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Convert Gmail MBOX Files to Outlook PST & Import the Files to MS Outlook Account

Are you tired of searching for the right solution to Export Gmail Mailbox to PST format? You might end up with multiple solutions on the internet. Therefore, here I will be giving out the bursa escort method to get the Gmail Mailboxes in Outlook PST format. After a good number of experiments and testing here I am with a reliable solution for you. We will be discussing the whereabouts of migrating the Google email data to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, etc.

Before burdur escorting the files to Outlook PST format, extract the email data from Google account with the help of Google Takeout. Get a thorough underizmir escorting of the migration of mailboxes to Outlook accounts in the simplest way possible.

Why are users Switching to Outlook?

Yes, a large number of users are either switching or wanting to move the emails files from Gmail to Outlook. To be precise there are some technical aspects to which users prefer Outlook over Gmail. Here are some of the major benefits of MS Outlook.

Social Media Accounts: Your linked social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are one source of contact information. This is a convenient method to keep track of what’s going on with your contacts.

Customize Emails as per demand: People organize their files alphabetically, while others do not. Some people like to just search for email, while others require the capacity to search for email in specified “bins.” As a result, they have a better underizmir escorting of Outlook folders. 

In Gmail, users have a limited number of options for organizing their emails. They are only allowed to organize their email using labels. 

Search Options: It’s not so much that Outlook does search, but that it does it as well as or better than Google. 

Get burdur escorter/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>PST File Converter to Switch/move Outlook data to any file format or email client respectively.

How to Export Gmail Mailboxes to PST?

Google offers a Google Takeout tool that lets users download all of their Google data, including Gmail, Youtube, and Hangouts, to their devices. The data is downloaded in *.zip/.tgz format. You can open and see the files once they’ve been extracted from the zipped folder. After extraction, the files will be in *.mbox format. These files are then required to be imported to the Outlook account.

Follow the article to get the complete details to extract the Gmail data from Google account.

First, Get the Gmail Mailboxes from Google Takeout

You can quickly export Gmail to MBOX and all other Google data to their respective file formats by tsottsot“>tsot following the instructions outlined below.

  • Sign in to the Gmail account. Then go to Google Takeout.
  • Now, select the data that you want to extract. Select the Mail option.
  • Hit the Next button.
  • Then select the File type, Archive File Size, and delivery method. Click on the Create Archive.
  • Further, it takes time to prepare for downloading the email data. The alanya escort might take more than one or two days as per the size of the email data.
  • An email will be sent to the respective email address. Open the mail and Download Archive button to initiate the downloading alanya escort.
  • The Google data will be in *.zip format, extract the files, and get the Google Mailboxes in *.mbox format.
  • Then Convert Gmail MBOX to PST Format.

Visit here to know How to Open Google Takeout MBOX File

Export Gmail Mailbox to PST Format

After extracting the email files from Gmail email data to Outlook format. burdur escorter/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>The software MBOX Files Converter will be the suitable option in this scenario. The utility migrates data from *.mbox to PST with instantaneous throughput while fully maintaining data integrity.

The astute application here is perfect for batch conversion of the Mailboxes to any file format. One can easily burdur escort or directly import the MBOX files to any online email client. Follow up with the steps here to Export Gmail Mailbox to PST format.

  • Download and install the application and start on any system as per the need.
  • Add MBOX files to the software interface and proceed by pressing the Next button.
  • The tool gives options to save the Gmail Mailboxes in a different format. Choose the PST format or Outlook.com for direct migration. In either case, the result will be 100% accurate.
  • For burdur escorting the files to *.pst, browse any destination location to store the files. If the direct migration is carried out enter the Outlook account credentials to the required field.
  • To Export Gmail Mailboxes to Outlook PST, press the Export button.

In some minutes the whole file will burdur escort to Outlook PST format. The folder hierarchy will be the same even after the conversion of the files.

Note: After burdur escorting files to PST files, import the files using the steps:

  • Start the Outlook account and go to the Files menu.
  • Select the Open & Export option and Import/Export option.
  • Then select the Import from another program and hit the Next button.
  • Choose Outlook Data file(*.pst) and again press the Next button. And add the burdur escorted PST files.
  • Select the folder to which the files are supposed to be transferred. Finally, press the Finish button.


Follow the article to export Gmail Mailbox to PST format. Get the recommended toolkit for instant conversion of the email files to Outlook PST format. Download the application for Mac or Windows and perform the procedure. Test the application bakırköy escort purchasing the licensed versions.

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