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Export Emails from Zoho Mail to Thunderbird Profile

Due to several requirements here I am with some of the approaches to add Zoho Mail to Thunderbird i.e., to export Zoho to Thunderbird profile. The migration includes all the email files, attached documents, contacts, calendar events, etc.

Before getting into the solution, let’s learn the fact why users are switching to the Thunderbird account.

Why’s & How’s – Add Zoho Mail to Thunderbird Profile 

For şişli escort enterprises, Zoho Mail is an integrated email suite with Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and Bookmarks. Users can use Zoho mail to interact with a variety of interfaces. However, Zoho is not the finest webmail client application when compared to other email clients. This might be one of the biggest reasons why users are planning to switch from Zoho to Thunderbird.

While on the other hand, Thunderbird is a Mozilla project that is primarily bakırköy escort for its Mozilla Firefox browser. It’s a cross-platform email client that also has a news feed client. Thunderbird Fethiye Escort users to conveniently manage several email accounts. Thunderbird was created in such a way that it supports IMAP, POP, and also, LDAP. Labels for discovering messages, message filtering, rapid search, and virtual folders are just a few of the features.

Thus, export Zoho mail to Thunderbird profiles with the help of the article. The below mentioned are the manual and automated methods.

If there is an urgent need to move the emails to Thunderbird, then go to Method #2.

To burdur escort Thunderbird email files use the burdur escorter/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Thunderbird File Converter

Manually Export Zoho Emails to Thunderbird

The common practice of transferring emails from one source to another is with the help of IMAP. Try out below mentioned steps:

Confethiye escort bayan IMAP access for the Zoho Mail Account

1. Sign in to Zoho Mail and go to Settings > Mail Accounts > IMAP Access > Enable IMAP Access.

2. Then Start Mozilla Thunderbird and go to the Menu bar > Tools and select Account settings.

3. The Account Settings Windows will open up, choose the option Account Actions, and hit the Add Mail account.

4. Enter all the required information and press Continue.

5. The server details of Incoming and Outgoing Zoho Mails will obtain by the thunderbird. Click on the Manual Config button to edit the server details manually.

6. Enter the server and account details. Refer to the below fethiye escort bayan.


7. Enter the Zoho Account details and the domain hosting users add the email address domain-based one.

8. Now from the following set the Incoming and Outgoing server:

Incoming Server Setting 

  • For personal users i.e., in the current scenario to add Zoho Mail to Thunderbird, enter imap.zoho.com and select port number 993. Authentication is a normal password from the list.
  • For an organization or business use i.e., for a domain-based account, mention imappro.zoho.com and port number as 993. Authentication as a normal password.

Outgoing Server Settings

  • Enter smtp.zoho.com and choose a port number as 465 and select authentication as Normal Password.
  • Enter the user’s name and the email address of the Zoho account.
  • Finally, hit the Done button.

Shared Folders from Thunderbird Email Client

Now, learn how to transfer or share folders. Users can share folders in Zoho Mail, but only if they have particular rights.

Install the ACL Extension 

Since the Thunderbird IMAP client has the option to share a folder, we must have the ACT Extension bakırköy escorthand.

  • Press the Tool from the Thunderbird Menu bar and click on Add-ons. Then, search for ACL and install the Extension.
  • Further, restart the Mozilla Thunderbird account

Follow the Steps to Share Folders to Thunderbird

1. Select the Folder from the Thunderbird account and right-click the folder.

2. Choose the properties from the list.

3. Click on Sharing Tab > Set Permission and then hit the OK button.

4. Click on the New button to add new sharing permission and press the Ok button.

5. Now browse the desired permission from the list.

6. Further, to assign Read permission, choose l: Lookup folder & r: read messages and hit the ok button.

7. To assign Write permission, choose l: lookup folder & r: read messages and hit the Ok button.

8. Finally, the folder will the share with to whom the respective permission is granted.

Simple Automated Approach for Email Mail Migration

It is clear from the above steps the manual procedure is not a simple task. If the user messes up at any point the whole alanya escort to export Zoho to Thunderbird will be an error. Thus, I would recommend all to download Zoho Mail Backup Tool to transfer emails from Zoho webmail to any online email client with ease. The application is a sort of all-in-one email migration of Zoho email to different file formats or email clients.

Follow the steps here on how to use the application

1. Get the software from the official site and open the application right away.

2. Further, enter the Email address and password of the Zoho Mail account and press the Login button.

3. Then, all the folders from the Zoho account will display on the left panel for the user to select. Then select Thunderbird from Select Saving Option.

4. The tool will fetch the Thunderbird profile folder and finally hit the Start Backup button.

*For selective migration, go to the filter option and set the filter attributes and Add Zoho Mail to Thunderbird Selectively.

Also, get the software Gmail Backup Wizard to backup or migrate emails from Google Account.


There are two different solutions mentioned in the article, choose an appropriate one and go with it. For instance, if there is a need for an instant solution then get the third-party tool mentioned here. Moreover, try out the demo version and then go with the upgraded version for unlimited migration.

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