. After a few months, you can visibly notice the growth of new hairs on your face. This would enable you to have fuller growth of hairs on the face. You can trim them and shave them without any risk.

How does the treatment work?

The hairs implanted on your face will settle yozgat escortly after a few days of treatment. They will stimulate the growth of follicles beneath the skin to trigger natural hair development. So, in a few weeks, you will experience falling out of newly implanted hairs. The hairs will fall out to make way for new hairs to grow. In a few months, the growth of new hairs will take place. So, you can see the development of new follicles on the face. It takes around 6 to 9 months for the hair to grow at a fuller pace. You can see growing naturally with the desired shape and form to achieve desired results.

Is facial hair restoration effective?

Yes! This is an effective surgical treatment to eradicate alopecia among males. The treatment is proven to deliver natural-looking results and is safe. However, people with alopecia Universalis are not eligible for this procedure. These are the individuals who do not have hairs on their entire body. So, they cannot take advantage of this procedure at all. But tsot who have hairs on the head, chest, thighs, etc., can undergo this treatment. This restoration is also effective for the transgender community. People who transform from female to male can undergo this treatment as well. They can too enjoy the natural and permanent growth of facial hairs.

To sum up

It is clearly stated above that a facial hair transplant can derive positive beard growth results. However, the efficiency of the procedure depends upon the expertise of a hair surgeon. So, it is extremely important to get this treatment done by a board-certified hair surgeon. You adana escort make an initial consultation with the expert to learn about the procedure. Beard hair restoration is also less costly than scalp hair transplantation.

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