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Grand City Kharian | Everything You Need To Know about

If you are looking for a World-Class Residential in your City Sarai Alamgir- Kharian. The Grand City should be your first choice, because of the facilities one can have in the heaven of Grand City Kharian.

The Grand City Kharian is now getting attention and appreciation from all across the country and from overseas as well for making such a high-class and luxurious lifestyle possible in the beloved state.

This Real Estate in Kharian should be your first priority to invest in if you want an update on your living and lifestyle. The Housing Scheme provides a dynamic housing and residential lifestyle like never before in the area.

Grand City Kharian is a great place to invest in and it is because of the features, progress, and development. This housing scheme has a lot of highlights in it that make you attracted towards it.


The location of it makes it very special. The housing scheme is located on the Main GT Road Kharian/ Sarai Alamgir which makes it prime from the rest of the city.

Kharian-Sarai Alamgir itself is a very special spot in Pakistan, specifically in Punjab. Kharian is located between two very important cities in Punjab i.e. Lahore and Pakistan. Kharian itself is a beautiful spot and the Grand City is an addition to the whole beauty out there.

it is a blend of nature and development. The place magnifies the natural beauty with the quality of design and infrastructure in the area like never before.

Quality Residential

Grand City has no competition when it comes to design. The design quality of apartments and other infrastructure is unmatchable and this thing is actually worth the most and makes this Real Estate far better than others.

The foremost reason to invest in Grand City Kharian is the quality of residential being there to support living. The class and quality of the real estate give them an advantageous edge over other housing schemes.

The residential lifestyle one can have in the Grand City is appealing and built keeping in mind the basic needs for living along with the beauty, comfort, and utilities.

From the apartments to the roads, Shopping centers, and the monumental, everything there is mind-blowing and attractive. Moreover, the design map of the whole Housing Scheme is well structured.

One of the main aims of the builders of the society is to provide all the facilities and features one can have in the developed states like USA, UK, and Canada. So they are building the best housing scheme which provides the best living for overseas Pakistanis as well.


Grand City Kharian provides all the fundamental and additional exciting features in it which make this housing society comparatively the best place to live in.

Grand City arranges to have all necessities like Hospital, School, Mosque, Fast Food chains, Restaurants, Shopping mall, 24 Hours CCTV Security, Standby power Generation, and Under Ground Electricity.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the luxuriousness like Well Carpeted Roads, IMAX and 3D Cinema, Parks, Fountains, Community Club, Gated Community, and Health Club.

Phases and Sectors

The Grand City has Eight phases in it and all are built to help out people with different needs, mindsets, and approaches. However, every phase is outstanding in design and features. The list of all the phases are as follow:

Phase 1: Phase 1 of Grand City Kharian is providing a wonderful lifestyle and quality residential. Along with this, you can have all the basic features we have discussed above. Moreover, there are Tennis courts, a zoo, and playlands for the never-ending thrill, fun, and entertainment.
The prices to buy land in Grand City Kharian is as follow:

5 Marla 2990000/-
10 Marla 4590000/-
1 Kanal 7990000/-
2 Kanal 16500000/-
2 Marla(Commercial) 4000000/-
6 Marla(Commercial) 16000000/-

Tulip Sector: Tulip Sector can be the premium most lifestyle one should attain in this paradise on earth. This sector is outstanding for luxury living and commercial purposes.

Tulip Executive Sector: The heaven in the Kharian Sarai Alamgir, and is the best place either for living or for business and commercial purposes.
Overseas Enclave: The overseas Enclave in the Grand City Kharian is built to provide a lifestyle as one can have to live abroad. So overseas can enjoy the same from living in and out from Pakistan.
Overseas Executive Enclave:

This sector has an iconic luxury lifestyle like never before.

Safari Block: Safari block is very unique of its kind in the whole area. This block is specifically for the people who want to live in a place close to nature and natural beauty.

Downtown Commercial: This commercial area in the Grand City Kharian is built specifically to support Corporate Businesses. Surrounded by beautiful lakes, there is a business hub of the district.

You have seen all the premium features and luxuries one can avail of by investing in Grand City Kharian. A premium location with great design and infrastructure along with the taste of nature and beauty as well.

Grand City Kharian-Sarai Alamgir is the best Housing Society in the region and is providing a lifestyle like never before. Build with the aim in mind that one can avail and enjoy all the ease and comfort as in abroad.

Along with an improved and updated lifestyle some other key factors Grand City Kharian believes in are Privacy, Safety, and Peace. They build a gated community and along with that, they have 24/7 CCTV security and well-trained security staff operational as well.

So we can hope reading about Grand City Kharian on our website, you must consider this scheme in future. Grand City Kharian fulfills all the requirements for every type of mindset and approach.

They have different sectors built in it so that maximum of the customers spend their time happy in this area. Businesses and residential in Kharian-Sarai Alamgir can’t get better than Grand City Kharian.

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