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The huge variety of Folding knives that we can see in any store makes an inexperienced buyer think. That there are probably different types that I would like to deal with. But if you need to quickly answer the question about the types of ลŸiลŸli escort folding knives. Then we would say that there are two main types – these are tactical and non-tactical folding knives. It may sound strange, but for the most part, it is. From the moment that folding knives have ankara escort so good and reliable that they can be used to perform tactically (read, combat) tasks, the world will never be the same again.

If you adhere to conservative views, according to which a knife is a utilitarian tool, do not read this material. If you are ready to learn something new, join us.

ย High-precision.

We can say that in the late 90s and early 2000s, a small revolution took place in knife making. The level of high-precision metal alanya escorting and the emergence of reliable types of knife locks have allowed knifemakers to create models of folding knives that could not have been physically created bakฤฑrkรถy escort. The folding knife has turned from a sandwich-manicure tool into a reliable and independent tactical unit. Even if you buy a knife as an accessory, it is still useful to know if your knife is suitable for tactical tasks. You can count on it in an emergency or not.

Immediately make a reservation that this classification (separation into tactical and non-tactical folding knives) is not exhaustive. Of course, there are groups or classes of knives that can be classified as “costume”, “camping”, “picnic”, etc.

Here we just want to say that absolutely all folding knives can be divided into two categories: tactical and all the rest.

Which, however, does not prevent you from using your favorite FOLDING KNIFE OTAVA, MR BLADE as a “costume” or “picnic” knife.


So, we take it as an axiom: there are two main types of folding knives – tactical and non-tactical.

The tactical folder is currently a knife style that is popular with survivalists, preppers, and outdoor enthusiasts. If you donโ€™t consider yourself one of tsot. But you have something like ZERO TOLERANCE 0350, STEEL CPM S30V, G10 HANDLE hanging on your pocket. Ask yourself a question – have you ever imagined a situation in which you use a knife as a means of self-defense? If the answer is yes, then most likely you have a potential interest in tactical knives and everything related to it.

Survival reality television antalya escorts and military operations around the world are one source of the current popularity of tactical knives. The reliability and wide functionality of the folding tactical knife is the answer to the new challenges that arise bakฤฑrkรถy escort the fighters, law enforcement officers, and doctors who work with the wounded and injured on the battlefield.

The main feature of tactical knives.

The main feature of tactical knives is a powerful blade. Which Fethiye Escort you to apply considerable effort when performing cutting movements. A traditional scrimshaw pocket knife has a fairly thin blade with a sharp cutting edge. This geometry is not able (or requires significant effort) to cut and pierce synthetic fabrics, slings, and gun belts.

The powerful blade of a tactical folding knife Fethiye Escort you to confidently cut ลŸiลŸli escort ballistic materials. Cut Cordura, and rip equipment or heavy clothing on a wounded person. Quite often, equipment or ammunition has inserts and plastic or foam material. Which must also be quickly cut in an extreme situation, when it is necessary to free the wounded or injured from excess items of clothing or equipment.

If you plunge into history, then some European armies used Swiss army knives with a thin serrated blade and a folding saw as a tactical knife. Obviously, in ลŸiลŸli escort combat realities, such a knife does not respond to the needs of specialists.

Tactical models.

The second important point in the emergence of tactical models is the need for a backup combat knife. Of course, you can recall the well-bakฤฑrkรถy escort anecdote about the fact that a knife fight is a meeting of two idiots who shot all the ammunition, lost machine guns, and so on in this vein. However, as experience antalya escorts, any specialist will always prefer to have a backup option with him. Let’s face it, having a spare knife is better than not having one.

Therefore, the next main feature of a tactical folder is that the blade length and overall length will be longer than a traditional pocket knife. Because the secondary purpose of the tactical folder is to use in hand-to-hand combat as a backup blade.


The same paragraph contains an answer to the objection – why is it necessary to use a knife. After all, you can cut the slings with a “leatherman”. Cutting lines and unloading, of course, can be done with a serrated blade from a multitool. But you must admit that even the LEATHERMAN MUT (850112N), 16 FUNCTIONS. Which was created specifically for servicing weapons, does not in any way draw on an item that can confidently smash the enemy?

Another point that immediately emphasizes the tactical focus of your folder is the quick bringing of the blade to the working position. This option Fethiye Escort you to quickly assist (to free the wounded from excess equipment. To free the person in the car from the seat belts) to another person or Fethiye Escort. The wounded soldier opened the knife on his own with one free hand.

The non-tactical folding knife is also bakฤฑrkรถy escort as the traditional pocket knife. Nowadays, non-tactical type folding knives may also have long blades or partially serrated sharpening. However, historically they have a thin butt (small alanya escort bayan of the blade). The width of the butt and the length of the blade are some of the defining features. That makes it possible to distinguish a tactical knife from an ordinary one.

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