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Easy methods to wipe out QuickBooks Duplicate Transactions

QuickBooks is one of the most trusted accounting software for small businesses. Its products are oriented towards small and medium-sized businesses. Like every software, QB also has some bugs and errors. QuickBooks duplicate transactions is one such error which occurs because of the communication issues between bank and QuickBooks. Each bank connects to QuickBooks differently, so sometimes there are crossed wire.

In this blog, we will explain to you why QuickBooks find Duplicate Transactions and the methods to resolve this error. We request you to read this blog carefully to prevent this from happening in future. However, in case if you are unable to solve this problem, you can seek support from our QuickBooks expert on call at our 1.855.738.2784

Causes behind QuickBooks Duplicate Transactions

  • Communication problem between bank and QuickBooks.
  • In case a bank account is connected twice.
  • Malware and virus infections.

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Methods to troubleshoot QuickBooks Duplicate Transactions :

At first, you will have to check if duplicate accounts are connected in the QuickBooks. For that, you will have to go to the bank accounts and confirm that bank account is only connected once. If you find any bank account connected more than once, you will have to remove the extra QuickBooks duplicate transactions.

To hide a bank account :

  • Select the gear at the top.
  • Select bank accounts under the transactions.
  • Search for the extra account you want to hide and click on the hide options.

What to do when QuickBooks find duplicate transactions

Case 1: Using register mode

If a user wants to remove QuickBooks duplicate transaction in register mode, the user can move the register at the top of the screen. For transactions, the user needs to scroll down. If the user wants to delete the transactions that don’t match at all, the user can delete the whole statement by following the mentioned steps :

  • From banking, select bank menu and then bank feeds centre.
  • Move and select the statement from the items received from the bank section.
  • Choose Done.
  • In the not finished matching screen, select Yes. You will return to the online banking centre.
  • Select the same statement and delete within items received from the bank.

Case 2: In side by side mode.

In this mode downloaded statements are on the left screen.

  • Move to banking menu.
  • Choose bank feeds and then choose bank feeds center.
  • Select the account with the transactions you want to delete in the reviewed section.
  • Choose Items to Delete.
  • Now choose that particular transaction which you want to remove.
  • Select Delete selected and then choose Yes.

This convey us to the end of this blog. While adding up, we hope that the information transmitted by us will be helpful to you and that you will be capable of fixing the problem by yourself. However, If you need any technical assistance in resolving QuickBooks duplicate transaction problem, then our QB experts will help you at our 1.855.738.2784.

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