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Choosing Beautiful Flowers and Gift Baskets For a Girlfriend

Some people only buy romantic flowers for their partner when they need to apologize, which is quite sad. You don’t need to purchase fresh blooms trying to mend your mess, but you should gift them to celebrate someone or something epic. 

Sometimes you don’t even need a reason to give your girlfriend flowers. You can pass by the grocery store and surprise her with a bouquet, and she will be over the moon. Then make it a habit, and this will spice up your love. 

So, when you decide to buy , which ones do you pick? Which are the best blooms to give her? Do you have to wait for Valentine’s or anniversary? Now let’s look at various types of flowers:

Pink Roses

Surprisingly, pink roses are one of the best flowers you can get your girlfriend, wife, sister, mom, or any other woman in your life that are worth celebrating. According to some research, most women order light or bright pink roses, and the shade of pink doesn’t matter much. 

If you want to wow your special woman with flowers, go for a premium dozen bouquet of long pink roses. These are the most popular and perfect gifts for your girlfriend. 

Red Roses

You can see the most dominant flowers during lover’s day are red roses. While there are many other events that you may find this flower, it’s one of the most romantic flowers to buy your love. So even as you struggle to choose the ideal bloom for your wife or mom, you can’t go wrong with a gift basket of these fresh flowers. 

And you can make a statement by complementing it with a bubbly, chocs, or anything else you think she will love. 


Most women love the sunflower arrangement as this makes a lovely centerpiece. So, consider sending these to your girlfriend. And please don’t shy from buying the large ones that are likely to bring that wow factor. Sunflowers could look good on their own as they make a bold statement, or you can mix them with other flowers to give them an exciting look. However you arrange them, these make an excellent gift for most ladies as they are happy and cheery.


When you think of affordable gift flowers for your girlfriend, bouquets of daisies are a perfect choice. So many girls love these fresh blooms, and they are great varieties to buy for a girl of any age. The traditional white color is the most popular, but you can send any other hue according to their preference or send mixed colors. 

Cyprus flowers include a variety of daisies, from white with yellow centers to full yellow daisies. Most of these blooms at a different time of the year. For instance, sunray daisies and moonbeams are summer bloomers. On the other hand, snowbanks and purple domes are great bloomers in the fall. While daisies are excellent in full sun, they also do well in partial shade. Although they are tolerant of most soil types, soils that drain well are preferable. 

Cyclamen Potted Plant

If you want to give your girlfriend a live plant that she can keep for a long, this Cyprus flower is the best present to give. It’s a vibrant-colored bloom with attractive foliage. Its colorful flowers and magnificent heart-shaped leaves make this plant an ideal potted plant that a friend or someone special will love to have in their house.

Cyclamen is a native to Cyprus and has about 20 species. It’s a hardy plant that grows in full or partial shade. It can grow up to 16 inches tall and does best in the daytime with 60 to 65 degrees. These come in white, red, and pink flowers.  

In Conclusion

It will be easier for you to choose the perfect bloom for your girlfriend. So, if you want to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, like red roses are the most ideal.  

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