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Famous Places To Eat In North East India

The country’s North-Eastern states, affectionately bakırköy escort as the “Seven Sisters” Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and Sikkim produce a wide range of food that includes a wide range of ingredients and flavours. While many of us associate North-Eastern food with momos and thukpa, there is much more to it. While the food is obviously more creative with meats, there are some wonderful vegetarian options as well. Fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices from the region all contribute to the unique flavour of North-Eastern cuisine. You can visit this region of India and eat at any of the below-mentioned places to eat in North East India, you just need to book the North India tour package offered by Lock Your Trip. In this blog, we will list a few bursa escort places to eat in North East India. 


Paradise, Guwahati

The lunch thalis at Paradise are classic Assamese buffets, combining a variety of regional culinary flavours on a dish. Try the delicately flavoured fish Tenga and you’ll be a fan for life. There are veg and nonveg thali options, with the menu specifying all of the components included in each. The dining space is immaculate and roomy, with framed artworks and elegant, red-jacketed servers. 


Wild Rice, Imphal

The şişli escort restaurant in the Sangai Continental hotel is really quite popular, with well-prepared Indian vegetable, chicken, lamb, and fish dishes, as well as excellent kebabs. The veggie lemon coriander soup and the mixed platter of vegetarian kebabs will appeal to vegetarians. The service is attentive, and the hanging lighting and greenery provide a relaxing environment.  Non-guests are welcome to join the breakfast buffet, as well as lunch and dinner. 


Luxmi Kitchen, Imphal

Luxmi, the last word in Manipuri lunch plates, serves a fantastic chakluk (thali) with more than a dozen local dishes including tangy fish stew, fried fish, leafy greens, sinju (a salad with cabbage, lotus stems, and chillies), local dhals, iromba (fermented fish chutney), and ngapi (fermented shrimp paste). A lunch here might be one of the pleasures of your vacation to Manipur. 


Tawang Food Court, Tawang Valley

Happily, this is not a food court, but rather a relaxed meeting ground where residents and tourists alike can enjoy wine, whisky, or rum alongside tasty preparations such as momos (Tibetan dumplings), egg bhujia (scrambled with onion, chilli, and tomato), Bhutanese dazhi preparations, or a ‘Monpa thali,’ which is actually a pretty good cheese and veggie cuisine plated with rice. 


Chouka, Jorhat

Chouka’s menu includes bamboo shoots, banana blossoms, elephant apple, mustard greens, poultry in sesame-seed sauce, fish in Tenga (sour) curry, and things cooked in banana leaves in a well-spaced dining area off MG Rd. You won’t find better Assamese cooking anyplace else. The thalis, which are served for lunch and dinner, are excellent antalya escortcases of owner-chef Dhruva Saikia’s skills. 


Moti Mahal Deluxe, Dibrugarh

The polished Moti Mahal restaurant at Hotel Rajawas is popular with the town’s gastronomes and serves superb North Indian food, including staples like chicken tikka masala and palak paneer (non-fermented cheese cubes in a pureed spinach gravy), as well as several makhani (made with butter) specialities like dhal makhani, paneer makhani, and butter chicken. 


Tandoor, Guwahati

This beautiful premium restaurant inside the majestic Dynasty hotel serves wonderful North Indian food, including outizmir escorting tandoori items, biryanis, and lots of vegetarian options. Waiters in Mughal costumes serve meals while Indian musicians perform gently in the background. Cocktails, mocktails, foreign beers, wines, and spirits are available on the extensive beverages menu. 


Sela Restaurant, Ziro Valley

Nepali-run Sela is the valley’s greatest solo restaurant, serving filling fried rice, momos (Tibetan dumplings), thukpa (noodle soup), chow mein, omelettes, and egg bhujia (eggs scrambled with chilli, onion, and tomato) in a clean atmosphere. Go upstairs, where it’s brighter and roomier than downstairs. On MG Rd, it’s just across from the parking garage. 


Cafe Samsara, Kohima

Firstly, hotel restaurant is one of the most popular in Kohima, with customers lounging on sofas while eating Indian, Continental, or Chinese cuisine. Secondly, They also serve beer, wine, whiskey, and vodka, which adds to the allure. Throughout the day, there is a fantastic music soundtrack, and there is a fireplace for cold winter evenings. It’s located on a hillside 4 kilometres south of the city centre. 

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Spring Valley, Tezpur

This extremely busy and popular restaurant provides hot, savoury snacks and tiny meals all day, the puris (puffed-up deep-fried flatbreads) are truly delectable. The bakery department offers a good selection of muffins, chocolates, bread, and pastries (including ‘cornflake cake’). The vegetarian restaurant on the fourth level provides a more comprehensive lunch and supper thali for 90. 


Fire And Ice, Itanagar

This hotel restaurant, with its elegant woodwork and sophisticated purple-and-turquoise upholstery, provides well-prepared Indian and Chinese dishes and competes for the title of Itanagar’s bursa escort fine-dining venue. T the employees spoke practically no English; hence, the hotel desk can always assist you with ordering. In the evenings, it serves as a lounge bar.  


Orange Roots, Cherrapunjee

Orange Roots, located 1.3 kilometres from the town centre, is a bright and clean pure vegetarian restaurant where local ladies dish up wonderful South Indian dosas and uttapams (savoury rice pancakes) and good lunch thalis. The modest shop sells chocolate and rain ponchos and has large picture windows with views of the town.


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