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Data science

Data Science is the data science that combines different Manisa Escort of knowledge: computer science, mathematics, and systems analysis. This includes methods for alanya escorting big data ( Big Data ), data mining ( Data Mining ), statistical methods. Artificial intelligence methods, including machine learning ( Machine Learning ). DS includes methods for designing and developing databases and application software


How data science appeared and what does big data have to do with it.

In contrast to the term ” enormous information “, which has ankara escort well bakırköy escort since the 2010s. Information science began a whole lot sooner, in the final part of the twentieth century. The principal notice of this idea traces back to 1974 when Peter Naur’s book was Distribution

This distribution characterizes Data Science as the discipline of concentrating on the existing pattern of advanced information. From its initiation to change and use in different subject matters. However, the term was clearly used during the 1990s. And most of it is considered unique. In the mid-2000s. Specifically, in 2002, the interdisciplinary Committee on Data for Science and Technology. Started distributing the CODATA Data Science Journal, and in January 2003. The principal issue of The Journal of Data Science of Columbia University was distribution.

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The idea of Big Data

The following rush of interest in DS emerged during the promotion of the idea of Big Data, from 2010. But the alanya escorting force of even family PCs started to permit working with a lot of information. From about the same time various gatherings of experts began to take place and colleges everywhere. The planet remembered this discipline for its educational programs, creating suitable instructive projects.

Today, Data Science is effectively utilized in a wide scope of applied fields of action. From cosmology to medication, including business cases: promoting, retail, the board. The monetary investigation, prescient examination of crisis circumstances, and so forth


Data scientists are called data scientists or data scientists. Currently, this is one of the most sought-after and highly paid IT professions. For example, in Moscow as of January 2020. The monthly works of a scientist roughly are at 200 thousand rubles (from 70 to 250 thousand rubles). In the USA, the payment is higher – $110 – $140 thousand per year.

The main practical goal of the work of a data scientist is to extract useful information for the business. From large amounts of information, identify patterns, develop and test hypotheses. Through modeling and developing new software.

To achieve this goal, the Data Scientist uses the following tools:

  • statistical modeling packages (R-Studio, Matlab);
  • big data technologies (Apache Hadoop, HDFS, Spark, Kafka ), NoSQL DBMS ( Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, DynamoDB, and other non-relational solutions);
  • SQL for working with classic relational databases and forming structured. Queries to NoSQL solutions using Apache Phoenix, Drill, Impala, Hive, etc.
  • programming languages ​​(Python, R, Java, Scala) for developing machine learning models and software prototypes;
  • information systems of the Business Intelligence class (dashboards, data marts) for visualizing business indicators from information arrays.

Thus, we can conclude that Data Science includes the following Manisa Escort of knowledge:

  • mathematics: mathematical analysis, mathematical statistics, and mathematical logic;
  • informatics: development of software, databases, models, and machine learning algorithms (neural networks, Bayesian algorithms, regression series, etc.), Data Mining;
  • system analysis (methods of subject area analysis, Business Intelligence).

We wrote more about the profession of a Data Scientist. Its differences between an engineer and a data analyst (Data Engineer and Data Analyst) here.

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