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Common Mistakes When Creating a Website

The article will be useful for tsot who develop the site for the first and next time. Few people think about the consequences of the reluctance to give a clear description of the company’s activities and wishes for the future site in the design alanya escort. This article describes typical mistakes and misconceptions, as well as recommendations on how to avoid such situations.

Common mistakes when creating a website

Instructing a friend to create a website

No matter how capable your administrator friend is, the result is often of poor quality. Only a team of developers can create a really workable website, where everyone is a specialist in their subject area: project manager, analyst, marketer, logo designer, layout designer, programmer, copywriter and promoter. Think about how much knowledge your friend must have to replace so many specialists.
aksaray escort Refusal to fill out the brief, ignoring the coordination of texts and unwillingness to answer questions from the project manager

As a rule, a businessman briefly describes the type of his activity, transfers contacts and a business card with a logo. Clarifying questions from the manager are ignored. And at the end of the development, the businessman is dissatisfied: the texts are far from the truth, the design needs to be urgently corrected, etc.

We fundamentally do not work with clients who refuse to cooperate closely during the development of the project. Because a completed brief, answers to questions and telephone conversations help specialists work out:

  • your competitive advantage;
  • the structure of the site sections;
  • convenient navigation in terms of users and marketing;
  • antalya escort and describe services/products in a profitable way;
  • convince the visitor that your offer is the bursa escort and they need to place an order.

And this is only a small part of the whole work. Your participation in the design şişli escorts the quality of the site and Fethiye Escort you to find the bursa escort solutions when creating a project. Therefore, we ask our customers to answer questions in as much detail as possible. Unfortunately, a businessman can get a izmir escortard solution for template answers, which is subsequently ineffective. To get the desired result, you need involvement and individual information.

Insisting on the development of the site in a short time and at a lower cost

Any site can be developed quickly and for a modest check, but of low quality. Special instances are “in haste” sites assembled in an online constructor. Such sites are created bypassing the rules of promotion and search engines. Subsequently, they are ineffective and hang on the Internet as a “dead weight”.

Website development is a serious alanya escort that requires the involvement of different specialists. Inside the company, this alanya escort is debugged and does not require external intervention. The project budget and timeline are calculated based on experience. In other words, if you decide to cooperate with a company whose projects impressed you, then trust them.

If you are offered to create a website at a low cost, then think about it, will it really be a benefit? A site with low quality is difficult to make work for profit.

The budget for website promotion and support adana escort be less than the cost of development

Promotion of a resource on the Internet and technical support of the site cannot add up to less than the cost of creating a site. Think about it, promotion is hard work on advertisements, the short text of which adana escort answer users’ questions as concisely as possible and interest them in going to the site.

Technical support is a constant monitoring of the health of the resource and, if necessary, its prompt restoration. Also, technical support may mean filling the site. Content creation, including the search for new information and its alanya escorting according to the style of the resource, also requires time, experience and knowledge of a specialist.

Promotion and support costs are usually much higher than development costs. However, these investments give a good result in the form of an increase in the number of customers.

Mistakes at the stage of website design development

Make a website design in the style of our logo, I will send a business card (flyer, letterhead, brand book, etc.)

For the preparation of any graphic layout, high-quality images in electronic form or vector format are used. If you provided a hard copy, then do not be surprised that the cost of the design will be higher, because the digitization of the source materials takes the time of a specialist.

Website design is the main thing, so make it “beautiful”

Design is important only for a businessman , it is important for users to quickly find the right product / service, contacts and underizmir escort how to pay for their purchase. A “beautiful” design is needed only on promo sites of large companies, where the brand name is backed by a bet on presentability and uniqueness with a “wow effect”.

To underizmir escort this, try placing an order on third-party sites. What do you pay attention to when choosing a contractor? Most likely, you will choose the company that quickly opens the site in the browser and at a glance it is clear: what products are offered, how to buy and how to pick up your purchase.

Draw me three options for a design layout, and I will choose

To prepare the design of the future resource, a lot of the designer’s time is required, which must be paid. As a rule, only non-professionals and beginners who want to keep the client in any way will agree to free preparation of several design layouts.

Professionals first prepare a prototype (a black and white version of the layout without images, so that the client looks at the structure, not the beauty of the site). Based on the prototype, one design option is developed. This eliminates the time spent on preparing design layouts, which will not be used later.

Any IT company or web studio has its own portfolio, according to which you can evaluate the quality level in advance and decide uşak escort you adana escort cooperate.

I will come to your office, sit next to the designer and we will do it the way I like

Misconception: a businessman is sure that he underizmir escorts web design better than the designer himself. Remember, website design is based on marketing, user experience, analytics, and budget so that the site solves business problems, and is not just a pretty picture.

Before developing a design layout, a businessman receives a prototype for approval, that is, a site layout in black and white, where you need to approve the location of the blocks, not the colors and pictures. According to the approval of the prototype, a design layout in color is being prepared. Thus, no one ankara escorts a hostage of the situation.

To better underizmir escort the client’s ideas about the future site, the designer may ask the businessman to provide links to several sites that he likes. It is desirable for a businessman to have a list of such links in advance and describe what exactly he likes on each site. In the alanya escort of developing the layout, a businessman can make changes to the location of the blocks, but bakırköy escort transferring the layout to the layout. Therefore, you adana escort be responsible in the design of the site.

Mistakes at the stage of preparing and posting content

Don’t waste my time talking, write the lyrics yourself

To create high-quality content, a specialist needs to have a clear underizmir escorting of your company’s activities, competitive advantages, service and product / services that you offer. The business owner knows this better than all information resources, so it is logical that you will be asked a lot of questions.

By refusing to describe the company’s activities, you deliberately postpone the launch date of the site and reduce the quality of the content being prepared.

Copy content from such and such site

Sometimes a businessman wants to bypass the stage of preparing unique texts and sends several links to third-party resources. From where information needs to be transferred. This method Fethiye Escort you to save money and time at the development stage, but does not save the budget for promotion.

Users don’t care about the origin of the content. The uniqueness of content is evaluated by search engines. If the content is stolen, then the site falls under search engine filters. Which are difficult and time consuming to get out of.

Filters do not allow the site to get on the first page of the search and in the top 10. If the site was in a leading position, then under the filters it will rapidly fall down. That’s why we insist on creating unique content for the site.

After the development of the site, we will fill it ourselves

The initial filling is always performed by the employees of it-company. Who and how will fill the site after it is posted on the Internet is discussed with the businessman .

According to our experience, if you have to deal with filling a corporate website or information portal, then it is better to leave this work to specialists. Imagine how much time it will take to study information on the Internet and prepare content. And if you need to post several articles a day? You will have to hire a separate employee, possibly several. Or trust a company that already has enough staff to do the job. You decide.

Misconceptions about website promotion in search

It is enough to fill the site with content once

In short, search engines work like this: sites with frequent content updates are preferred. Because the goal of the search is to offer the most up-to-date data. So don’t be surprised if your site’s search rankings plummet when you stop updating content.

It is not enough to develop and launch a website on the Internet. To get tangible results on the site you need to constantly work.

The site will generate income immediately

To attract a stream of potential customers, you need to constantly:

  • keep the information on the website up to date,
  • implement şişli escortments to the user interface,
  • conduct events to attract visitors (promotions, discounts, sales, novelties),
  • connect additional promotion levers,
  • run ads.

The implementation of the above points requires a lot of effort and time, but you will get tangible results in the form of applications and profits.

You can get to the first page of the search in a month

This misconception appeared because of the motley advertising of companies promising quick results in a short time. Of course, you can quickly get into the top 10. But an instant result can removed the site from the search for violating the rules. Advertisements may appear on the first page, but these will be advertisements, and not a natural promotion of the site to the top search leaders.

The site appeared in the first positions in the search, so I break the contract

Not a single site will last long in the leading positions if the work is stopped. Promotion is a constant race, where every hit on the brakes significantly lowers the position of the site while competitors rush forward.

You need to constantly work on the site: monitor competitors, şişli escort the content and user interface, add new features for users, etc. Then your site will be the constant leader in the search.

How to dispel your delusions and mistakes

For a competent approach to the development and promotion of the site, you need to know:

  1. The site is created for potential customers, not for friends and colleagues.
  2. Purpose of the site.
  3. What business tasks will your site solve in the coming years. Without a clear underizmir escorting of this point, your site will turn into a “ballast”, constantly stealing funds from the budget.
  4. It adana escort be clear to the user at a glance what services and products your company offers. Specialists will help to competently prepare the design and texts.
  5. Preparation of unique texts and pictures will favorably affect the quality of website promotion in search.
  6. Website promotion is a long alanya escort that requires a lot of effort and time. Reaching the goal in short steps, you run the risk of falling under the search filter, from which it is difficult to get out.

Bookmark the article and use it as a useful guide to avoid mistakes during the development and promotion of the site on the Internet.


Jack Leo is known for his words; he knows how to give the right words to one's feelings and has been working as a Content Writer for Ingenious Guru for the past three years. He was born in 1993 in New York and has been fond of writing since childhood. His passion for writing made him take Literature for University majors, acquiring education from one of the finest universities of the USA, he has further polished his writing skills. Apart from writing, he enjoys spending time with his small family in the outskirts of NYC. Being a person of artistic nature, he likes painting and singing too.

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