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Challenges Learners Reported While Writing Essay

Essay writing is quite a challenging task to work upon. You need to express your views on the topic while getting the essays drafted. But, it seems to be challenging for the students as they do not have the required experience.

We are here to highlight more such challenges that have been reported by the learners getting their essays drafted. Whether it is descriptive, narrative, or contrasting essay, students have not been able to complete the same effortlessly.

So, take a look at the below-mentioned pointers that reflect the challenges that learners face during their essay preparation:

  1. DIFFICULTY TO START: It often happens that the students continue to stare at their blank sheets. They do not have any clue about what to write and how to make a good start. The first sentence will create an impression in front of the teacher. So, it is very important to be more specific and creative while beginning an essay. Thus, many students who neglect practising writing face this difficulty.
  2. LACK OF SUPPORTIVE EVIDENCE: If you aren’t familiar with essay writing, then you adana escort provide real-life examples to support your point of view. It ankara escorts easy for you to clarify your views by giving certain evidence. This can be helpful as it draws the reader’s attention. For example: If you are writing on child labour, you can refer to some places where it is still being practised. You can also give examples of the adverse effect on children who are actually facing it.
  3. VOCABULARY ISSUES: Are you also afraid of the awkward structure of your sentences or your grammatical mistakes? If you are, then please do not worry about it. It is a very typical issue faced by almost all the students. You can solve this problem by constantly reading and practising writing daily. This will şişli escort your vocabulary and English writing skills. Thus, students make a lot of mistakes while framing proper sentences in an essay.
  4. STICK TO YOUR POINT: Children usually focus on the quantity of the essay while writing. They write about everything they know just to make their essay a big one. For instance, if you are writing on child labour, you need to stick to the topic of your essay. You adana escort cover all the points relevant to your topic and nothing else. Writing out of the topic won’t fetch you marks. Thus, stick to your topic to write an effective essay.
  5. PUNCTUATION ERRORS: Students unknowingly use different types of punctuation marks like commas, full stops, and exclamation marks. Without having proper knowledge of these marks, they use them and fall into deep trouble. This is a major cause which makes the students lose marks. Besides your content and vocabulary, it is important to be very specific while inserting these punctuation marks.
  6. TIME MANAGEMENT: Time management is the key element for grabbing success in any field. You need to properly divide your time to complete your essay on time. The entire essay will consist of three parts, i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion. Students usually tend to spend more time writing the introduction. So, they lack time after reaching the conclusion part. Thus, you need to manage your time properly to get an effective essay that can help you score better.
  7. FEAR OF FAILURE: Students tend to lack confidence because of their poor writing skills. It is obvious that you will commit mistakes at the beginning of your writing phase. The only solution to minimize your confidence issues is to practice, practice and practice daily.PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT!
    alanya escort bayan is perfect from the very first day. Their hard work helps them in the long run to achieve commendable success. So, similarly, practising writing daily can eradicate your confidence issues. Therefore, stop thinking about failure.
  8. REVISING IS IMPORTANT: Once you are done writing your essay, revise it twice. It is integral to revise your essay so that you can correct all your grammatical and other errors. Revising also helps to check uşak escort you have missed out on some essential points or not. This makes sure that you are submitting an error-free essay to your teacher. But students do not engage their time to revise their essays. This habit is typically found almost among every student.


We hope now you all are familiar with the challenges faced by the learners while writing an essay. You adana escort try to overcome these problems and make sure to write well. Practice hard to build up your writing skills to make your essay an error-free one. Thus, eskişehir escort all these things in mind, do not worry or feel stressed about your mistakes. Lastly, inculcate a habit of revising your work thoroughly. If you still face any issues, there are many companies bakırköy escort for providing the Best Essay Writing Services. Contact them and get your problems resolved.  Good luck!

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