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Hospitality marketing

Marketing is a business philosophy and not a function performed by one of the departments called the marketing department. This is a customer-focused way of doing business. This customer orientation must permeate the entire organization.

Hospitality industry marketing

The subject of study – hospitality industry marketing – is part of our underizmir escorting of service marketing. Or hospitality marketing is an important element of practical marketing. Today, the marketing consulting service sector is one of the most significant sectors of the global economy.

The very concept of the tourism industry is changing bakırköy escort our eyes. The one-dimensional definition of tourism, associated primarily with tourists and the organization of tourist trips, is giving way to a multidimensional concept – the hospitality industry, which combines all related sectors of the economy related to serving people through specialized enterprises: hotels and restaurants, transport companies and travel agencies, entertainment, sports, cultural, entertainment and gambling establishments. Today, every sixth person of the working population of our planet is in this industry.

The hotel and restaurant business is its main component since it provides for the primary needs of a person in rest, sleep and food. This industry is dominated by international corporations called hotel and restaurant “chains”, which “like networks stretched all over the world” and involve hundreds of millions of people in their service.

Business of the hospitality industry

The business of the hospitality industry also covers today such Manisa Escort of activity as circuses, zoos, mobile town attractions, national parks, parks of culture and recreation, cinema and concert halls and exhibition halls, etc. Entertainment also includes playing sports in gyms, swimming pools and water parks, stadiums, etc. Entertainment is also accompanied by familiarization with cultural values: visits to theaters, museums, libraries, and various club institutions. To a certain extent, tourism today gravitates toward activities in the field of culture. Enterprises producing equipment for the hospitality industry, souvenirs, and tourist items are also part of this industry.

In developed industrial countries, the hospitality industry acts as an independent and relatively isolated link in the economic system, attracting significant material, financial and labor resources.

The presentation of the hospitality industry as a complex socio-economic system Fethiye Escort us to formulate its patterns and evaluate typical characteristics. When studying this industry, the mutual relations of the components of the system and their relationship with the external environment are revealed. It is possible to single out participants in the hospitality industry according to various criteria, which immediately leads to the consideration of the multidimensionality of this structure.

Marketing consultant in the hotel business

Marketing consultant in the hotel business is often identified with the sale and advertising of hotel services. In fact, sales and advertising are only components of the “marketing mix”, and often not the most important ones. Advertising and marketing are part of the policy of promoting goods and services to the market. There are other alanya escort ilan of marketing – the product itself, its price and distribution. Marketing also includes integrated research, information systems, planning and strategies.

The goal of marketing in hotels is to create a competitive advantage for them. As well as make the sale of hotel services as effective as possible. This goal is mainly to know and underizmir escort the needs of the client. And to provide him with such service that it meets his expectations.


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