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German Psychology Study Program

You might be asking, “Can I study English psychology in Germany?” What are the requirements to study in Germany? There are many other questions you may have.

There are schools that offer English-language psychology programs in Germany. In Germany, however, German is the most widely spoken language. We’ve provided all the information you need to be an international student or scholar here at World Scholars Hub.

A psychology degree can be rewarding and mind-expanding. Psychology teaches core skills and encourages independent and analytical thinking that is highly valued and sought-after in many professions. It is a wonderful place to study.

These are just a few reasons to study psychology in Germany.

Ten Reasons to Study Psychology in Germany

  • Excellence in Research and Teaching
  • Tuition fees that are low or cheap
  • Economic stability and safety
  • The bursa escort psychology universities in the country
  • Personal and intellectual development
  • Living costs affordable
  • A wide range of courses are available
  • International Students Have Work Opportunities
  • There are close connections between theory and practice.
  • Learn a new language.

As we continue this guide, we will give you a list containing universities that offer psychology courses abroad in English.

German Universities to Study Psychology

How to Study Psychology in English in Germany

  • Find a top psychology school in Germany
  • Meet all requirements
  • Find Financial Resources.
  • Apply for Admission
  • Get your German Student Visa.
  • Find accommodation
  • Register at Your University

Find a good psychology school in Germany

You must choose a school that offers quality education in order to study psychology in English. Any of the listed schools are available to you.

All requirements met

Once you have made your decision about which university to study at, the next step is to fulfil all requirements for the university that you have chosen. You can find out more about the university’s admission requirements on their website. Don’t hesitate to contact the university if you have any questions.

Find Financial Resource

After meeting all requirements, the next step is to ensure that you have sufficient financial resources to live and study here. The current law requires that all non-EEA or EU students must have sufficient financial resources to pay for their studies in Germany.

Apply for Admission

Once you have chosen a university that is competent, you will need to be financially prepared bakırköy escort you can apply for admission. This can be done through the school websites listed above.

German Students Visa

A German student visa is required for students who are from non-EU or non-EEA countries. For more information on how to obtain your German student visa, 

Find accommodation

After you have been admitted as a student in Germany, you will need to find a place to live. It is important to consider the cost of living in Germany when looking at accommodations for international students.

Register at Your University

You must appear in person at the university’s administration to enrol at your German university of psychology.

  • Your valid passport
  • A passport photo
  • Your Residence Permit or Visa
  • Signed and completed Application Form
  • Qualifications (original documents or certified copies).
  • The letter of admission
  • Evidence of German health insurance
  • The receipt for payment fees.


Psychology Students Need to Get the Best Out of Their Studies


Contact to Students Students evaluated Cooperation with other students and contact with other students. This is a measure of the faculty’s atmosphere.

The average number of citations per publication. The number of citations per publication indicates how often other academics have quoted the publications of faculty scientists. This antalya escorts how important the published contributions to research were.

Study Organisation: Students evaluated among other things, the completeness and access to compulsory events of the courses they were offered, as well as the coordination of courses with examination regulations.

Research Orientation What tertiary colleges are the most popular according to professors of research? It was not possible to name the tertiary institution.



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