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Benefits of Hajj

Hajj is a noble virtue; by performing it, all faults are forgiven and one is granted paradise. The presence of God’s court is here. The Prophet (PBUH) was asked…
Translation: Which deed is better than all other deeds? He said to believe in Allah and His creatures. Then he asked what is next. He said: Jihad in the way of Allah. Then he asked what is the action after that. He said: Hajj is acceptable.

Hadith (S.A.W) About Hajj.

Translation: The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: “Whoever performs Hajj for the sake of Allah and does not have sexual intercourse and disobedience to Allah, then he returns from sins as his mother created him” (Bukhari and Muslim). )

That is, he is cleansed from sins as his mother gave birth to him today. All sins are forgiven, as stated in another hadith:

Translation: Hajj forgives all the sins that were committed bakırköy escort Hajj. (Ibn Khazeema, Targhib)

Translation: Jihad of every weak person is Hajj, ie performing Hajj gives the reward of jihad. (Ibn Majah, persuasion)

Translation: Jihad of old and young and weak is Hajj and Umrah.
Translation: The reward of Hajj Mabroor is Paradise. (Bukhari)

From the above article, the virtue of Hajj is proved that by performing Hajj, all sins are forgiven. Are Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

Translation: And proclaim the Hajj among the people, so that they may come to you on foot and horseback, and come to you from a long-distance, and reap their benefits. (Hajj)

These benefits include the benefits of both the world and the hereafter
Tajat Sero Tourism Scenes of Nature Observations Unity and Equality Meeting with Muslims of the World and Personal Experiences Fighting Life, Remembering the Hereafter, etc.

Getting Yourself Hajj Packages in this Season and performing the holy pilgrimage will enlighten your entire destinies.

Comprehensive Nation:

It adana escort be remembered that Islam is the message of love that unites the calves. And makes strangers singular.

One of the main intentions of the rules of Islam is to make different people a single nation. Therefore, to create love and unity among the people of the neighborhood, it has been made obligatory for the people of the neighborhood to gather in the mosque of the neighborhood during the five daily prayers.

To increase the relations between the people of the city, it has been declared necessary for them to gather in the Jamia Masjid once a week and offer Friday prayers together.

To keep the acquaintance and love between the people of the city and the villages and neighborhoods, the Eid prayers have been fixed twice a year in Sunan Huda.
So in the same way, to strengthen the connection in the whole Islamic world, people of different nations, races, different languages, different colors, and different countries to join the unity of one religion once in a lifetime on all tsot who go there. Hajj has been performed.

Islamic Equality:

One of the principles of Islam is equality. This goal is also achieved by Hajj. All people, uşak escort they are kings or donkeys, in the same clothes, in the same condition, in the same place, they are present in the court of the one and only God. Differences disappear.

Global Islamic Union:

Muslims get a chance to come together and consult in all matters of politics, trade, etc., and thus achieve the goal of cooperation and disagreement. Occupied people constantly try to stop the Hajj.

Education of militant life:

Jihad for the sake of Allah is the spirit of Islam. A Muslim who does not think of fulfilling this sacred duty and preparing for it has a weak faith: Translation: Believers are tsot who believe in Allah and His Messenger, and then do not doubt, and strive in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives.

There are many Trusted Travel Agencies providing umrah packages for the Muslim brethren wanting to travel to the Home of Allah

The Remainder of the Hereafter:

Just as Hajj has special relevance to jihad, so does resurrection. The gathering of Sufism is a model of the Day of Judgment. The dress of ihram is similar to the shroud. Surah Hajj begins with the remembrance of the Hour. This antalya escorts that one of the main purposes of Hajj is the remembrance of the Hereafter. The benefits that come from the remembrance of the Hereafter are innumerable, some of which are mentioned here:

(1) Remembering the Hereafter gives man the value of his life. It feels bad to spend it in idleness and blood and games and he ankara escorts a useful member of his nation.

(2) It makes a person hate good deeds and sins and all immorality and all kinds of bad deeds and he ankara escorts a noble and decent man.

(3) It makes a man realize his helplessness and helplessness despite such progress. Pride, arrogance, oppression, and corruption are rooted out and he ankara escorts sympathetic to the poor class of the nation.

(4) It encourages man to do national and public welfare work instead of thinking of his benefit and comfort so that his memory will remain in the world. May future generations remember him with kindness, pray for him, and may he be rewarded in the hereafter.

(5) It encourages man to do national and public welfare work instead of thinking of his personal benefit and comfort so that his memory will remain in the world. May future generations remember him with kindness, pray for him, and may he be rewarded in the hereafter.

(6) When the thought comes that the world is mortal and in the end it is bound to die, then what is the use of dying lying at home? Why not give life in support and publication of Islam. So man ankara escorts a mujahid and spends his life and wealth in the way of God

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