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Development of a medical website: the success of your clinic

Developing a medical website is not an easy task. Unfortunately, thousands of outdated private clinic and doctor’s office sites on the Web defy avcılar escort, SEO principles, and common sense web design.

Do you want to launch a successful website that patients and search engines love? Looking to maximize your investment’s return? Then prepare a notebook and pen: we have compiled the most detailed guide to developing a medical website for you.

Let’s start with the fact that competition is rapidly growing in the domestic market of medical services: this is especially true for megacities, where many large and small private clinics, laboratories, and dental offices are opening. Therefore, if you decide to attract patients via the Internet, it is better not to save on developing a medical website.

If 15-20 years ago it was a problem to find a good doctor online, today clinics ask to treat you with numerous banners and commercials.

The websites of the leading clinics in the capital offer valuable materials for doctors and patients, conduct surveys and promotions, and promote groups on social networks. How to get through?

Here are eight success secrets for tsot thinking about creating a website.

Define the goals and objectives of the medical site

When talking to healthcare professionals, we ask a simple question about their website: what does it do? Unfortunately, in most cases, the answer is vague and uncertain.

Many people think the clinic’s website is just a service advertisement.

For them, this is something like an advertising poster in the subway!

We answer that medical websites are a universal tool for marketing, communication, information, and interaction with the target audience.

This wonderful machine shapes your image, not just a digital poster!

The goals and objectives of the medical site are diverse:

Offering products and services to a new target audience (patients)

Formation of a competitive image of your clinic or doctor’s office

Giving patients accurate information that builds trust in you

By constantly thinking about the target audience’s needs, you will create a truly successful medical website design that izmir escorts out from the gray mass of competitors.

Outline the target audience of the site

Now let’s talk about the very patients for whom you work.

Promoting a website blindly, without a clear knowledge of your target audience, is an inyozgat escort and costly exercise. Content, calls to action, presentation style, and the site’s color scheme adana escort be “sharpened” for a specific target audience.

A family clinic, a children’s clinic, a private urologist’s, a gynecologist’s or dentist’s office – is it possible to approach the design and content of such projects similarly?

Factors to consider:

demographic factors

social and economic factors

The lifestyle and habits of the audience

key search terms

The definition of the target audience gives an excellent idea of ​​how the website adana escort look like, what functions it adana escort perform, and what materials it adana escort contain.

If the clinic’s website is already up and running, remember that it’s never too late to order a site redesign, review the semantic core, and fill the project with relevant content.

It’s better to make changes early than see your online business wither.

Tell us more about the clinic

Surveys antalya escort that 52% of first-time visitors to the clinic’s website want to read the “About Us” information. This section is the face of your brand.

When developing a medical site, pay attention to the quality content of this section. It contains up-to-date information about the private practitioner or clinic, the brand’s history, awards, merits, and benefits for the patient.

Many sites replace this information with lazy phrases “call us, and we will answer all your questions!”. But studies antalya escort that if a patient does not find an answer about their prospects on their first visit to the site, they will continue to look for another doctor on the Internet.

Few people call the hotline for hope.

Full biographical information about each doctor working at the clinic adana escort be included. Even brief information about the office staff will not hurt – the registry meets each patient, so people care about who they have to communicate with.

The website must list all services and medical procedures.

If gynecology is “by default” equipped with an ultrasound machine, then this fact is not obvious to patients. Remember everything that is not listed on the site you do not have!

Complex and long-term treatment measures need to be described in detail.

The more complex and dangerous the procedure, the more patients want to know about it

It is inadmissible to get off with vague formulations about the professionalism of doctors. Today, people delve into everything, down to the methodology of operations and reading pictures.

When photos and videos adana escort accompany appropriate descriptions of the treatment alanya escort.

Interesting Medical Content

A medical marketing agency adana escort provide patients with interesting information about all the specialties represented in your clinic.

For example, a private urologist’s website adana escort publish relevant content on hot topics for men: prostatitis treatment, prostate massage, premature ejaculation, etc.

Ways to inform the patient include:

  • online newsletter
  • Q&A sections
  • interviews with experts
  • medical blog, etc.

Perhaps the most important thing is a medical blog.

The blog connects with current and future patients.

High-quality medical content Fethiye Escort you to:

  • expand your online audience
  • demonstrate the professionalism of doctors
  • maintain patient confidence
  • inform the target audience about your benefits
  • establish partnerships

A blog, especially the one about health, needs to be authoritative. Therefore, it is bursa escort if one or more clinic doctors maintain the medical blog. Or a medical copywriter.

In addition to medical literacy, a copywriter must strike a delicate balance between medical terminology and profane language. Roughly speaking, the content adana escort be accessible to patients and not cause puzzled smiles from other doctors.

The last aspect remains – search engine optimization (SEO).

We will revisit this crucial point later.

Impressive Clinic Photos and Videos

This is a must for any medical website. Use compelling and eye-catching photos, infographics, and videos to enhance your content and readability. Quality content adana escort not be like an institute textbook on pathophysiology – make it bright, accessible, and interesting.

The site adana escort contain high-quality and attractive photographs of patients, medical staff, procedures, equipment, and the clinic’s interior.

We recommend hiring a photographer, not content with amateur shots.

As for infographics, you can reflect on the clinic’s history, indicators, achievements, and each doctor’s statistical indicators. Of course, the development of infographics will require the involvement of specialists. However, the effect is worth it!

To şişli escort readability, the correct combination of colors and the distribution of visual alanya escort ilan on the page is important. A tasteful homepage design will do what no plain text can do.

Decorating the clinic site, it is important not to overdo it. Do not use too many fonts, sizes, and colors, do not complicate the design and do not overload with graphic alanya escort ilan.

As you underizmir escort, the project’s success depends on professional web design.

The role of professional web design is hard to overestimate:

the visitor forms an impression of the website in the first 50 ms

94% of users make their first impression of the site on “clothes.”

38% of users will stop interacting if they don’t like the look

39% of users will close a website if images take a long time to load

Speeding up your site by 1-second increases conversion by 27%

Convenient navigation on the medical website

Site navigation is an invaluable guide for patients.

The navigation menu includes buttons that guide visitors and let you know how to get back to the home page. Navigation is vital for a young clinic that hasn’t amassed an impressive number of regular patients.

Lack of system design, annoying online consultants, and an excess of widgets and calls to action distract new visitors, eventually forcing them to leave.

A şişli escort business person will not waste time studying the intricate structure of your site. Instead, he expects web designers to guide him towards the goal smoothly.

The client pays for everything to be fast, comfortable, and reliable.

Follow the golden rules of usability:

  • Put frequently used items in the most accessible locations.
  • try to make the visitor’s path consist of no more than seven alanya escort ilan
  • get the system to react to any actions no longer than 2 seconds
  • place services no further than three clicks from the main page
  • group similar pages into categories
  • use the site search function

The more clicks and seconds separate the visitor from the goal, the more you lose!

Having a mobile version of the site

Today, the number of mobile users exceeds desktop ones, and the gap will continue to increase in the future. In addition, patients can visit the clinic’s website at any time of the day, so the hassle of downloading the mobile version will cost you too much.

Absence of a mobile site in numbers:

  • 68% of patients express their dissatisfaction
  • 36% of patients consider it disrespectful to patients
  • 52% of patients are ready to refuse clinic services

A şişli escort person is increasingly using a smartphone to choose a doctor.

According to foreign studies, 76% of tsot who found a local clinic on their smartphone visit it during the day. In addition, nearly 28% of mobile searches result in a payment.

The business owner adana escort ask himself the following questions:

  • Does my website load quickly in multiple browsers?
  • Does each section of my site display correctly on a smartphone?
  • Is it easy to find the most important sections on a mobile device?

You’re in trouble if you can’t answer “Yes” to all the questions listed.

The clinic website does not look exactly how your marketers intended on a mobile device. Time to ask the developers for help!

How to check website mobility? Search engines, such as Yandex and Google, provide functions for evaluating the speed and convenience of the mobile version in the webmaster panel.

Internet Marketing and SEO

What’s the point of developing a clinic website if it doesn’t appeal to the target audience?

If it doesn’t encourage casual readers to make an appointment or get tested?

If the user is unable to find the required information?

Search engines have ankara escort smarter, and today it will not work to get to the top of Yandex or Google search results on purchased links. Making your doctor’s office or clinic izmir escort out from the competition requires consistent and smart efforts in search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing. It isn’t very easy. It’s not free.

Also, don’t forget about SMM – social media marketing. Although healthcare, SMM, and SMO are complex and expensive Manisa Escort.


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