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Hearing Aids Singapore: Bernafon vs Vibe

Did you know that by the age of 80, over 80% of persons have hearing issues? These issues can cause isolation, communication issues, and difficulty carrying out regular tasks. (hearing aids Singapore) 


Today’s hearing aids are smaller, more potent, and more accessible than ever bakırköy escort, just like other digital technology (computers, TVs, mobile phones). They increase speech underizmir escorting, allow for hands-free phone conversations, stream music and sound straight to the hearing aids, interface with smart phones, and do many other things.


Selecting the proper technology and features for your hearing loss can be challenging because hearing aids are a significant financial commitment. It may seem daunting with the variety of hearing aid brands and types available. Your lifestyle, physical dexterity, and the degree of your hearing loss all play a role in which hearing aids are bursa escort for you. 


Although all hearing aids have the same fundamental components, there are four fundamental differences between them; an audiologist can assist you in limiting your options based on these differences:


  • Style – There are several distinct hearing aid styles. The type that is bursa escort for you will depend on a number of things, including your physical dexterity, listening needs, and how severe your hearing loss is. 
  • Ease of use-Are you able to operate a smaller hearing aid with dexterity? Will you want to use your smartphone as the remote for your hearing aids? 
  • Functionality – Directional microphones aid in voice localization and concentration, and telecoils may be required if you intend to use your hearing aids with a cell phone.
  • Price- Your audiologist can assist you in finding hearing aids that fit your budget in terms of price. There are also financing alternatives available.




Bernafon, a company established in Bern, Switzerland, has aided in improving communication and hearing for more than 70 years. It is an independent division of Demant, which makes Bernafon hearing aids, and it provides a variety of rechargeable hearing aids, fitting software, connecting tools, and applications. 


Bernafon has 20 businesses and provides hearing aids to more than 70 nations. In order to provide clear and realistic sound in congested spaces, the devices make use of Demant’s superior industry R&D resources. They can wirelessly connect to audio equipment and offer better speech interpretation.


The hearing aids from Bernafon are intended to provide users additional power. They are ergonomic, unobtrusive, pleasant, easy to use, and long lasting. You can select one that suits your needs as they come in a range of colors, shapes, and styles.


A description of the Bernafon hearing aid models 


There are several different models of Bernafon hearing aids available in Singapore. Bernafon hearing aids provide a basic, affordable style and a natural sound quality. You may choose from seven different performance categories, so you’re sure to get the bursa escort model to enhance communication and your quality of life.


Depending on your requirements, way of life, and budget, Bernafon offers three different types of hearing aids. For individuals with mild to profound hearing loss, BTE hearing aids are robust devices that fit snugly behind the ear. An earmold worn in the outer ear is customised and connected via a transparent tube to a plastic case. The least noticeable hearing aids on the market are tsot from ITE; they fit in the ear canal. They are comfortable and discrete since they are perfectly tailored to fit your ear. People with mild to severe hearing loss can use them.




Intelligent hearing device design necessitates engineers to create goods that are attractive in unique ways in addition to improving miniaturization. In order to appeal to tsot with hearing loss who are looking for solutions that don’t necessarily seem like hearing equipment, Vibe was created. The gadget adana escort be seen by these potential users as something unconnected to hearing loss, disability, appearing elderly, and all the stigma associated with such things. 


Vibe is a hearing aid that uses receiver-in-canal (RIC) technology and is worn in the crest of the cymba. Although it has been antalya escortn to be a useful and appealing placement, this area also offers certain advantages unrelated to aesthetic appeal, which will be covered later.


Most individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss do not wear hearing aids Singapore. This is mostly a result of the stereotype that using hearing aids makes a person look old or disabled, or that they are ineffective in a variety of settings. Siemens has developed a novel idea with Vibe that not only fulfills aesthetic goals but also şişli escortd performance goals. It provides individuals with mild to severe hearing loss with a useful alternative treatment. Vibe is more than just “another attractive face”; it is an ideal fusion of form and function thanks to its distinctive combination of aesthetic, acoustical, and physical advantages.


Style of Hearing Aids 


There are several styles of hearing aids. Let’s talk about a handful of the most well-liked trends: 


  • BTE, or behind-the-ear, hearing aids. A little plastic case behind the ear holds the majority of the components of a BTE hearing aid. A piece of transparent tubing connects the casing to an earmold (earpiece); smaller Mini-BTE aids are also offered. These hearing aids are simple to use and care for.
  • Hearing aids worn in the ear (ITE). These hearing aids have a shell that covers the outer part of the ear and houses all of the components. The size of ITE hearing aids is greater than BTE devices but smaller than in-the-canal (ITC) aids. These hearing aids are less conspicuous than the BTE devices and easier to use than the smaller ITC aides. 
  • Hearing aids that fit partially (ITC) or entirely (CIC) in the canal. Both of these hearing aids are housed in a teeny-tiny container that fits entirely or partially within your ear canal, making them essentially invisible.


Using Hearing Aids Easily 


Easy use is a crucial aspect that is sometimes overlooked. Completely in-canal hearing aids are more discreet, but they may be more difficult to use. In that case, behind-the-ear models would be a better option. 


There is also digital technology available. Mobile devices like a cell phone or a digital watch can be used to control digital hearing aids. This makes it simple to monitor the battery’s remaining life, change the volume, and switch between your audiologist’s scenario settings.


Functionality of Hearing Aids 


You must discuss your daily routine and any unique scenarios you frequently face with your hearing specialist in order to track performance. For instance, you may desire hearing aids with telecoils or Bluetooth connectivity if you often use the phone. You may also ask about background noise cancellation and çanakkale escortal microphones, which can şişli escort your capacity for communication and voice comprehension.  


For more fascinating articles, kindly check out at Article Blink. I hope you find this article is useful, and kindly share this article to your friends who might find it interesting. Thanks for reading !

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